When did WoW get its heart and soul ripped out of the game?

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User Info: darkace77450

7 months ago#51
Right about the time Activision took over.

User Info: Vindris_SNH

7 months ago#52
jeremy_w24 posted...
Again opinion and didn't even exist in vanilla

Arenas are objectively less hardcore.

jeremy_w24 posted...
So why don't you do them if you want a challenge?

I feel sorry for people who still play this game.

jeremy_w24 posted...
Why do you laugh at this?

I hope you're trolling

jeremy_w24 posted...
I disagree


jeremy_w24 posted...

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User Info: Amakusa

7 months ago#53
Vindris_SNH posted...
I feel sorry for people who still play this game.

I feel more sorry that you keep talking about a game that you don't like. I mean, seriously, your life can't be THAT bad that it's the only thing interesting going on.
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User Info: Teremei

7 months ago#54
TruCrypt posted...
ImBadAtGames posted...
It happened when you grew older and more jaded with a game you playing for years. Familiarity breeds contempt. The game you remember never existed, but you were young and had a ton of time to ay so it seemed different. Add to that the heavy nostalgia glasses and you end up believing the game you loved lost it's way.

I don't know. I mean, I was 18 years old when I first played it and now I'm 29. It's not like I was a ten year old playing the game and just longing of wanting my childhood back.

I started playing when I was 30. And leveling a nelf for the first time in that starting zone was magical. Why? Because it was a new experience for me. The music, the questing, the feel. I still like WOW a lot, but that point was spot on.
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User Info: Vindris_SNH

7 months ago#55
Amakusa posted...
I feel more sorry that you keep talking about a game that you don't like.

I feel even more sorry that you feel sorry for me.
glitteringfairy: Just build the damn wall
ThyCorndog: and how exactly will that stop the mexican space program from orbital dropping illegal immigrants?

User Info: Joker_X_II

7 months ago#56
jeremy_w24 posted...
Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, rewards for rank at the end of a season including mounts
PvP Prestige
Mythic+ levels, dungeon speed runs for increased loot, achievements for mounts, in recent expansion there were challenge modes.

Nothing about this trivializes what Vanilla 'was' and the way it operated. In fact, these features would've been included with Vanilla-style designs (& TBC, WLK) in time anyways. Just because there was a billion other things Blizzard wanted to focus on first, you shouldn't be looking at it like "We got this now, Vanilla doesn't, so Vanilla sucked"....

If anything, instanced PvP ruins the open world interactions, and players were largely against it when it came out midway through vanilla. The result proven now. As WoW has just become a series of menus to queue through instead of focusing on the open world content, blending the experience of PvE/PvP as it should have.

jeremy_w24 posted...
Hardcore AH users and gold farmers can cycle gold for Blizzard store balance and game time

Okay, and just because Vanilla didn't have it, Vanilla sucked? ...that's still a faulty argument, if you rely on added features that would've come in time anyways.

jeremy_w24 posted...
Flying as a reward for quest and rep completion

yeah, after loooooong standing issues with having flight in the game since the TBC days. I wouldn't be too quick to glad-hand yourself for the final solution of keeping flight in the game without the expense on game-integrity.

Sure, Pathfinders is a brillant compromise, even as flight (in of itself) still cheapens the game; at least you have to work for it and immerse yourself with the content before trivializing it.

jeremy_w24 posted...
Interesting cosmetics, toys, in-game effects and pets for all sorts of in-game activities

Well, yeah, that's what MMORPG have become since the Vanilla -to- WLK days.....A virtual theme-park and the exit through the gift shop.....I mean, Vanilla had the better experience in comparison, you had to be determined to get the best gear, the best flair, the sweetest reward. ....now you can bypass the game and pay for the prestige on the side. You're proud of that?

jeremy_w24 posted...
End-game loot while using professions is still a thing as in vanilla

But for the longest time it wasn't like that. CAT, MoP, WoD; professions were largely gutted. Today, I believe professions in Legion for raiding gear is viable for better stat placements, and serve well into Heroic raid progression.

jeremy_w24 posted...
The reward of completing the content itself on its hardest mode, WoW is still widely regarded as the MMO providing the most difficult end-game

Ummm no,.....guess you don't raid that high then.

The problem with Mythic raid is that the incentive isn't there, past the "challenge". Getting your first kill for the sake of it is one thing. But then after that, what? Gear runs? Why? Suffering through the hardest content all the time for a s***ty chance at getting your BiS item to titanforge? Best to just stick with Heroic and wait for Titanforge there. Then, if that's the case, what's the point of the 'hardest mode' if there is no incentive? Why glorify "the most difficult end-game", when the Mythic scene doesn't last long, and goes back into hibernation after the real big players get their first kill?

jeremy_w24 posted...
People still stop in the streets for gear, HP stats on a character and mounts

No, they don't. They stop to check out flairly Xmogs. Not the prestige of said character.

User Info: jeremy_w24

7 months ago#57
"Features that would have come along anyway" WTF?

The game is better today because of these features and the way they have evolved over time (according to you the game is ruined which it is not). The social climbing and pass/fail mentality of the past is terrible compared to the shortest path/numbers paths of today because of the ways in which you get to where you want to be in the game today.

You argue about instanced PvP, when the only world PvP that happened in vanilla was basically instanced (only in certain zones), except when you were getting ganked or ganking someone else. I'm sure you loved this...Hell WoW had way more care bear servers during vanilla than PvP. The players had to create this gameplay because the game didn't provide it.in a way where the players who actually wanted to do it were separated from those who don't. The game is better today.

People stop in the streets for mythic raid clear mounts which stand out way more than gear. Enough said. If you aren't playing mythic for the challenge, I can see your point. My biggest issue with WoW ATM is the random rolls on gear and the Diablo-afing of loot. Tier gear is still a thing though and the game is better off because of t-mog in many ways.

The final point flying... Flying does NOT cheapen the game. It is amazing in such a large world to be able to fly. You should login tonight and fly around Suramar with Argus looming in the sky. I know you'll go back to the world PvP argument, but again putting people together who actually want that is way better and you can put any rules you want in those instances (something going on right now in fact with PvP Brawls). In fact I think flying is so amazing and so powerful, that having it as a reward is very good change recently.
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

7 months ago#58
Started getting rocky with Cata. Every good design and decision was met with an equally bad one. It all kind of balanced out through MoP. WoD was the official corporate sacrifice of WoW for it to be reborn into the mobile RPG-lite grinding simulator it is today

So I guess the answer to your question is when Blizzard sold out to Activision

User Info: Megawizard

7 months ago#59
FatalImage posted...
TheTrueAmerican posted...
Dungeon Finder. Why play online when everyone is essentially an npc?

Dungeon Finder was definitely the beginning of the transition. Many things inherent to playing RPGs started to get phased out as it 'got in the way' or was a 'waste of time'.

This has always been my reasoning to it. Once they took out the need to interact with other people before a group activity (dungeon, raid, or otherwise), that massively cut out the ties each server had with itself. Now it's just click in the little window, let the game sort it out, and in the vast majority of cases, you'll never say a thing to another player.

It definitely made things more accessible, there's no doubt there, but it also removed the need for a majority of spoken interaction. You don't really get to 'know' people unless you're in a guild, and even then it can be rough depending on which it is. There's still peoples' characters I remember from during Vanilla. I couldn't remember ones from last week now. :x

*Edit: I also think they reached a critical Point of No Return with Cata as well. I remember early on with the initial Heroic dungeons being tuned more like BC's were, and the sheer amount of complaints until they were nerfed into the ground was unreal; forcing people to communicate to deal with threats (although it certainly didn't help the DF could pick in such a way that you had no one capable of CC at all). Yea, yea, "bring the player, not the class" thing they did; well, just like some players are better than others, some classes are also better than others in different situations. Being a crappy pick in 1 dungeon isn't going to ruin your WoW career.
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User Info: NoAvailUsername

7 months ago#60
nostalgia glasses my arse, i remember logging in and interacting/talking with other people, now it's a single player game where you complete dailies
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