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User Info: Takfloyd

13 years ago#41
I am Takfloyd, master of Takstein and Hemmadom!

User Info: sonic479

13 years ago#42
Congratulations! I just knew this would be stickied.
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User Info: morpher333

13 years ago#43
From: morpher333
Non-beta! :O:O:O


Caution: Cape does not enable user to fly.
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User Info: daefos

13 years ago#44
As they say in France:

Le w00t!
I am the master of my destiny. I am the king of all I see.
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User Info: KensaiBlade

13 years ago#45
Party on Wayne!
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User Info: HyperShadowGirl

13 years ago#46
Sticky! YAY! =D
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User Info: XyendorAlmighty

13 years ago#47
IBSTICK... what the hell.
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User Info: Kuriko

13 years ago#48
Well, that's just great. Now I picture all the looters stealing a pirate ship, and going on a journey towards the Grand Line. -RADRAD

User Info: buddychaos05

13 years ago#49
Yay stickied. :D

User Info: smoke_hunter

13 years ago#50
dont want to ruin the celebration, but anyone could have just look at the faqs&guides part but noooo u had to type it down and waste time then sticky the paper that wastes time.
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