If they ever make WoW 2 the forsaken should leave the Horde

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  3. If they ever make WoW 2 the forsaken should leave the Horde

User Info: Zikten

8 months ago#1
I think it was a mistake to put them in the horde. They should be a third faction. And it's not like there hasn't been 3 faction games before. Dark Ages of Camelot did it. And it's an fps but there are 3 factions in PlanetSide (both the original and the sequel)

User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

8 months ago#2
Im pretty agreeable to the idea of forsaking WoW in favor of a Warcraft 4, if only to set the table for WoW 2, and changing the faction layout. Allowing sub-races could sweeten the deal (example.. Want to be a green orc? durotar. Brown orc? Nagrand!) It would be sweet if Bolvar and Sylvanas teamed up as one of the major baddies... I want more Troll stuff too.
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User Info: TheTrueAmerican

8 months ago#3
I'd replace them with Murlocs.

User Info: Emerald_Wyvern

8 months ago#4
Zikten posted...
They should be a third faction.

With the way the story has gone, factions shouldn't even exist outside of PvP.
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User Info: Suchomimus

8 months ago#5
Night Elves

Blood Elves

I dunno..Tuskarr? I'd play as a walrus man.
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User Info: Theshamen

8 months ago#6
Why? The Forsaken are fine, even moreso with the addition of blood elves

User Info: Amakusa

8 months ago#7
Theshamen posted...
Why? The Forsaken are fine, even moreso with the addition of blood elves

What's even funnier is when WoW came out people were already foaming at the mouth at why there are even playable undead to begin with.
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User Info: Saintpara

8 months ago#8
Do you think they could write the Forsaken out? Like what would they have to add to the game in order to remove a race as playable? Obviously, free race changes but... if they really said, "we want to get rid of the Forsaken," could they get away with it?

The outrage level would be incredible but do you think enough people would perma-rage quit over it to really hurt the game? I actually think the vast majority of people, even those who love to play undead, would get over it. The problem is what to add in their stead.

If you added a logical race like ogres or something, Alliance players would flip at Horde getting a new race and them getting nothing. If Alliance also got a new race, Horde would cry about them losing a race to get a new one but Alliance getting one for free. if Horde got TWO new races, Alliance would cry...

People would complain regardless. People complain about every single thing Blizzard has ever done. I just don't know if it would actually hurt the bottom line all that much.

Logistics? You have to give away mass free race changes but that's not a super big deal. you have to replace them and that is more costly. Forsaken characters will have a free race change, meaning they could freely change to the new race...
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

8 months ago#9
Why wouldn't Undead be playable in a Warcraft MMO? They're just as important in WC3 as humans, elves, and orcs. Dwarves, trolls, gnomes, Tauren don't even have campaigns but they're still playable races

User Info: Pokeymuns

8 months ago#10
We'll have to see what Sylvanas' plans are first.
And pray Blizzard has the good sense to think things through verrrrrrrry carefully.

There's absolutely no way the Forsaken player race will be removed or separated from the Horde, so this restricts the potential outcomes.

1. Sylvanas might die. The position of leader of the forsaken would be filled with a more moderate leader, possibly accompanied with the dissolution of the Royal Apothecary Society. The position of warchief would go to one of the other vanilla horde races (at the same time they would need their own plotline elevating one of them to be undeniably worthy of the title).

2. Sylvanas might be dethroned. Same followup as 1.

3. Sylvanas might be redeemed and steer the Forsaken in a better direction (ridiculous, I know, but still more likely than the removal of a player race).

4. Sylvanas might succeed in her plan to ensure the continued existence of the forsaken (in lore terms).
Whether this is done through finally managing to obtain more val'kyr (despite Genn and the Alliance player's intervention in Stormheim), or some rejuvenation ritual like the one used on Nathanos Blightcaller, the success of such a plan would reduce the pressure she feels to preserve her own existence. By extension it reduces/eliminates much of her need to aggressively expand outside of Lordaeron as well. This means the forsaken are less of a threat to, well, everyone else, and can be left alone.
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  3. If they ever make WoW 2 the forsaken should leave the Horde

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