Classic Server Discussion... I've Always Been Against the Idea

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User Info: VideoGameBlitz

4 months ago#41
FishermanFriend posted...
The entire reason classic servers are happening is because of the outcry from the community as a result of Blizzard shutting down Nostalrius.

Your entire nostalgia argument is shot down by the simple fact that all these people have already played vanilla on a private server and loved it.

The fact that you think it was so popular only because it's free is absurd. A sub fee didn't hold vanilla back, and it doesn't hold WoW back now. Why would it hold classic servers back?

This guy gets it, /thread imo.

User Info: L0ppuy

4 months ago#42
I mean people will come and go pretty fast. But if Blizzard handles it right it can be big. Look at Runescape. They opened up servers, many people started playing, many players left, they continued updating and refining the game with suggestions and polls. And today Old school Runescape is bigger than ever, and twice the player base more than the main game.

User Info: KCGemini

4 months ago#43
MajinUltima posted...
-Yep, and I really can't imagine that the novelty of classic servers won't simply fade quickly. I think it was a waste of time and effort for something people will get tired of quickly.

Bold being the key words here.

"You can't imagine."

From looking at the interwebz a large number of players do not agree with your assessment.

There's a reason for things like Runescape 2007 / Ultima Online being popular.
What's wrong with the world these days is people don't have any common sense.

User Info: WoodenRook

4 months ago#44
Joker_X_II posted...
We're talking about "legitimacy", and you link a wikipedia page?

How about I link:

The actual post-mordem report from Nost.

I won't copy all that was said, but the info about surveys is on page 69, and onward.

One item I will point out was: "Without surprise, most of them left because of changes brought to the game, and the lack of time or money represents a minority of players."

And of course they include all the numbers and graphs as well.

Yea, it also says 6k players online on average at any given time. A farcry from any other number people spew out.
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User Info: fantomas418

4 months ago#45
Personally , i would put the game with WoW, no xpac. So you have the whole Vanilla experience with Nax.

User Info: Joker_X_II

4 months ago#46
WoodenRook posted...
Yea, it also says 6k players online on average at any given time. A farcry from any other number people spew out.

Compared to?

User Info: dnforever09

4 months ago#47
I for one welcome our classic server launching overlords. Seriously though Ive been with wow since vanilla. Id love to go back and struggle through leveling in areas that felt difficult where a single new piece of gear made alot of difference, where you HAD to explore to get ahead

User Info: beatzeldain87

4 months ago#48
I didn’t read all of tc post or anyone else’s posts, but I did play on EQ most recent progression server and it was the best mmorpg I have had since the 90s. So I disagree.
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User Info: mkfan1605

4 months ago#49
TC I couldn't agree with you more. I posted a comment on a video about classic servers about a year ago.

And here it is below. It's a long read so grab a soft drink and enjoy.

Most of the really old school people have "grown up". What I mean by that is the ones that were playing back in 2004 now are 12 years older. Think about how much has changed for you in 12 years. Marriage, jobs/careers, and children these are just some of the changes that some of you likely went through in the last 12 years. Really ask yourselves do you actually have as much time to devote to this or any other game as you did 12 years ago?

It's like that old saying "you can't go home again". Meaning it's nice to have the memories of classic WOW or classic EQ but that's all it's good for is memories. Even if this game went back to Vanilla it isn't going to be a time machine that is going to transport you back 12 years ago. Bringing back vanilla WOW isn't going to make that guild leader that got married suddenly open his schedule so he can play again. Bringing back vanilla servers isn't going to take you back 12 years before you had a job and make you kid again.

And even IF IF that guild leader that got married came because he/she got divorced it isn't going to be the same. That guild leader will likely not be the same happy go lucky person he/she used to be. Their life has permanently changed and they have changed to.

So you maybe asking what can you do about this. Well the only thing you can do is live in the present. You can focus on making new memories. Memories that are just as good if not better than the old ones. You need to stop living in the past because again "you can't go home again". All you can do is live each day to fullest and in the present. Cherish the old memories keep them close but realize that's all the are is MEMORIES.

My comment went on way longer than even I intended but I feel it had to be said. I hope this has at least made some of you think. Also I'm not trying to be a cloud of doom or anything. All I am saying is you have to quit living in the past and live in present. Quit trying to recapture the old days and start making new memories in the present. Good memories are one of the best treasures we humans have but don't let them overtake the present. Don't let them keep from living your life and making new even better memories in the present.

User Info: mkfan1605

4 months ago#50
And quite honestly I fear that a lot of people are going to be severely disappointed in the WOW legacy servers for just this reason.

I just think that anyone who is considering going on legacy server has to have realistic expectation of what it is going to be. And I want everyone that reads my comment to file my above comment in the back of their mind.
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