Easiest warrior spec to jump back in and learn?

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User Info: ohiostate124

6 months ago#1
The last time I played, I was gladiator. I think I finally made the decision to come back. Which dps spec would be easiest to jump back in with? Thanks.

User Info: mooninomics

6 months ago#2
Neither of them would be very hard to pick up, but I'd say probably fury would be the easiest. It's pretty straightforward.
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User Info: SilentZed

6 months ago#3
Both are fairly easy - I'd say it's hard to compare which is easier. Arms will give you better single target, but better burst AoE on longer CDs. Fury will give you better consistent AoE, weaker burst AoE, still fairly consistent (but lower) single target.

Fury feels more fluid in the normal builds. Arms will feel clunky until you get all of your traits because you will go for longer stretches with no Tactician procs. Getting all your traits happens immediately on hitting 110 as soon as you loot just about any artifact power token, though.

Even then, Arms can still go dry on rage and there are some lulls at times during a bad string where you don't get Tactician procs. Fury doesn't stop and you're always doing something.
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User Info: rawkuss

6 months ago#4
They're both pretty spamtastic. Fury is spin spin spin and Arms is Colossus smash and then smash your keyboard until you can colossus smash again.
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  3. Easiest warrior spec to jump back in and learn?

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