Some great old raid farming specs

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User Info: rawkuss

5 months ago#1
Now that I've collected most of what I've wanted from Argus AND finished getting the curious coins for my Arcadian turtle mount, I've had time to finally go back and farm mounts again and found some specs that are really really really amazing at farming old raids and I thought I'd share. If you guys also have some, let us know so we can get going on them as well!

- Hunters of all specs: Duh. Spec trailblazer for 30% passive speed increase out of combat and all specs are great. Survival probably more so than the others because you also get harpoon that can act as a distance closer and they have a non target AoE that you can just spam as you run through trash.

- Feral druids: 30% passive speed buff in cat form and several AoE moves that don't require targeting.

- Arcane Mages: Everytime you use arcane barrage you get a temporary speed boost and arcane explosion makes clearing trash no more difficult than num lock walking your way through the instance.

- Affliction Warlock: A little on the slower side with no speed boost other than burning rush (although you can keep that going for awhile with healthstones) but if your weapon has soulflame, your agony will create an explosion when your target dies and the radius is HUGE. So just drop your instant cast agony in the middle of a pack and watch that mob blow up the whole room when he dies.

User Info: Pokeymuns

5 months ago#2
For pre-MoP content the only thing that matters is movement speed and having some kind of spammable instant cast move. The old content buff means that you could sneeze on a boss and it'd explode into bloody chunks.
And movement speed, no matter the class, can be raised to an excellent level with the wonderful, delicious, amazing Bear Tartare (which gives you a large burst of speed for a few seconds after killing a mob -- just dash from mob to mob renewing your speed).

Despite the old content buff not applying, most of MoP is also trivial due to stat inflation. But for something like Mythic Siege in early Legion, you'd still be focusing on performance (ie. DPS to beat some harsh checks, combined with good self-sustain) rather than movespeed for a handful of fights. Stuff like how you have to kill Sha of Pride before he casts his first banish, since nobody can unbanish you (or just do it as tank if you can since he doesn't banish tanks iirc). Or how Siegecrafter gets a 90% shield for a while since you cannot enter a pipe to deactivate one of the three weapons each assembly line phase. Or how Iron Juggernaut is just an exponential-damage-stacking little b****.
Now, with the 7.3 ilvl boosts, more classes can probably just brute force their way through.

WoD is where it gets a little more serious. 10man normal is pretty easy now but if you're doing 25h for more drops (on the raids that don't arbitrarily scale the raidsize down when soloing with no way to revert it...) or just doing mythic fixed at 20 man, you'll definitely want to focus on pure DPS-and-survivability with "convenience" left at the wayside.

User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

5 months ago#3
I use my Fury Warrior for all things farming (Unless I need a specific set)..

Fury has a spammable, no cost AOE, high burst damage/burst aoe potential every 45 seconds or so.
With Timeless Stratagem and Aggramar's Stride legendarys, as well as various other ways to boost speed (Bear Tartare, that one talent which I forgot the name of) and the naturally high amount of haste required for Fury, you can get through some places blazing fast with mob density and consistency.

Tack on the fact that my Warriors are engineers with wormholes, rocket belt, and other fun gadgets make my world tour short(er) and sweet(er) than my other classes....

Agreeing with the guy above me with Feral Druid and Hunter (MM also has a costless, spammable AOE)

If you want efficiency and speed then stay away from Paladins, Death Knights, and Priests... All other classses have superior mobility in some way, shape or form.
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
5 months ago#4
Any. Eat Bear Tartare.

User Info: Delirious_Beard

5 months ago#5
there is no spec worse for soloing old raids than shadow priest
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User Info: Azardea

5 months ago#6
Little Zardar posted...
Any. Eat Bear Tartare.

User Info: myztikrice

5 months ago#7
Druid DH and Monk I don't know why you posted all that other crap
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
5 months ago#8
Delirious_Beard posted...
there is no spec worse for soloing old raids than shadow priest

Actually there is, try the current version of Disc Priest LOL. Apparently the only Priest spec capable of "efficient" farming is Holy now. And by "efficient" I meant that even though you can efficiently farm the easier raids, you are not going to beat any sort of DPS check like in Hellfire Heroic 25 for example.

Why they removed Holy Nova from Disc and butchered Mind Sear in Shadow is beyond normal human comprehension. Mind Sear wasn't even a good design to begin with, and now they made it completely unusable outside of maybe one or two fights in ToS.
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User Info: hailkingmon

5 months ago#9
Are DHs good at a decent ilvl?
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User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

5 months ago#10
Mione solos Mythic + dungeons with his Vengeance demon hunter...

Lots of movement options, self healing... so yea, they are good.
Gladiator's Resolve must live on!
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