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  3. Hunter Heirlooms: Mail or Leather?

User Info: Chrazid

10 years ago#1
Which give better stats for a hunter while leveling?

User Info: Mr_Yoru

10 years ago#2
There is no difference between stats on heirlooms of different armor class other than armor value.

The stats on the leather caster set are the same as the cloth caster set, etc.
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User Info: moocowdruid

10 years ago#3
get the leather for the simple fact it has hit on it

User Info: skylinefreek

10 years ago#4
get the mail ones they will be leather till your hunter hits 40 where he can use mail,unless they changed the lvl u get mail idk
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User Info: ShadowEdgeX

10 years ago#5
I used the ap leather heirlooms for my Hunter, (enh) Shaman, (feral) Druid, and Rogue. They all levelled super fast, and I didn't miss the extra armor from mail at all. You shouldn't be getting hit much as a hunter anyway, so the mail's basically inferior to the leather, due to lack of hit.
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  3. Hunter Heirlooms: Mail or Leather?
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