Worst gear-based RNG you've had?

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User Info: Naxochils

5 years ago#21
Heroic helm from Cata heroics. Didn't see an upgrade until the day before 5.1 on our Rag kill.
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User Info: Aceron

5 years ago#22
Weapons hate my Priest with a passion.
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User Info: SongstressCela

5 years ago#23
Everything in f***ing Pandaria.

Four f***ing staves off Shek'zeer.
Five f***ing rings.
Three f***ing cloaks.
Two f***ing fans.

All of this in a row without getting any actual upgrade I need. I said it before and I'll continue to say it, F***. This new. System.

User Info: Ep1taph303

5 years ago#24
OH glaive from BT. Killed illidan thousands of times, as a joke we redid BT right before wrath of came out. Damn thing dropped right before the xpac was live. :-(
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User Info: Blak4xis

5 years ago#25
When 4.3 hit, my guild needed a new tank since their paladin dropped, and seeing how my DK hit 85 a few days before the patch came around, I told them that if they didn't have any luck finding another tank, I'd probably be geared up by the time they'd stop looking. To this, they told me to hit the HoT heroics pronto, and so I did, getting most of the gear I needed fairly quickly, save for a few pieces. What made me happy was that the first thing that dropped for me in WoE was the hammer from Mannoroth, a much desired upgrade since the weapon I was using in comparison was pretty weak.

After a string of bad luck with the tanks they recruited and being tired of dealing with pugging tanks, they ask me to switch from my healer and hop on my DK. It was pretty smooth at first. I replaced my LFR gear pretty quickly and was having fun tanking. However, one piece of equipment never seemed to drop for me, and that was that 2H axe from Yor'Sahj. I was still using the hammer from Mannoroth, and had terrible luck in LFR when it came to Madness, so a jump from a 378 weapon to a 397 one seemed appealing. Never dropped when I came along.

One raid night, the raid leader asks me to sit out since one of our old guild mates popped on and wanted to give DS a go. I shrugged it off by doing some dailies, but after about 40 minutes, one of my guildmates sends me a screenshot over skype, What was it a screenshot of? The loot that dropped off of skittles. The -one- night I'm asked to sit, it drops. Normally, I wouldn't get upset about things like that, but I'm pretty sure the force caused by the facepalm I did upon seeing the screenshot explains why I have a permanent palm print on my face. Still had that hammer at least...
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User Info: Venters

5 years ago#26
I'd have to say from the Start of MoP till about a few weeks ago when i finally managed to get a weapon upgrade from Might of Mograine to Starshatter.

User Info: frozen_flames

5 years ago#27
Trying to get a sha-touched caster weapon from terrace... been doing it every week, coins too, but still can't get one from either boss. Lots of belts though, so many belts I could strangle somebody with them.
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User Info: mybbqrules

5 years ago#28
I ran DS lfr for 8 months on three toons and never won a weapon off of madness.

Chromaggus will not drop his shield.

Nef wont drop crol'shorukh. (Got 2 ass candy tho, one on each warrior)

The one time black ice dropped my friend was on his rogue, not his pally.
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