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User Info: knightblazer85

10 months ago#1
how many players here take a character. pick a spec at level 10. and almost NEVER outside of things like the artifact weapon missions, change their spec on that character?

User Info: Oeoeo23

10 months ago#2
knightblazer85 posted...
things like the artifact weapon missions

SV Hunter, Fire Mage, Feral Druid, Fury Warrior

I play the artifact weapon quests in my preferred spec. Except maybe the Resto Druid artifact quest, sorta forced into that one cuz I had to heal for the first time in my life.
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User Info: Azardea

10 months ago#3
Just for fun I started leveling one class for each spec. I'm at 30 of them now, and I completely lost the will to keep going once 7.3.5 hit. Anyway, I switch specs when I have to, but I have a preferred spec for each class I tend to stay as.

User Info: knightblazer85

10 months ago#4
Yeah with the classes i've picked to do i'll probably wind up experimenting as i go (i prefer dps over healing or tanking)

The main reason i was asking is the druid.

Yesterday after i got to the pre-faction choice point with my pandaren rogue i tried out the druid for a bit.

At first i liked it.

Then the thought ocured to me about the druid specs i dont like. Which is everything except balance. And i wasnt sure that 1 spec out of 4 was enough to justify investing in the druid for leather working

User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

10 months ago#5
My warrior was Protection up until Tomb where my schedule made raiding kind of iffy, then I switched to an every-other-day DPS.

I have a mage named Firelord Ozai..... who is Frost on purpose.
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User Info: Kompis_Kanin

10 months ago#6
Changing spec for Artifact quests?
Nooooo, just out dps the mechanics 😏
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User Info: knightblazer85

10 months ago#7

as I said I would probably just experiment in the field with the dps and tanking specs. but for the most part. it's dps all the way for me. I would only go over to the healer specs when needed for artefact missions. and they would be done LAST.

now if I can just get my head on straight with what i'm trying to figure out in terms of professions I'd be sitting pretty

User Info: Genocet_10-325

10 months ago#8
I've been playing a lock for 5 years now and never played anything other than affliction for more than a few minutes, even when affliction was hot garbage
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User Info: Cheese_Crackers

10 months ago#9
I like playing classes, not specs. I guess it depends on what you're doing in the game but raid leaders can and will ask you to change to the best DPS spec for a given fight. I guess it's different for tanks and healers, but e.g. on my DK, I love being the guy that can tank for a guild M+ run or something despite my mostly playing Frost and Unholy.
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User Info: redundancies

10 months ago#10
I have dual classed with my druid (feral/guardian) and warrior (arms/prot) but I haven't gone outside those. For other classes I've stuck with one spec above others: enhancement, assassination*, beast mastery, havoc, affliction, fire.

* the rogue has been an interesting beast as I've always gravitated towards "stealth, poison, bleed", which wasn't specifically assassination prior to the talent revamp. I had a weird hybrid build before MoP.
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