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User Info: Idimmu88

6 months ago#1
Coming back to wow after a long break what are some suggested addons?
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User Info: Richter1234

6 months ago#2
Titan Panel is always a good one.

Deadly boss mod for dungeons and encounters.

Pawn to help with figuring out gear upgrades

People will tell you weakauras for a UI overlay change. This add-on will require you to read a guide or watch a video to understand How to use it.

Those just to start

User Info: Joker_X_II

6 months ago#3
DBM, only with the current raids

I use WeakAuras for timing poison/bleeds on my rogue, other classes is a matter of learning rotation and playing whack-a-mole with's a good add-on, but for more complicated classes and their rotations.

Pawn is good to a point, wouldn't count it once you start doing Mythic raiding (where you have to start parsing to get that really good gear set to shoot for). Until then, use Pawn as a generalized guideline for choosing gear.
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