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User Info: GameDood101

1 year ago#11
LukeSkyvvalker posted...
Speaking of Sonic Adventure 3...

Years ago I saw this picture online: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/sonicfanon/images/3/33/Sonic_adventure_3_box_art_c.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100204023933

I always wondered what the deal with it was. At first I thought it was a real thing but then I guessed it must be just some fake cover someone made up (there are other fake covers for random games people have made, after all). ...But looking it up again it seems to have been an actual fan game?


Has anyone ever played this? How was anyone even supposed to play a fan game for Gamecube?

It’s fake. There are a lot of things akin to that on wikis. They’re just fan made wishes extended out, sometimes with art.
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User Info: videogamer89641

1 year ago#12
Loss of interest (most likely weakened interest) because it was way too long as in years waiting unless it is advanced quality and big (unlikely). Disappointed with Kingdom Hearts III. I am sure that it most likely wouldn't come out. It may come out later as in several years later. The developers would make it only if the Sonic Series is almost bankrupt and have lost almost all interest (Releasing Sonic Adventure 3 is the only way to get the interest back in Sonic). Right now, the people have love for nostalgia Genesis 2D Sonic games (Sonic Mania).

User Info: megaboltable

11 months ago#13
Sonic515 posted...
would be perfectly fine with that as long as it has chao

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User Info: EvilResident

8 months ago#14
“Yeah right”

User Info: MintyDreams7

8 months ago#15
B-but I liked the treasure hunting missions. D:
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