Next Warchief?

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User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

6 months ago#1
Well.. other topics on the board had me thinking of this.

Sylvanas is... let's face it... not in the greater interest of the complete Horde, but specifically her own race.. (Rather, the race that calls her Queen.)

I've already stated I think it would be cool if for a later game (Not expansion) they write off having Forsaken as playable, by either curing their affliction, effectively either killing them all for good, or even "ressurecting" them back to having workable organ system, This could be used to completely rework and write new stories for alot of zones (Maybe Stormwind gets sacked, thoroughly, so Lordaeron becomes back to it's former glory as an above-ground city with "Undercity" used as a raid a-la Gnomer or simply living quarters/another city... an Under-city, if you will.. sorry couldnt resist)..

To the point, who would be the Warchief afterwards?.. or even, will it be governed some other way?

Being an Orc (and Warrior) main for years, i'm biased for Varok Saurfang to cleave ourselves to victory. Eitrigg isn't as well known or respected among the player base, but I see potential in him (currently his best potential is my combat follower with 3 legendary equipments. :D)

Do you see Tauren possibly leading the Horde to more peaceful relations? or Sylvanas becoming hot zombie Hitler.
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User Info: VyersReaver

6 months ago#2
Thrall again maybe?
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User Info: rawkuss

6 months ago#3
Varok and Eitrigg are too old. Both are veterans of WC1 and WC2. For longevity, they will need to probably introduce a new character and build him up.

User Info: Missiletainn

6 months ago#4
And how would you explain this to the people who love playing Forsaken?
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User Info: MajinUltima

6 months ago#5
None of this would've happened if we just elected Lor'themar.

User Info: Richter1234

6 months ago#6
Missiletainn posted...
And how would you explain this to the people who love playing Forsaken?

Only race worth playing on horde.

User Info: ObsceneAnarchy

6 months ago#7
An undead elf leading the horde which was created by orcs is stupid and blasphemy.
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User Info: Theshamen

6 months ago#8
Missiletainn posted...
And how would you explain this to the people who love playing Forsaken?

f*** those people is how they explain it

User Info: Pokeymuns

6 months ago#9
MajinUltima posted...
None of this would've happened if we just elected Lor'themar.

After the True Horde and the Iron Horde, comes the Velvet Horde.

Undead, goblins, trolls, tauren, orcs, and pandaren ousted from the Horde for being too ugly.
Silvermoon is the new Horde capital city, mirrors have been installed on every flat surface so that you'll always be able to check out how fabulous you are.
Mandatory salon treatment every day for all members.
Transmogrification costs are subsidized by the city as long as your new outfit is stylish. But of course, everything a blood elf wears is stylish.
New Primary profession: Beautician.

User Info: InfestedAdam

6 months ago#10
I wonder what if Blizzard take it to the extreme. Imagine a faction that consist of all the races willing to work together while changing the existing Alliance and Horde into a faction that is hellbent on wiping out the other races and anyone that is their ally. I do wonder how a three-way war would work out.

At the same time, I like WoW for being willing to have a sense of peace among the factions. Warhammer lore is amazing but the constant hatred gets boring sometimes. When the only reason said factions are fighting is because one wants to maintain order and the other wants to introduce chaos, it kinda removes any sense of depth from the story.
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