Which out of these class spec combos should I play? Have heirlooms for all

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  3. Which out of these class spec combos should I play? Have heirlooms for all

User Info: LatiasSA

4 years ago#1
And their offspecs

Unholy/blood dk
Ret/prot pally
Resto/Enh shammy
Frost Mage (those level 90 talents man I don't know, I might just leave it at level 10)
BM hunter (actually found this to be the most fun despite how much I love plate classes and shamans)
Holy/Shadow priest
Destro Lock

I enjoy playing fotm haste-stacking arms warrior but I want a bit of a change. I am mostly deciding on either the shaman or the deathknight, but wouldn't mind personal opinions from the board and feedback from those who've performed their rolls. I tend to swing more towards being a dps mostly because, in all honesty, I tend to let myself auto-attack while afk in LFR so I can finish eating. Methinks enh shaman or unholy dk's going to have the better auto-attack dps out of all these. Arms warr already had some decent AA dps but mind you thats not what I'm here for. great job jeremy
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User Info: ATiRadeonHD

4 years ago#2
Destro lock. Green fire.
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User Info: koujimoreno

4 years ago#3
The only correct answer is shaman

User Info: Arjunta

4 years ago#4
Since you are playing an Arms Warrior now, I would suggest going Shaman. They are a really fun and versatile class, should offer something different for you.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#5
If you do go DK, I'd strongly suggest leveling in frost, and going to unholy between 80 and 90. (80 is the first time 5-man fights last long enough for unholy to actually ramp up its damage, 90 is endgame.)

In endgame, the specs have very close DPS (the superior spec is based on your situation and personal preference, as it should be.) However, unholy is disease-dependent and has a long ramp-up time; frost has high burst, especially in AoE situations, and is less reliant on diseases. It's much easier to play frost while leveling than unholy, because fights before level 80 just don't last long enough for unholy to ramp up.
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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#6
^lmfao do NOT level in Frost.
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  3. Which out of these class spec combos should I play? Have heirlooms for all

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