The demo, a brief review.

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User Info: logruszed

6 years ago#1
Just played the demo for "Duke Nukem: Forever". I'm very glad I wasn't one of the fans waiting 12 years for this sequel. Sexual innuendo (with no payoff, mind you) and dirty words worked in the 90's when every other game didn't have it but now if that is all you have to offer you're up crap creek. SRSLY: You can have orgies in Fable 2 and 3, cussing is in nearly every game. I predict sad fanboys.

The demo reminds me of Perfect Dark as it was "enhanced" for the 360. I have no ida what modeling they used or how they skinned this thing but it felt like ray-trace and .gif skins. And too much efforts was clearly spent to make every lame attempt at potty humor without it actually going anywhere.


You start in a urinal and quickly pass some toilets where you can pick up a poo. Ok, maybe you can use the poo as a weapon. Not highbrow but still kind of funny. But no, you just carry around some poop and can toss it a few inches away from you.

Weapons management is also kind of lame, I get having a strategy to what you carry in limited loadout games but two guns? This is the only departure from the classic mode I really disagree with. One of th great elements of 90's FPS games was having a stupid amount of gear you would accumulate during levels and finding ways to use them all.

They should have left this game dead and buried. Shame on anyone who buys this new for encouraging tis lame attempt.

User Info: blitzkrieg225

6 years ago#2
I enjoyed the demo. You can't take the game seriously, though. It's meant for casual fun. Don't go into playing this game thinking it's going to be the game of the year because I doubt it will. It's going to have the elements from the past Duke Nukem games that the fans love.
I'm drunk right now. Not just while I'm writing this, but every time you read this.
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