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User Info: Nomadic View

Nomadic View
1 year ago#1
He used to be the face of this game. In CATA he got a make over and went all hippie, then he just kinda disappeared from the game entirely. Is he still alive? Where is he these days?
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User Info: Heartomaton

1 year ago#2
Dunno about in-universe explanation. He kind of just poofed after handing over the Doomhammer. Out of universe it may or may not have something to do with Metzen's retirement.

User Info: Joshjosh022

1 year ago#3
Probably still crying about what happened in the enhancement shaman story for doomhammer

User Info: Master Alien

Master Alien
1 year ago#4
Many of hordes major characters took a vacation this expansion

User Info: big_pimper

1 year ago#5
He's gonna sacrifice himself and come back to life as the savior of Azeroth
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User Info: Amakusa

1 year ago#6
Thrall is supposed to have some role with Vol'jin this expansion, but nothing has been found about it yet.
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User Info: pegusus123456

1 year ago#7
People greatly disliked his role in Cataclysm. That probably has something to do with him falling out of focus.

He was around in MoP. Do the Domination Point storyline or SoO and you'll see him.

In WoD, you quest with him in Frostfire and Nagrand.

Shamans see him in Legion right at the start and you accompany him to Deepholme to get the Doomhammer artifact. I don't know if he shows up past that.
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User Info: Blak4xis

1 year ago#8
He was put into a box of shame after people got tired of him and hopefully will never come back.
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User Info: rawkuss

1 year ago#9
He's in hiding because he knows he scammed Shamans by convincing them that a Warrior weapon should be their "artifact" weapon.

User Info: Insane_Shark

1 year ago#10
It's already been confirmed that he will be a major character in BfA.
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