Legion is the best expansion since WotLK

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User Info: Missiletainn

6 months ago#1
The fun new mechanics, the constant updates, the attention to detail, the story...

Legion blows the last three expansions out of the water and honestly rivals WoWs hayday of BC and Wrath. I hope Blizzard continues on this path for whatever comes next.
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User Info: HajimeNoIppo

6 months ago#2
Not really.

User Info: Smug_Anime_Face

6 months ago#3
ITT Opinions are facts.
TBC > Vanilla >> WotLK > MOP >> Legion => Cata >> WoD

TBC and Vanilla were too grindy on XP gain. I remember spending 6 hours questing and barely getting 10% of a level. Otherwise best experience in the entire game I pity the foo who started when ToC was released in LK.

WOTLK made heroics easy mode and brought in welfare epics. Brought in the most controversial change in wow and might of caused its downfall. LFG finder. It irreparably harmed a core pillar of World of Warcraft which is the social aspect. You can get to heroic raid content level now without uttering a word to another person or building a single friendship/bond.

MoP had it best in this post LK era. But after Cross Realm raiding stick a fork in her, she's done. Was the death of most long standing casual raiding/pvp guilds. Now they could do it on their own and progress quicker outside of mythic.

Legion and Cata are a moderate second and third. Cata would be stronger but it destroyed Azeroth causing more irreparable damage to the games experience.

WoD was a mistake. period.

All in all I'm not saying it's a bad game it's just a broken shell of its former self at this point. Where as Vanilla was still engaging and thriving in WOTLK Cata shattered all that remained of the games glory up until that point. But the downfall started at the Argent Tournament.

Long story short the true WoW killer is Blizzard Entertainment.

User Info: ShiningForceX

6 months ago#4
Overall, I enjoyed MoP more than Legion.
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User Info: VyersReaver

6 months ago#5
I agree with the OP wholeheartedly. Legion is the freshest WoW been since WotLK, undeniably best WoW addon.

I just love when Blizzard makes class-specific content for some reason. Loved it in Cata with Fangs as well. Artifacts are lit AF, and I hope they won't drop the whole idea out of the next expansion (maybe the AP grind, but not the individual lore-rich weapons). Yeah, they probably blew some opportunities, now that some opieop weapons like Ashbringer, Scythe of Elune and Doomhammer were already introduced (seriously, what other weapons can be stronger?), but I sincerely hope they can write some reasoning behind it as well (even if they drop Artifacts altogether, why would we throw them away, what's the reasoning to pick up a green weapon from questing later down the line instead of my red flaming warglaives).

Mythic+ is the best decision they made for dungeons in general. Challenge mode in MoP was unrewarding, I completed a gold run and was like "Oh, now I can be elitist with my transmog, yay". Here we get actual loot that is usable, even when you raid.

Raiding is ok. I didn't dive much into raiding this expansion, but ToS Heroic looks interesting, challenging, and at least not very RNG reliant. Execution-based encounters I approve of.

All in all, my love for WoW has been reinvigorated after the end of MoP (skipped WoD fully, returned about a month ago). Right now is the most fun I had in years of playing WoW since starting with TBC.
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User Info: whemmy

6 months ago#6
Legion is my favorite expansion tbh.

but actually it's not because of legion, or lore.

I like world quests, weapons, raids difficulty levels, random legendary.

it's almost perfect for a semi casual like me.

User Info: redundancies

6 months ago#7
whemmy posted...
I like world quests, weapons, raids difficulty levels, random legendary.

it's almost perfect for a semi casual like me.

I think they've really struck a good balance with the content this expansion. If you just want to pop in and hammer some quick content out, you can do that and still feel like you're progressing, or you can be more hardcore and still have things to do. I like the ability to get done what I want to get done and not feel like there's stuff I'm missing out on, or that there's no reason to log on at all.

User Info: MrXGamer

6 months ago#8
To be honest, Legion truly had potential to be the best expansion ever, but the amount of recycled assets holds it back and that's unfortunate. People complaint about no content in WoD and Legion brings s*** load of content, but they made it happen by not creating anything new. Take mounts for example. 99% are reskins. Mobs/bosses, again 99% reskins.

Previous expansions didn't have this issue and part of the reason you like an expansion is when you see "new" things. 7.3 has some new and cool looking stuff, but we're seeing that after a year. I don't know where their art guys have gone. First stepping into Legion zones wasn't as cool as previous expansions because the landmarks were recycled too.

You could say WoD felt the same because it had Orcs for mobs again. But hey, at least it had new types of Orcs. Where are the new types of Legion?

For these reasons, Legion falls behind WotLK and BC. Their first 2 expansions and MoP really felt fresh in every aspect. Those were the pinnacles of Blizzard's art team. Only if they had the same for Legion, the 10+ mil active subs would have returned. But still, it's one of the better expansions and the only decent MMO in today's market. Just hoping they recruit some real f***ing graphics designers for next expansion, lol. They need to stop being cheap towards a game that still makes them the most profits.
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User Info: big_pimper

6 months ago#9
When the last 3 expos have been straight garb it's not really saying much
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User Info: pegusus123456

6 months ago#10
MrXGamer posted...
Take mounts for example. 99% are reskins

http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif
http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif http://i.imgur.com/Er6TT.gif
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