What is your World of Warcraft play history?

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User Info: Ogurisama

6 months ago#1
I started around patch 1.3 on my brothers account
Dont remember when I got to 60, but it was before Dungeon set 2 was introduced
Got TBC about 2 weeks after release and got to 67 or 68 before I stopped playing
Got my own account when WotLK was released, and played a bit before stopping for a bit
I started playing again summer 2010 got to 80 and first time I started to raid seriously
Did a midnight release for Cata and got to 85 pretty quickly and played till Dragon Soul
I stopped playing until the release of MoP got to 90 and geared up and after that I stopped till SoO
And since SoO I have been playing

User Info: redundancies

6 months ago#2
-Started around 2.1.
-Got my first character to 70 and was stuck in Kara until the tail end of the expansion, when I changed to a better progressed guild. This guild wasn't great but did some T5 and early T6 content; we full cleared both tiers after the 3.0 nerfs.
-Got in on the ground floor in Wrath and raided 25m Naxx, then 10m the rest of the way.
-Joined a progression guild and got 8/13 heroic in T11 (still my favorite tier of all time)
-Took T12 off
-Joined back in T13 with a middlecore guild, did normal and some heroics from then until SoO
-Quit raiding for good during SoO and have been a filthy casual ever since

From Wrath onward I've bought each expansion at midnight release. I may be casual now, but I run pretty hardcore for that first week of the expansion.

User Info: Demigod_Elessar

6 months ago#3
Don't remember what patch it was but I started playing in June of 2006 and got to experience the final months of vanilla WoW before getting the BC when it released. I played Alliance and leveled my gnome mage (as my main, always has been) and and dwarf hunter to level 70. Then leveled a draenei paladin and blood elf mage up there too, though I eventually abandoned the Horde simply because I didn't know any players; all my friends played Alliance but I loved the blood elf race.

Didn't do too much raiding in BC as my friends and I were more into the RP. We did up until Tempest Keep, but never finished Black Temple or Sunwell. Played the entire duration of the expansion, I can't remember a month where I wasn't subbed to the game.

Then Wrath of the Lich King released. Oh man. Definitely the pinnacle of WoW for me, as I'd been a huge fan of Warcraft 2 and 3 and an especially huge fan of Arthas' story. Again, I played the entire expansion. Brought my mage and paladin up to level 80, and also made a Death Knight and got him to 80 as well (those were my three mains). I abandoned my hunter and leveled a warrior throughout the expansion, but never got him to 80 for some reason.

We did everything the expansion had to offer. My friends and I ran a pretty hardcore raiding guild after Naxx, and we developed a very consistent core group of players to easily do the 10 player content. Ended up defeating the Lich King soon after his release in Feb 2010. We attempted ICC a few times in 25 player/heroic modes, but never made it to completion. We did eventually have 10 player on farm though.

I took a break late summer/fall of 2010. Then bought Cataclysm when it released Dec 2010. Subbed for two months, leveled my mage and death knight to 85 and slowly but surely all of that hard earned ICC epic gear was replaced. Then I had an epiphany. I'd been playing the game for over 4 and a half years and had just grown tired of it. And I didn't have to urge or care to raid in Cataclysm. I ran Blackwint Descent once with my guild before finally deciding that I didn't want to do it all again and left the game.

Over the years, even though I wasn't playing, I still stayed current with the lore and story as I'd always been interested in it all. Then I see the Warcraft movie in late 2016, and loved it. Then I started to re-read a lot of the Warcraft novels... And finally in May of 2017, after being pressured by those same friends I played with years ago, I bought Legion and returned to the game after a six year hiatus.

Been loving the game so far, and have gotten a second wind. It took me about two months to get caught up on my mage, who was level 85 last I'd left him, but now I am current endgame and awaiting the Burning Throne. I also leveled my Death Knight, Paladin, and a Demon Hunter to 110. And I used my level 100 boost on a druid who I brought to 110. My guild (not the same one I ran with back in Wrath) is 9/9 Tomb normal and 7/9 heroic, and I was apart of all of that so far. So I still have it, I think...
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User Info: indiladhar

6 months ago#4
Ran a tank paladin when the max level was 70, never ran any raids (literally none) and spent the vast majority skinning and mining in Nagrand (made copious amounts of gold!)

Stopped a while and returned when wotlk came out, rolled an affliction warlock. I've played other classes here and there too but this was BY FAR the most enjoyable to me. Tried a few raids and enjoyed them, but mostly enjoyed collecting achievements, items and such.

Stopped playing a year before I moved country from U.K. To USA. This was 2011 or so? Now I'm married, 2 kids, dream house. Still think about playing daily but 1. Wow has gone so far beyond what I know, even back then I had little interest in Lore or item names, and 2. No time or spare money for all of that. Would be nice, though.
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User Info: Knave

6 months ago#5
Started in beta in April or May of 2004. It was around the time Burning Steppes was added. Quit a month into Legion.
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User Info: ToadstoolPeach

6 months ago#6
Yikes, checked my subscription history and apparently shortly after BWL came out in 2005. I had been playing Final Fantasy XI prior but since all my Linkshell friends quit the game and the server seemed dead I jumped ship.

I started off seriously enough, got a druid to 60 and helped a friend fill a spot for an Onyxia raid then hopped realms and started a hunter which was going strong until I joined an RP guild and stalled until BC.

User Info: Pokeymuns

6 months ago#7
Caught the last two weeks of open beta
Started on EU servers
Played hardcore until end of Wrath
Skipped Cata
Came back halfway through MoP (edit: on NA servers this time)
Played until current

Spent a lot of my life on this game. But it was enjoyable.

WoW is usually my pacifier, my teething ring that I return to nibble on when there's nothing else that's occupying my attention. And even when something else -is- occupying my attention, a few minutes of daily maintenance go a long way and let me keep an eye out for anything interesting happening.

I like having one game constantly on the sidelines that I can be sure I'll enjoy. Better still, one that is continually evolving (as opposed to a single player game with a completed patch cycle, destined to stagnate from that point on unless it has mod capabilities and an extremely active mod community).

User Info: big_pimper

6 months ago#8
Day 1 wow vet
Respect my greatness
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

6 months ago#9
My best friend and I picked up Burning Crusade + Vanilla Battle Chest because Lord of the Rings Online got us obsessed with MMOs. We saw you could fly in it so we knew it had to be good

Duoed Night Elf Druid and Hunter. I'll never forget what it was like running around in Teldrassil with that music and the rain for the first time.

We switched to Human Mage and Warrior, though. But our first characters are still sitting there on deserted Rexxar server. Never wanted to cough up the dough to transfer them, oh well

I think my fondest memory is us getting lost traveling the entire damn world for my Warrior Whirlwind quests, taking probably seriously a week to find that damn island. A true adventure lol

User Info: spongemonkey26

6 months ago#10
Started April 2005 all the way through, with minimal breaks, until the end of Warlords. Due to kids and wife now, had to put 'er down. Was a good run.
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