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  3. lol actual wow falco punch (not deathwing quest)

User Info: khdude15

10 years ago#1

User Info: pies12

10 years ago#2
It's falcon punch. Congratulations on failing the internet.
"Obviously it was the most epic bubble hearth of all time."
~FalcownPAUNCH on Dalaran being moved to Northrend.

User Info: khdude15

10 years ago#3
he says falco!!! go find a vid an listen to it

User Info: Lucavi000

10 years ago#4
this video made me rage. Show your moves? seriously? *kicks a baby*
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User Info: TheTrueAmerican

10 years ago#5
That video sucked so badly I'm going back in time and throwing my baby self off a bridge.

User Info: LightHawKnight

10 years ago#6
Only Kirby may say falco punch.

User Info: Fiasco248

10 years ago#7
He says falcon. The N Is faint but he does in fact say falcon. It may sound like falco but you sir failed

User Info: CL60

10 years ago#8
He says Falcon Punch..you do realize he is "Captain Falcon" not "Captain Falco"?
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User Info: FoiledOcean

10 years ago#9
That wasn't even a punch.
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User Info: Nikedawg08

10 years ago#10
I woulda laughed so hard if that DK woulda ganked him.
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  3. lol actual wow falco punch (not deathwing quest)
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