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User Info: Subxero7

9 months ago#1
I must have quit playing this franchise after Silent Line for whatever reason. Are any of the games after Silent Line any good? Worth picking up and playing? Any to avoid?

User Info: glowsquid

9 months ago#2
My short answer would be "Yes, except maybe Ninebreaker and Formula Front".

The long answer:

Nexus: Though nominally a continuation of the AC3/Silent Line timeline, Nexus is more of a soft reboot in that it starts a new story arc that does not continue any of the plot points introduced in the previous and does some major shake-ups to the formula. On the positive side, it introduces true dual-analog controls, more left arm weapons that aren't shield/blades/hotwitzers, tuning weapons and parts, and more "cinematic" cutscenes. On the other, it does a lot of controversial balancing changes, including introducing magazine caps to rapid-fire weapons and greatly increasing the importance of heat management (in that many boosters will straight up cook the ac with normal use). In addition to the already-meaty main campaign and area, there's a 2nd disc featuring a whole campaign of missions set in the original Armored Core universe (some are remade from the original game and project phantasma, most are brand new) so there's a *lot* of game if you like it.

Ninebreaker: A weird entry. Instead of a proper campaign, you have a variety of tutorial-ish tests like target practice and landing on platforms, and a janky area with hundreds of procedurally-generated opponents that doesn't feel vary satisfying. Some of the tests can be fun and it tones down some of the excesses of Nexus, but you pratically need a complete garage import of Nexus to be viable, so unless you can find it for cheap this is easily the most skipabble entry.

Formula Front: A arena-only spinoff. All parts are available from the beginning and you can program an AI to do the fighting for you (infact the original Japanese release only let you do that). OK-ish but quite skipabble.

Last Raven: Armored Core For Super Players. This fully edges out the rough edges of Nexus and introduce mechanics like part degradation and the most complex branching storyline in the series (and there's a LOT of missions). I would say it's one of the best game in the series and the last one in the traditional "AC" style, but don't go in there without an imported save!

Armored Core 4: The first really major shake-up in the series. You now pilot much bigger and faster ACs called "NEXTs". Flight is much easier than before (and it's quite easy to make a permaflight-capable robot with some knowledge of the mechanics) and a lot of OP-I/Human Plus features are now regular part of the gameplay (every arms weapons can be dual-wielded no problems, radar is built-in, bipedal legs can fire back weapons without kneeling, no lockboxes, no heat management, etc) but there are new mechanics like quickboosts and the "primal armor", a shield that reduces the damage you take but can be melted down with certain weapons. This has one has less parts and fairly quick/easy missions, but the cool things is that the Hard difficulty changes the missions themselves (this was carried over to the sequel)

Armored Core For Answer: 4 with an even faster piece and a much increased part count. There's a branching storyline (though not as expensive as Last Raven) and the big focus is on Arms Forts, battles against big vehicles and battlestations (kinda like the big MTs in the PS2 games but with more focus and more individualized). This was my first Armored Core game and is still my favourite.

Armored Core 5: Another big shake-up. This one takes the opposite approach to 4 and makes the ACs much smaller and with less vertical mobility than any previous entries, and no radar (instead you get a "scan mode" that lets you see info about the target and see thrtough walls if you lay sensors in the areas). There was a big multiplayer focus but the servers are dead now. The single-player is weird - you have 10 or so main missions that are much more like modern shooters in length and structure, and there's a 100 side campaign set after the main story that's just a lot of repetitive "kill all the enemies"/"kill the AC" missions with nothing in the way of twists or interesting scenarios.

Verdict Day: Expansion to V with a shorter but better campaign whose structure is more in line with the previous games. It overhauls weapon tuning from how it was in V and you can program "UNACs", AI buddes you can take on anywhere at your discretion. Like the previous one there's a big multiplayer focus, but the servers are still up.
(edited 9 months ago)

User Info: Subxero7

9 months ago#3
Amazing, thanks a lot for the detailed write up. If I don't end up getting lucky enough to secure a PS5 in the next few weeks I'll probably look to snag a few of these and give them a go.

User Info: VARidley

8 months ago#4
I got Nexus and Last Raven at one point, and I think maybe Nine Breaker too. Honestly, I sucked at those new mechanics. That style is for players better than me. I couldn't beat a Nexus mission consisting of destroying a bunch of tiny stationary floating MTs, because they'd shoot me to death before I could finish. I just felt so heavy and sluggish.

I avoided the overheat thing by using the best radiator AND tuning all my parts to have the highest cooling, and soon I was just like my Silent Line setup.

But I ended up selling those games, I stick with Silent Line and all before it. Progressing further did me no good. And I can't honestly say I enjoyed the new formula as much as the older ones. Silent Line feels like the last really good version for PS2, and some agree.
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User Info: Subxero7

8 months ago#5
^ yeah I wonder how i will feel about the different mechanics after silent line. If i don't manage to snag a PS5 early I'll probably look to get nexus or last raven and see how they are.

User Info: Liberator_2033

8 months ago#6
Personally I was a big fan of Nexus. It definitely is more complicated than the previous games, but but I enjoyed the storyline and the AC building. That’s definitely my favorite one to play with friends cause it has the newer two stick scheme. I will say it is the hardest in the series up until that point.

Also, I feel ACFF was pretty good. Story was obviously it was lame, but for sake of playing with AC designs with literally zero restrictions is kind of fun. Not the best in the series by any means but not the worst.

Of the last generation I’ve only played ACV. I thought the story was interesting but gameplay was not nearly as fun or technical as the classic PS2 generation. I also never got to try online because I got the game long after it was dead.

For you, I recommend at least trying Nexus if you’re a fan of the series. Mostly because it’s still part of the classic PS2 part of the series, but also because you’ll get a taste of the newer game mechanics. That’ll help you decide if you really want to hunt down Last Raven and Ninebreaker.
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User Info: Subxero7

8 months ago#7
^ thanks for the input

User Info: ArmoredCore55

6 months ago#8
I liked Nexus to Last Raven. I didn’t like how they putted magazines in the Machine Guns and the heat boosters in the game. I also miss the ECM rockets and back magazines. It was still fun to play, though. The hangar units and tuning were cool features to have.

AC4 and AC5 series were fun to play. Not as good as the first 3 generations, IMO.
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