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User Info: grynch1984

8 years ago#1
I'm not ashamed to admit that SMS is my favorite of the Mario series. Not saying it's the best, but it's my personal favorite to play. That said, what is your biggest moment of frustration that was caused by a shifty camera? Mine would have to be the runaway ferris wheel in Pinna Park. When I get to the climbing section behind the ferris wheel, the camera really starts doing what it wants to, which is usually the exact opposite of what I need it to do. I've never had more moments where my vision is restricted to that tiny circle due to the camera being "behind a wall" than I have with this particular section of the game right here. What about you? We all know how bad the camera can be at times.
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User Info: APlusle

8 years ago#2
That's the only part of the game where I've found the camera to be truly terrible, and I usually bypass that section by jumping off the grating after the Pirate Ships; if I have a problem with the camera outside of that area it won't last long and won't hinder me much.

SMS is my favorite Mario, too, BTW.
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User Info: Deletron

8 years ago#3
Yeah, the camera in that section has led me to a few bouts of thumping my controller in rage. Good thing it's so sturdy!
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User Info: SonicFan188

8 years ago#4
This game's camera is 100x times better than Galaxy's. The purple coins missions were a b**** just because of that game's crappy camera.
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