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User Info: DrJohnSmith9

8 years ago#1
I live far in the country, and right now I have two options: wireless broadband, or satellite.

I've played with wireless for 5 years, and it's hit and miss. The service, when it works, is as good as a hard-wired connection. But in bad weather, it's horrible, and the company is notorious for sporadic connection issues.

Their service is highly questionable. Last year, they deactivated a service tower without informing me, and it provided the most consistent service. Now I'm subject to a tower that's farther away and causes headaches.

I have the option for going to satellite internet. I've Googled WoW/satellite service, and the information is not favorable. However, the results I found were about two years old, so things could be different now.

My current service is only $20, whereas satellite would bump it up to $60, but they promise much better performance, stability during bad weather, and real-time online gaming without trouble.

Does anyone use a satellite service and can play with no to minimal issues? Or perhaps know someone in the same spot as I?

Any information or assistance would be appreciated!

User Info: Fenriradramelk

8 years ago#2
the problem with satellite is that the signal goes to freakin' space, then back down to a data center somewhere else, whatever information makes it to it's destination then the response is sent to the data center, up to space, then to you.

Which will basically mean your ping will be at minimum 750, but much more commonly between 1000-2000. Which, in other words, means it'll be playable sure, but you will probably die to standing in the bad stuff, unable to get interrupts off, always be a second or two behind on the ventrilo/mumble chatter, and so on.

Satellite, no matter what they promise, is not reliable for real-time gaming. It's only really acceptable for any turn-based things.

Also, Satellite can be just as affected by bad weather as wireless, although it generally takes more than a light rain to screw you over, there's plenty of services with complaints that someone's TV service went out during the big game because it was raining/snowing. They're just blatantly lying to you about that. Which isn't to say they haven't improved things with weather & satellite service over the past decade or so, but they haven't completely solved the issue either.
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User Info: feared4power

8 years ago#3
i leveled a druid with it and still out dpsed everyone on my way to 80. Had 2.5k-4.5k ping was not fun at all.

User Info: kingdrake2

8 years ago#4
i had to live with satellite internet for 2 years :(. i never am going back to it... i constantly had 1.2k latency. but if it came to option's i would take it if cannot get a broadband

superwifi might be reaching in the next few years.
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User Info: dj4242

8 years ago#5
Damn that is probably what's wrong with my lag right now too then. I switched from just a regular wireless internet that was averaging about 700k, 600 on good days to the new satellite internet out here. My lag jumped up to about an 1800 average and 1500 on nice days. My regular internet browsing and downloading speed has increased by nearly 3 times the speed but WoW has slown down by about the same amount.

(I live on a remote island in Alaska, where having "good" internet just isn't going to happen.)
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User Info: Whitbane

8 years ago#6
Haha, chilling in 760 ping. Yes, Satellite internet works, not well, but you know.

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