What is leveling like with the new scaling

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User Info: Slayerblade11

6 months ago#1
Can you no longer 1-2 leveling mobs?

Do leveling mobs do more than 1% of ur hp with each hit?

User Info: djseifer

6 months ago#2
A PitA for the most part..
Konami did nothing wrong.

User Info: ToadstoolPeach

6 months ago#3
I'm 2-shotting mobs as a WW Monk.

But then again I enchant the crap out of my gear :3

User Info: pegusus123456

6 months ago#4
http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif
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User Info: Zikten

6 months ago#5
basically you never have a level advantage. almost every mob you meet is your level

User Info: T0rped0

6 months ago#6
Personally I've enjoyed it so far.
Nobody, like the rogue on that Reddit page, has any patience anymore so hopefully this'll force people into that.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

6 months ago#7
Out of character slots, so I can't try it.

It sounds like there's a few things that are obviously not tuned correctly, beyond the expected (ex. dungeon bosses one-shotting with certain improperly scaled abilities, death knights struggling with their start zone, the hydra boss in Zul'sandy taking 15 minutes to kill with a party at level.)

These issues will doubtlessly be fixed. Remember the last squish and how ridiculously overtuned certain dungeons and mobs were for the first couple of days?

Right now it sounds like-- assuming that this wasn't intended to increase the total time to level from 1 to 100-- XP wasn't properly equalized with the HP pool bumps, and should be tweaked slightly higher.
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User Info: Gobstoppers12

6 months ago#8
Seems kinda rubbish that you can never do 'easy' leveling content by staying in a zone a few levels longer than normal. If nothing else, it's nice to feel stronger. My biggest complaint about level scaling in any game is that it drastically reduces the fun of leveling up.
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User Info: Squall28

6 months ago#9
I'm kinda surprised at how much complaining there is. I was looking forward to leveling a new character in BFA in a few months.
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User Info: TheRobber

6 months ago#10
it's pretty awful. it's not that much harder, it just takes waaay more time.
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