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User Info: VARidley

4 years ago#1
What hover booster, y'all nonexistent fans don't ask? Well, I'll answer anyways. I'm talking about the extension part (can't remember the letter / number acronym complicated name thingy) that lets you hover in place by bunny hopping in the air.

I haven't posted here for at least a year and a half, and I got a little dormant on this game for a while, but this thing is in need of some fanna-tastic recognition!!!

In AC3, it's perfect. In Silent Line, they ruined it. RUINED IT!!! BAAHHHH!!!!!!!

In Silent Line, it uses 10,000,000,000,000 energy and refreshes the altitude whenever you boost upwards (which increases energy use to 785,325,675,457,243,789,345). This is IMPOSSIBLE to work with. How's it useful?! It'd be better if they made it use less energy like in Nexus...

...but in Armored Core 3 here, the first game to use it, that's when it was best!!! I guess they decided it was too OP and changed it later. Well, too bad Agetec, I got the good ol' version still!!!

My favorite function (removed after AC3) is the program feature. You can program it to a specific altitude, then remain above that altitude dormant for as long as you want, doing whatever you want, till you fall back to the original altitude and then it pushes you back up!


1. Me right now as I type this, fighting Adieu in Structure. I boosted to the second level, destroyed most of the metal floor grates, and activated the hover booster JUST UNDER the second level. Like literally, just a TINY pinch of space under the second level. So that when I fall through a hole, the bunny hop kicks in instantly, keeping me up at the second level! I've got it programmed so close to the second level, the bunny hops actually take me high enough on their own to land on the second floor ground again!

Note: do NOT simply press the hover button while standing on the second level. This is unstable (especially when jumping and landing) and can can eat all your energy in less than a second. I programmed it myself by boosting next to the edge of a hole, and activating just barely below standing altitude on the upper level.

2. Safety around water. Simply find a stage (like the military base in VS mode for example) with a dangerous ground level, or water like in this stage. Boost down close to the water (or even do like I did in Structure and program just below standing level on the ground you'll be using) and then, whenever you get knocked off or fly off, you'll be prevented from falling in!...As long as you don't run out of energy or deprogram!!!

You can also use this trick to attack enemies that hover above water naturally, even without hover legs. But don't use energy weapons or you'll be sorry, y'all!!!

Here's my AC that does all this:

Head: Lowest energy drain, about 216, and 1000 AP I think.
Core: Original starting core with the light blue OB.
Arms: Lighter version of the original starting arms. 877 energy drain I think.
Legs: Reverse joint, 1147, with 1515 energy drain.
Booster: 19900 power, 6990 drain, I believe those are the correct values. 40 energy drain too.
Generator: IMPORTANT!!! Must be the one with 10500 output, 42000 capacity. Otherwise you won't be able to stay in the air even close to a satisfying amount of time!!!
Radiator: the triangular one with 325 weight, balanced cooling and forced cooling.
Inside: Nope.
Extension: Ahem.
Back Units: Both 20% ammo magazines.
Arm Unit A: Machine gun, 1000 ammo.
Arm Unit B: Strongest laser blade, 502 weight and 100 energy drain.

Energy drain is important! If I switched to the under-1000 energy drain tank legs and the machine gun arms with under 100 energy drain, I could literally hover infinitely in the air. As it stands, I can hover for about 40 to 50 seconds if I remember correctly. Find y'allself a good configuration, try out the programming feature for the hover booster, and go krazy!!!
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