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User Info: Hiitismedieser

3 years ago#1
its me

User Info: Jolt135

3 years ago#2
Is that supposed to be relevant at all?

There was an unsavory character who went by the name of "diesir" and offered this board the luxury of their presence about 12 years ago, but that name had two "eyes," meaning even in the game of Go it was always alive. That clearly isn't what we have before us here.

User Info: Hiitismedieser

3 years ago#3
no is dieser

12 years and u still try to type smart but u sound incredible stupid

User Info: TeenageManchild

3 years ago#4
I check this board weekly in the hopes that I'll find some new, relevant discussion... just to find this?

Anyone can trust me, I am a good child.
You want proof? I'm 19 years old and play soccer.
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