probably going to lol at this

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User Info: dragoonlord57

4 months ago#1
I've never played alliance, all my friends were always horde and I just ever saw the appeal of alliance, but figuring it's a whole other story and that I've been gone since Jan, would it be worth it to start a new alliance character and just go to 110 with it or just power boost to skip it all?
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User Info: toolittletime

4 months ago#2
Alliance is better in every way, I have multiple max levels in both factions and I just feel everything just works better.
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User Info: Eagleeyejack

4 months ago#3
Biggest benefit of alliance is not being covered in dead birds..........because we don't put F'n spikes and horns on our buildings..........
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User Info: WoodenRook

4 months ago#4
I was so lost when I boosted a Worgen, my first alliance, at the end of Pandaria. One perk is you'll get the double agent achieve. LOL
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 months ago#5
wait for the scaling changes then level a new character

User Info: Heftybags

4 months ago#6
If you never played Alliance then actually play through and level from 1. If you boost the game isn't much different no matter what faction you play.
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User Info: Heartomaton

4 months ago#7
There's no real difference.
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