best way to farm legendaries?

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User Info: dzastor04

6 months ago#1
cant really raid on all my alts, so what is the best way to get some for non raiding?

User Info: myztikrice

6 months ago#2
Turn in legionfall resources for caches and do all of the mythic +0s for the week. The bosses on the Broken Isles (marked with a Skull on the map) also can drop legendaries.
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User Info: superstud69x

6 months ago#3
Can't emissary caches drop em as well?

Also, why not LFR? Granted, this week on LFR I got 14 Defiled Augment Runes, and 3 downgrades, but you can get Legendaries from it.
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User Info: jdmteg

6 months ago#4
All of the above, also pray to RNGesus.
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User Info: d209999

6 months ago#5
Make sure you get your resources turned in before reset. The Legionfall caches are going away
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  3. best way to farm legendaries?

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