havn't played since week 1 of this expac, looking to get back in

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User Info: Rika_Furude

9 months ago#1
will probably play a resto shamen but i dunno

what are the things I should do to catch up? I got like nowhere in terms of my artifact weapon. i dont think i started that lvl 110 zone or w/ev
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User Info: Teremei

9 months ago#2
do suramar, do WQ that award class hall resources. Because they removed the time barrier to level up your artifact. So every 500 resources you get even more artifact points. And you can keep giving 500 and 500 and 500 without having to wait 5 days or 2 weeks or whatever. So do that and suramar. You can also go to broken shore right away, which will get you good gear.

I would start working on flying as it makes things so much easier.
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User Info: Evil Iggy

Evil Iggy
9 months ago#3
Flying in Legion: http://www.wowhead.com/broken-isles-pathfinder-flying-guide

Recommended Artifact progression path for a Resto Shaman: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/restoration-shaman-pve-healing-artifact-talents-traits-relics

Recommended Talents: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/restoration-shaman-pve-healing-spec-builds-talents

User Info: nessonett106

9 months ago#4
In my opinion, probably the fastest way to catch up to speed on a fresh character at this point would be to:
- Reach 110 by order hall story missions and zone questing. Only do a dungeon if you have the lead-in quest for it.
- Immediately do the broken shore scenario from dalaran. It opens up the catchup gear from nethershards, and the further artifact traits when you reach it.
- Beat any active world bosses you can join groups for. Use bonus rolls bought with gold from dalaran.
- Go back to zone questing to reach friendly on each faction, then start suramar until you reach friendly on them. Then open up world quests back in dalaran.
- If there is an invasion wq zone active, do that for a free 850-860 piece, and a ton of shards you can hand in for gear tokens at the broken shore. At this point its entirely reasonable for you to be 820-840 ilvl, even assuming bad gear ilvls when hitting 110
- Run every and any world quest you can find for gear, or order resources. Once you run out of resource quests, hand them in for artifact knowledge ranks at your hall, then grab all the artifact power quests you can get to.
- From here continue the broken shore scenario questline, farm ap and world quests, finish zone stories and dungeons, and unlock secondary artifact weapons / finish remaining order hall campagins. Feel free to join farm groups on older raids to fill and spots in your gear.
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  3. havn't played since week 1 of this expac, looking to get back in

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