Server roll call!

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User Info: LinkHeroOfTime3

6 months ago#31
Malorne; Horde.

User Info: Clergybones

6 months ago#32
Blackrock: FOR THE HORDE

User Info: Cysi

6 months ago#33
Steamwheedle Cartel EU Horde

User Info: dj4242

6 months ago#34
Ner'Zhul : Horde
Got a Chris Paul mindstate, I'm never out of bounds

User Info: flashleet

6 months ago#35
Frostmourne - Alliance
Paper is fine, nerf Rock. Sincerely Scissors.

User Info: Key

6 months ago#36
Thrall and Horde
(>'-')> <('-'<) ^( '-' )^ v( '-' )v <('-'<) ^(_ _)^ (>'-')> ^(^-^)

User Info: Hlogic

6 months ago#37
Destromath : Horde
FFBE ID: 417,075,361

User Info: EpicKingdom_

6 months ago#38
Tichondrius, both but mostly horde.

User Info: Al-Uzza

6 months ago#39
Sargeras, AllIance

User Info: Big_Boss_DAE

6 months ago#40
Los Angeles Lakers(1st Rnd Elimination)Duke(Elite 8 loss)
Jacksonville Jaguars(OS)Michigan Wolverines(OS)
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