What makes YOU continue to play this game?

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User Info: DahlVaughnni

7 months ago#11
Using gold to pay for my sub, basically. Argus was neat at first, but overall I was happier with the game before it came out. Now I'm just avoiding everything but goldmaking until next xpac.

Frankly, if I could pay for ff14 with Gil instead of cash, I'd switch over in a heartbeat. I only play this because it's free and gold is too easy to make.
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User Info: InfestedAdam

7 months ago#12
For the most part, the lore. I have been a fan of the Warcraft series since Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and though the lore have drastically expanded since I am interested in seeing how it "ends".
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User Info: ImBadAtGames

7 months ago#13
I only play a Hunter. I used to play just to tame glitched pets (burning boars, oil covered wolves, a worgen that was taken away the same night, etc.) And basically any hard to tame or near impossible to solo tame pets.

It's not as fun because nothing is that hard to tame anymore and battle pets are video me poison to me.

Now I play to tame bosses and solo old raid content that I don't do when it's current because I don't care about the treadmill and soloing means nobody screaming at each other like children.

User Info: Dawnshadow

7 months ago#14
It's basically an RP client with an MMO minigame attached for me at this point. I miss raiding sometimes, but my work schedule isn't conducive to being home two set evenings a week and I don't care much for pugs. I haven't even run LFR Nighthold yet, and am very lost on what I still need do to unlock flying. (Broken Shore didn't inspire me to play it at all.)

But the sub fee is cheap these days. Not sure if I'm going to buy the next expansion straight away, though.
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User Info: ToadstoolPeach

7 months ago#15
Cheap entertainment. I'm not nearly as hardcore as I used to be since like many my work and life schedules conflict with my gaming time, so I don't really do anything beyond LFR anymore. I do still do world quests, mount/pet/toy/achievement hunting, run old raids for gold and transmog, and do a bit of light RP. My ilevel isn't too bad on my hunter main all things considered (which I could probably boost getting a new helm and using a legendary for a cloak but I love that voodoo mask healing so much) and I have enough unsullied BoA gear that I revived my resto shaman for maybe pugging raids whenever I can get a night or two off.

User Info: thetraveler

7 months ago#16
I have absolutely no idea why I keep playing.
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User Info: Rotpar

7 months ago#17
I enjoy it.
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User Info: Kholdstare2010

7 months ago#18
PvP keeps me coming back to WoW over and over again. It's a very solid, balanced system that has no equal in my eyes.
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