Would you be in favor of a loot box system?

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User Info: Nomadic View

Nomadic View
9 months ago#1
Lootboxes? - Results (29 votes)
24.14% (7 votes)
75.86% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
You have a never ending experience bar, and when you "level up" you get four random items. Could be transmog gear, toys, gold, pets, or mounts.

Pretty similar to Overwatch's system.
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
9 months ago#2
I mean, wow kinda has that already with the paragon rep boxes.

User Info: Pokeymuns

9 months ago#3
I'd rather not have an experience-based lootbox system, it's just a poorly-baited hook to get you grinding exp which would otherwise be 100% worthless at cap.

If there was a (low) weekly cap on how much exp would contribute towards these lootboxes, I wouldn't mind though. When I say low, I mean like "if you do your emissary and one dungeon per day, along with one clear of the current-tier raid per week, you'll cap out" kind of low.

Also it should be account-wide. Definitely not character-based. So after you max your first character, you can also earn lootbox exp when you level an alt, kind of thing. Much better than feeling like you should cap your lootbox exp on every character every week.

Overall, I'm still leaning towards no exp-based lootboxes, because there are more than enough pets/mounts/transmogs/etc. to pursue in WoW at your leisure, and anyone who has them ALL really doesn't need to play any more than they currently do.
Any new cosmetic rewards should be granted through methods that are more, well, respectful towards the fact that players are mortal, so it's better if they get to do some new, legitimately entertaining content, rather than grinding exp nonstop so you can roll the lootbox lottery over and over.

Regarding paragon chests:
Paragon chests are a poor imitation of a full-fledged lootbox system, but they are somewhat tolerable because they're finite. You can, after getting lucky a bunch of times, stop feeling like you need to farm more rep, and even if you don't actively farm you'll slowly get some boxes via doing your emissary each day which you probably want to be doing anyways.
But the chances of the unique drop from each faction are so utterly terrible and most of them aren't worth it, so overall I think it's a crappy system. Basically just splits the playerbase into "lucky s***s who won the lottery and are flying around on a valarjar drake" and "all the other poor bastards".
The only good part about it is how it notches up your legendary bad luck protection a fair bit -- but it is comparable to just doing a handful of dungeons so it's an entirely replaceable "bonus" and unrelated to the whole concept of paragon rep.
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