When did WoW get its heart and soul ripped out of the game?

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User Info: spongemonkey26

7 months ago#71
Cata to answer your question.
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User Info: ImBadAtGames

7 months ago#72
I pretty much miss that fun silly builds aren't a thing anymore. If anything was lost, it was that while streamlining the game.


I miss that build.

User Info: rhoadsofrock

7 months ago#73
TruCrypt posted...

I don't know. I mean, I was 18 years old when I first played it and now I'm 29. It's not like I was a ten year old playing the game and just longing of wanting my childhood back.

This speaks true for me as well (I was either 18 or 19 when I started playing, 27 now). I don't know, I feel like the game was ruined all through WOTLK. Good expansion, to a degree; if you want to remember the trend being started of "recycling or renovating old content", Wrath is where that started. Also Wrath introduced things like Achievements, barber shop, Dungeon Finder and what ever else I'm forgetting at the moment.

I would go with either that, or Cataclysm onward. Although, I LOVED the beginning of that expansion and the return to difficulty heroic dungeons had by requiring the use of CC again. Too bad that did not last. But otherwise, I hated the renovation the old zones and quests had gotten. And it only became worse as time has gone on.

User Info: DivineWraith

7 months ago#74
It depends on what you value in this game. If all you want is some more of the same, good ol' button mashing and dodging fire in different ways, WoW is good.

If what you want is a community that's built up on a server by server basis, where your actions have real social consequences and people held you accountable for your stupidity, like how WoW actually was during vanilla, this game has fallen so far in to the gutter that you can't even make out the shape of what it was intended to be.

WotLK was the most popular expansion and the herald of death for community-centric WoW, but everyone blames Cata since that's where dungeon finder officially took over. Yes, that's what killed the "Heart and soul". It removed the need to socialize to get your runs in, thereby killing the need for any community structure to even exist anymore outside of guilds. You could see the s***head behavior cropping up immediately with the dungeon finder. It's just another tool of ease & anonymity paving the way for toxicity to reign supreme, and that is exactly what happened.

You literally have to kill the "heart and soul" (read:community) to make it accessible, and that's the route that Blizzard went because $$ and you can't even begin to blame them for it. You can try, you'd be dead wrong, and completely lying to yourself if you said you wouldn't make the same decision. Success and tons of money, or keeping s***ters happy in their own little bubble, TOUGH CHOICE.

User Info: jeremy_w24

7 months ago#75
DivineWraith posted...
If what you want is a community that's built up on a server by server basis, where your actions have real social consequences and people held you accountable for your stupidity, like how WoW actually was during vanilla, this game has fallen so far in to the gutter that you can't even make out the shape of what it was intended to be.

This is up to you to create and always was. If you want what is preached above, the game isn't preventing that. The game just gives players who don't like it the tools to avoid it. Then the players started to avoid it which means it wasn't a good thing in the first place right?

What people who argue this want is an artificial separation between players (either through a ridiculous grind that separates players based on time spent or barriers to entry specifically gear or attunements). It was the same thing when class homogenization was taking place. You want a way to distinguish yourself from other players.

Here's the thing, that stuff still exists. You have to go and get it. I agree with your points on the decisions Blizzard made, but I still think it is possible to get those things out of today's live servers. It isn't enough for some people maybe because it is harder to prove that separation or just the fact that a majority of playerbase just doesn't care anymore.

Of course the game would be better with a more dedicated community approach and those people still exist, but with today's gaming landscape people are more willing to split time and not become too invested.

I would suggest:
- Reach out to players that you run mythic+ with that are obviously good
- Find a twitch streamer you like and join that community
- Don't limit yourself to your server
- Become a content provider yourself, lead a raid or start your own guild
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User Info: AllGodsDie

7 months ago#76
It isn't even WoW, its MMORPGs in general. They are designed in a linear fashion with very simplistic rules in place. The whole idea of a giant world to be part of and live in is dead and has been since the lich king era. Now mmorpgs are super structured with hordes of instances, time gates, and meaningless world content that is basically meant as opening content. Blame developers for forgetting that the whole idea of mmorpgs was that players wanted immersive role playing experiences in giant worlds full of adventures.

User Info: FatalImage

7 months ago#77
I blame Blizzard/WoW because they lead and the other MMOs follow. The game was a booming success and gaining subs when they decided to change direction to the theme park. They got greedy I guess.

User Info: darthjerro

6 months ago#78
ShadowEdgeX posted...
ImBadAtGames posted...
It happened when you grew older and more jaded with a game you playing for years. Familiarity breeds contempt. The game you remember never existed, but you were young and had a ton of time to ay so it seemed different. Add to that the heavy nostalgia glasses and you end up believing the game you loved lost it's way.

It's a witch! Burn it! Away with you and your logical and well thought out response!

Logical and well though out??
Get of the acid.
I was in my late 20,s when wow came out, and am nearly 40 now, i remember it well ,son.
Nothing to do with nostalgia and all to do with this generation of so called "gamers".
They want easy, accessible content that can be done in 18 minutes.
Why do you think alot of games coming out nowdays are rubbish?They cater to this type.

If you want a good game these days, you have to turn your eyes towards indi devs, blizz and co has sold out to cater to the lowest common denominators.

User Info: darthjerro

6 months ago#79
jeremy_w24 posted...
Joker_X_II posted...

We live in a world now where we all get trophies for breathing, hard to make people see that when they don't know any better living in such a world

I'm thinking there was probably a moment in time when you decided you no longer wanted to put forth that effort and some player you felt was worse than you had the same status as you so you got pissed and started justifying that it was the game's fault which is why to this day you can't make a game design argument without insulting the current playerbase.

This attitude is exactly why people might not enjoy that social climb. Does this mean you killed your own game if that is what you wanted so badly? A mirror can often reveal many truths.

Joker is spot on in all his posts.
Thats what did it for me, seeing little timmy and tommy running around with bis whilst struggling to complete lfr.
I dont know how you guys live, but i try my damn hardest in everything i do to get the best results( work, sports etc etc )
Yes ,this is a video game, but alas, its still a hobby i try my hardest at.

So youre telling me i should be happy that someone that puts in NO effort can be nearly as geared as i am, have nearly the same prestige as i do for doing literally nothing?
Yea, NOOO.

You can spin it how you want, but at the end of the day, timmy and tommy are still being rewarded for just breathing.
I cant handle that, all my effort, for what?
Ill spend my time elsewhere where my dedication pays off, you can keep wow and keep the casual banner flying high for the masses....

User Info: jeremy_w24

6 months ago#80
darthjerro posted...
I cant handle that, all my effort, for what?

On live, the stats disparity on gear for people who put effort and clear content is exponentially higher than it ever was in vanilla WoW. There is absolutely NO way a player can have best in slot gear whist struggling to complete LFR. You aren't trying your hardest, in fact you gave up.. well at least on this particular game.

There is no game design argument here: why do you care what Timmy and Tommy does as long as you can improve yourself (if that is indeed what you truly want to do)? Every expansion the scope resets anyway. I'm assuming it is relative to PvP, but again the difference between Timmy and a player putting effort on live is way larger than it has ever been.

Take a look at these numbers:
Highest ilvl without mythic+ or raiding: 895, 905 for a few slots
Highest ilvl peroid: 955
- on average that is 55 ilvls: which relates to 1000+ of your primary stat (almost 2x the stats) across ALL slots
- this leads to average DPS going from 250K-300K to 1.2-1.5M, a huge difference in day to day operations and/or PvP
- I won't even mention healing/tanking here, I've seen tanks with 12M health as compared to 4M with 50 ilvl difference

This doesn't even include the prestige items like mounts, appearances (there is a specific challenge appearance for goodness sake) and items.
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