Cataclysm doesn't get the respect it deserves.

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User Info: WizardHazard

2 months ago#1
Being compared to WOD and called a joke of an expac and stuff.

I get that people didn't like it or find it to be a poor expansion and I'm fine with that.

However Cataclysm was FILLED with content and hard work from a lore,zone design and questing perspective.

The amount of new stuff good or bad was astonishing and seeing zones like the Western plaguelands being restored felt incredibly satisfying

Cata is 10 times better than WOD, don't compare the two please, it may be worse than BC/WOLT/MOP/Legion but it matched all those expacs at the very least in term of quantity of things added.

User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
2 months ago#2
Cataclysm started strong then slowly decayed over the expansion. I enjoyed it up until 4.3.

User Info: GreatHammurabi

2 months ago#3
"but muh old world!!"
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User Info: _MorningStar

2 months ago#4
That's one thing I never got about the criticism for Cata being lack of content. Cata had a s*** ton of content.

User Info: XtraT

2 months ago#5
Cata has an objectively low amount of content past the first raid tier. Yes the leveling was good and the 5 man difficulty was great but there was a lack of endgame other expansions have (sans WoD) because so much effort went into revamping the old world. And easy endgame content is how WoW get a lot of subs.
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User Info: Amakusa

2 months ago#6
_MorningStar posted...
That's one thing I never got about the criticism for Cata being lack of content. Cata had a s*** ton of content.

Cataclysm's content was in the leveling zones which did nothing for the people who wanted endgame content; doubly so because the leveling content was effectively free as you didn't need Cataclysm to play through it.
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User Info: rawkuss

2 months ago#7
Cata is a mixed bag for me.

The story/narrative in the zones were much better, making me pay attention to the quest a bit more but the linear nature of the quest lines made doing the zones again on alts a chore.

The 5 mans were horrible (as a casual scum). We went from instant queues for 15 minute start to finish dungeons in WotLK to 45 minute dungeons that no one wanted to queue for. The ugly designs of the dungeon armor also didn't help.

The raid designs are the opposite of their zones... the nice and neat designs makes it awesome when you're farming it but also lacked an epic feeling.

User Info: DrPrimemaster

2 months ago#8
The beginning of Cata was one of the best WoW experiences in the game and it just fell off after that.
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User Info: Joker_X_II

2 months ago#9
Nope, CAT was the beginning of WoW's will never get the respect it deserves.

Heck, I even think CAT was an embarassment to Blizzard. Did you see that "Looking for Group" documentary/propaganda film they made a while back? You gotta listen very carefully to the inside stories of how WoW got so 'popular'. They spoke about how awesome it was during Vanilla, and TBC, WLK, then when they started getting into CAT and MOP, the details and enthusiasm sort of dwindled and weren't talking about those time as intensely enough as the first three eras. It's as if they just glossed over the positive things about what CAT brought, just to hurry it up and get to hyping WoD. Hilarious.

User Info: ToadstoolPeach

2 months ago#10
Cata in the beginning was a mixed bag for me. I absolutely hated the healer changes that made pugging terrible because idiots would just absorb everything ignoring mechanics and expect the healer to power through like in Wrath, except in Cata that was changed to have healers mana-starved, it made me quit healing until Warlords.
The revamped old world was a mix of good and not-so-good. Good as in it really needed a revamp compared to BC and Wrath zones and bad as in you were locked into unskippable dialogue points and linear quest chain through some zones (Silverpine Forest IMO is the worst offender).
The starter raids were spot-on though. It was an all time high until Firelands which personally I found to be tedious and boring, including the Hyjal story and daily crap around it. Dragon Soul was even worse, probably the worst storytelling until Y'rel and Grommash held hands and became besties.
I was not a fan of ZG/ZA being turned into 5-mans and completely eliminating the raid versions. The fights were fun with a guild group, but it wasn't even worth doing with pugs.

Overall Cataclysm was the first time I took a break from WoW. It seemed promising at the start, but unfortunately that hype died the longer the expac went on.
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  3. Cataclysm doesn't get the respect it deserves.

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