Would you have bought a single-player World of Warcraft?

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User Info: Comyx

5 months ago#1
Is it mainly the MMO aspect of the game that draws you to it?
If this game had been released as a single-player experience, with the same game play and character creation, same storylines in the questing areas etc, but no interactions with other people, with perhaps a certain number of recruitable NPCs of different race/class/spec combos, each with their own personal storyline (maybe to upgrade their gear or something similar), used as AI partners in dungeons/raids, would you have been interested in it?
Maybe I'm a bit strange, but the aspect I care less about in gaming in general is the social one, meaning I almost never interact with players in WoW apart from running LFR (I know, I know, I'm a filthy casual).
So I guess I would enjoy a single-player version, considering the various storylines and lore, plus the world itself, I guess, are the thing I like most.
It's unlikely that I'm the only one among millions of player to feel this way, but has anyone here ever thought of this the same way?

User Info: jagger_wanderer

5 months ago#2
Single player MMO like game with no social interaction whatsoever. There are people that enjoy the experience then there are also those that hate the loneliness.
One does what one does best.

User Info: Heftybags

5 months ago#3
I have played some single player mmo and mmo type games like Baldurs Gate and a few Elder Scrolls I do not think I would have bought WoW as a single player game if I did I certainly would not have played for 12 years or bought expansions.
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User Info: rawkuss

5 months ago#4
Yes. I would've preferred it more. Especially if you could recruit your own parties.

User Info: Dawnshadow

5 months ago#5
I might have bought it, but I'd also have finished it a long time ago.
I wish I made $400k a year to spam Twitter with nonsense and go golfing in Florida every other weekend....

User Info: Comyx

5 months ago#6
Dawnshadow posted...
I might have bought it, but I'd also have finished it a long time ago.

I guess it is true that the longevity might ultimately suffer.
Though at least there would be no subscription needed.

User Info: ImBadAtGames

5 months ago#7
I would pay upwards of the full price if a AAA title for a single player WoW game.

User Info: Major Gamer

Major Gamer
5 months ago#8
Probably would based on the IP alone but would most likely enjoy it considerably worse than the product we got. What makes an MMO is the multiplayer. Turning it singleplayer gets the likes of Kingdom of Amalur which was a mess.

User Info: jagger_wanderer

5 months ago#9
Wait... is it possible for blizzard to make a single player mmo like rpg with one of it's character from the world of warcraft history? Like one of their novels but in game formats. Imagine playing Gul'dan first getting the fel exploring draenor learning how to utilize this new magic.
One does what one does best.

User Info: Pokeymuns

5 months ago#10
I would probably buy it.
Honestly though, while the core gameplay (combat, movement, leveling and gearing) can stay the same, quite a few other mechanics would have to be changed, or it would be very unfun as a single player experience.

* No raid/dungeon lockouts (if you want to run something more than 10/hour, or clear a raid over and over, you should be able to, since it's just you there and overfarming can't affect anyone else)

* Generally better droprates on everything -- anything with a sub-1% droprate should become 1% period, anything that's 1% like most mounts should instead be around 5%, and no quest item should have a droprate below 50%
Once you factor in the inability to sell it to someone else / show it off to the world, most super low droprate grinds are fairly meaningless -- so make them more accessible

* Reputations need an overhaul, as there's little purpose to grinding older reputations and many rep rewards are useless (eg. crafted gear that you can't sell to anyone, but isn't worth the effort to grind just to obtain a single copy for yourself to use temporarily)
Probably best to just fold any rep gains into the related zone's quests such that you hit Exalted at the same time that you finish all the quests

* Given the vast amount of content compared to regular single player RPGs, a single player avatar should probably be able to freely switch race/class for a moderate currency cost (though they can still choose to start a new character if they want)
Stuff like transmog learning and quest reward options/availability should function as if the player was all classes at once, and all crafting professions should be learnable at the same time

Basically there should be little to no need to timegate when the game's monetization is no longer subscription-time based, so you can do away with a lot of restrictions that only exist as artificial content padding.
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