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User Info: XD001lover1

11 years ago#441
An übermäßiger schneller Geschwindigkeit hier kommt XD001lover1, der Ultimate_Sage!

User Info: GigaGaia

11 years ago#442
Especially the last few pages.
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User Info: The_Soul_Gauge

11 years ago#443
To 500!
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User Info: DarthRLink

11 years ago#444
Wow...I remeber this game....I liked it back on DC and it was about the same on GC
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User Info: llxzachxll

11 years ago#445
Hardcore™- We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: marioultrafan1

10 years ago#446
**Please wait for me to finish posting the FAQ before posting, thanks.**

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle General Board Ultimate FAQ

**WARNING!** The following FAQ may contain spoilers. Any section that may be considered a spoiler will have a * at the start of the paragraph/sentence.

Hi there, if you didn’t see the text above this post, my name is l Dudeboy l, and this is the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle General Board’s Ultimate FAQ. In this I’ll cover all the important things about this board and the game to hopefully reduce the amount of confusion and help keep this community running smoothly.

If you’re really lazy, like me, and only need to look up a certain section of the FAQ, then feel free to use the content list just below this paragraph. You can quickly and easily jump to sections of the FAQ by copying the content code (I.e. [CC001]) doing a search on your Internet Browser (Alt+F) and clicking search.


[--------------Game Related--------------------------------------------
[-----[CC01]Codes and Secrets
[----------[CC01-1]Unlockables Items
[-----[CC02]Mystic Melody Locations
[-----[CC03]Upgrade Locations
[-----[CC04]Dreamcast and Gamecube differences
[-----[CC05]The Missing Ring (In Metal Harbour)

[--------------Message Board Related--------------------------------
[-----[CC07]Was Shadow Hyper or Super?
[-----[CC08]Chao Related Things
[-----[CC09]Sonic TV Shows and Comics
[-----[CC10]Spelling and Grammar (A bit of advice)
[-----[CC11]Bumping old topics
[-----[CC12]The Reg and Vet list
[-----[CC13]Advice From Other Users

[-------------Other Stuff----------------------------------------------------
[-----[CC14]Credits and Thanks
[-----[CC15]Additional Questions
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User Info: azsxdcfvgbhnj

10 years ago#447

User Info: dacheatcode

10 years ago#448
So when's this gonna reach 500?
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User Info: Kuriko

10 years ago#449
When I feel like it.
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User Info: ShockIce

10 years ago#450
[Why is this topic not yet at 500.]

[Over two years, and not yet at 500.]

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