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  2. 1080: Avalanche
  3. Probably one of my favourite games.

User Info: PJ09

9 years ago#11
Starfox Adventures is a Great game Imo.

User Info: NAU_Trackrunner

9 years ago#12
I need to get it then.

So who's your favourite character in this game?
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User Info: can_of_potatoes

9 years ago#13
This game was fun
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User Info: PJ09

9 years ago#14
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: itslike

9 years ago#15
What have we here, some folks reminiscing about the GameCube?

Anyone here play Ikaruga?
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User Info: soccaprodi

9 years ago#16
I just bought this this weekend and as long as you don't compare it to SSX3 (one of my favorite games period, regardless of genre. That game was snowboarding perfection), it's entertaining enough. One just feels a lot more limited in 2-3 minute runs instead of an entire mountain you can free ride at your leisure. For $5 though? Definitely fills my current craving for powder.

As for Gamecube games everyone should buy, damn, I have a LOT of them. Some of my all-time favorites are Gamecube actually. I'll just throw out a few for starters and give me a holler if you've heard of them or want me to explain them:

Gotcha Force: Just go out and get this now. It may be easy and pretty childish but there is nothing else like it, and my playtime is easily +100 hours.

Skies of Arcadia: While not my favorite RPG, that goes to Chrono Trigger, it's incredibly unique with a great feel to it. Who wouldn't wanna put down their college textbooks and become an air pirate?

Prince of Persia Trilogy: I'm a platforming guy at heart, and there's no doubt about it, PoP is simply the best 3D platforming experience. The next game gives it a serious run for its money though.

Mario Sunshine: It gets a lot of bad raps, but asides from the relative shortness, slight easiness, and limited levels (in number, certainly not in fun and exploration) I find it to be simply amazing. Nostalgianess or not I always have SO MUCH more fun playing this than Mario 64.

Custom Robo: Like Gotcha Force this is a MUST-GET for the Gamecube. Go. Now. Buy it.
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User Info: GameCuber18

9 years ago#17
I just popped 1080º Avalanche into my Cube today. This game is so awesome. I was inspired to play the N64 game on my Wii last week after watching snowboarding during the Olympics, but Avalanche is a lot better. They really need to make Wave Race and 1080º games on Wii. Balance board snowboarding like in Wii Fit, but much more comprehensive, and it would probably need to use the remote for tricks and such. Wave race could use remote steering just like Mario Kart, and both games would need online play. Make it happen Nintendo!
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  2. 1080: Avalanche
  3. Probably one of my favourite games.
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