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User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#1
**Please wait for me to finish posting the FAQ before posting, thanks.**

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle General Board Ultimate FAQ

**WARNING!** The following FAQ may contain spoilers. Any section that may be considered a spoiler will have a * at the start of the paragraph/sentence.

Hi there, if you didn’t see the text above this post, my name is l Dudeboy l, and this is the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle General Board’s Ultimate FAQ. In this I’ll cover all the important things about this board and the game to hopefully reduce the amount of confusion and help keep this community running smoothly.

If you’re really lazy, like me, and only need to look up a certain section of the FAQ, then feel free to use the content list just below this paragraph. You can quickly and easily jump to sections of the FAQ by copying the content code (I.e. [CC001]) doing a search on your Internet Browser (Alt+F) and clicking search.


[--------------Game Related--------------------------------------------
[-----[CC01]Codes and Secrets
[----------[CC01-1]Unlockables Items
[-----[CC02]Mystic Melody Locations
[-----[CC03]Upgrade Locations
[-----[CC04]Dreamcast and Gamecube differences
[-----[CC05]The Missing Ring (In Metal Harbour)

[--------------Message Board Related--------------------------------
[-----[CC07]Was Shadow Hyper or Super?
[-----[CC08]Chao Related Things
[-----[CC09]Sonic TV Shows and Comics
[-----[CC10]Spelling and Grammar (A bit of advice)
[-----[CC11]Bumping old topics
[-----[CC12]The Reg and Vet list
[-----[CC13]Advice From Other Users

[-------------Other Stuff----------------------------------------------------
[-----[CC14]Credits and Thanks
[-----[CC15]Additional Questions
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User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#2
--------------Game Related-------------------------------------------

~~~~~Codes and Secrets~~~~~ [CC01]

All the codes and secrets listed here can also be found on the GameFAQs Codes and Secrets section. Credit to all users who submitted codes are listed in the Credits section.

Clear the picture
When Pausing press and hold the Y and X buttons.

~~~~~Unlockables Items~~~~~ [CC01-1]
Ball for Dark Garden ---------------------- Win the first 2 levels of the Dark race.
Ball for Hero Garden ---------------------- Win the first 2 levels of the Hero race.
Ball for Normal Garden ------------------- Win the first 4 levels of the Challenge race.
Broom --------------------------------------- Win all 5 levels of the Topaz race.
Car ------------------------------------------- Win all 3 levels of the Mushroom Forest race
Chao TV ------------------------------------ Win all 12 Challenge Races.
Jack in the Box for Normal Garden ----- Win the first 8 challenge races.
Note in a bottle ---------------------------- Win all 5 levels of the Diamond race.
Pencil Case --------------------------------- Win all 5 levels of the Onyx race.
Picture Book ------------------------------- Win all 5 levels of the Perridot race.
Pogo Stick ---------------------------------- Win all 5 levels of the Garnet race.
Radio for Dark Garden ------------------- Win all 4 Dark Races.
Rattle --------------------------------------- Win all 3 levels of the Block Canyon Race.
Rocking Horse for Hero Garden -------- Win all 4 Hero Races
Shovel --------------------------------------- Win all 3 levels of the Crab Pool race
Sonic Cuddly Toy ------------------------ Win all 5 levels of the Aquamarine race
Watering Can ------------------------------ Win all 3 levels of the Stump Valley race

~~~~~Unlockables~~~~~ [CC01-2]

Two Player Kart Race
Simply complete both Route 101 (Hero) and Route 280 (Dark) and Kart Race in 2P Battle will become available.

Boss Attack Mode
Complete either the Hero or the Dark side story modes. Here you will be able to fight each boss from either the Hero or the Dark side.

You can also fight all of the bosses after completing both the Hero and Dark storylines.

Dark Chao Garden
Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three ''Dark'' characters. Continually feed and train your Dark Chao and soon it will evolve (creates a tear-shaped ''cocoon''). Once it evolves, the descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby.

Diamond & Onyx Chao Races
Win at least one race from Aquamarine, Garnet, Peridot, and Topaz Chao Races to unlock them.

* Green Hill Zone
Get all 180 Emblems and unlock the 3D version of Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 1.

Hero Chao Garden
Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train your Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped ''cocoon''). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.

Hidden Secretary Theme
When you are on the Theme Select screen, rotate the Control Stick Clockwise for a while until you hear a chime-like sound. You should be able to select the Secretary Theme.

Jewel races
Complete all 4 of the original races and get the emblem. The Jewel races will be unlocked.

Kart Racing Game
In the Hero Side story complete the Tails driving quest and then in Dark Side story successfully finish the Rouge chase mission. You will now have a playable kart racing game to play.

* Last Stage
In order to play the actual last and final stage of this game, then finish both Hero and Dark side story games. Once this is done, go into story mode and a ''Last Stage?'' menu selection should appear between the Hero and the Dark Side selections.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#3
Level 4 2-player games
Beat Final Rush or Final Chase in the Hero or dark side and a level 4 game should appear in 2-player mode.

Maria Robotnik's Voice Theme
First collect all 180 Emblems, and then link Sonic Advance to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Maria’s voice theme should appear in the Black Market in Chao Kindergarten for 30,000 Rings.

More Karts
Complete every mission for each character (ranking does not matter) and you'll unlock the new kart for them. Simply highlight their picture on the select screen and press Up.

New 2P Costumes
Complete every mission as a character with A ranking on every one of them (extremely difficult) and that character will obtain a new costume to use in 2P Battles.

Rattle Chao Toy
Win all 3 Block Canyon races.

Scene Select
Beat the story. For example, beat the Hero story and you get Scene select for the Hero story.

Shovel Chao Toy
Win all 3 Crab Pool races

Super Level on Chao Karate
Complete all three of the original difficulties in Chao Karate using the same Chao and that Chao (and that Chao only) will now have access to a Super level.

Toy Car Chao Toy
Win all 3 Mushroom Forest races.

Watering Can Chao Toy
Win all 3 Stump Valley races.

~~~~~Glitches~~~~~ [CC01-3]

2 Player speedup glitch
Double Running Speed

In a 2 player action race Sonic and Shadow can activate a glitch that will increase your running speed. To activate the glitch get between 80-89 rings, and make sure you have a speedup. when you are ready stand in front of a point marker and then press B button to activate your speedup, directly afterwards run through the gate. Your character will now run at 2x speed. To deactivate the glitch exit the level or select "No" after the race is over.

NOTE: this glitch will also cause a decrease in grinding and boarding speed.

Double Grinding and Boarding speed
In a 2 player action race Sonic and Shadow can activate a glitch that will increase your grinding and boarding speed. To activate the glitch get between 80-89 rings, and make sure you have a speedup. When you are ready stand in front of a point marker walk through and then press B button to activate your speedup as soon as the light speed shoes appear. Your character will now run at half speed, but will board and grind faster to deactivate the glitch exit the level or select "No" after the race is over.

Chao duplication
In order to do this you need both sonic adventure DX and sonic adventure 2 : battle, a link cable and a game boy advance.

Take a chao from either sonic game and put it in the chao transporter WITHOUT a game in your gameboy. When your chao is transported it will be a copy and the real one will remain in the garden you got him from. Now load up the other sonic game with your gameboy still hooked up and go to its chao garden. Go to the transporter and you will be able to get the same chao you put in the gameboy. Now you have 2 of the same chao. This trick is great if you want multiple copies of the gold and silver chao from Sonic DX.

NOTE: any animal parts of your chao will return to normal in the other garden but hero and dark chao stay hero or dark.

Infinite Ring Trick
Here is a great way to get infinite rings. Follow these steps carefully.

1. Buy any item (as expensive as you can afford)
2. Drop it in the garden.
3. Leave Chao World and Save.

Repeat Steps 4 through 6 until you're satisfied with your ring amount.

4. Go back to Chao World and get your item.
5. Take it to the Black Market and sell it.
6. Now reset your game by pressing X, B, and Start at the same time. The next time you enter the garden, the item will be there again.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#4
Invincible Amy
This only works in multiplayer. The first step is to die. Then, before you are re-spawned, hold the B-button. If you continue to hold it, you will become invincible and kill any other player you touch.

This trick only works as long as you hold the B button down. If you release it, you will lose this glitch and have to die again to regain it.

Past the Level Boundary - Chao Garden
While in the normal Chao Garden with either Sonic or Shadow, walk up to the left corner where the grass becomes rock (the one with the pond and waterfall), and start homing attacking that corner repeatedly. You will eventually leave the Chao Garden, and Sonic/Shadow will be flying above the water in the falling pose with a copy of him above him. You can now him around, and even leave the entire Chao Garden. When you leave the area, everything will turn black and purple. To return to normal, either exit, or move back against the Chao Garden.

Re-Use animals in Chao Garden
Use this trick to easily level up Chao:

1. Get an animal with the desired trait/Properties/whatever.

2. Take the Chao you wish to level up to the hero garden, and place it next to a fallen pillar, or take it to the dark garden and place it next to a tombstone.

3. Get a few steps away from the chao, face it, and drop the animal. If you did it right, the Chao will get the gains of the animal, but the animal can be picked up again. Repeat as many times as desired to max out a Chao's levels.

~~~~~Secrets~~~~~ [CC01-4]

Chao Traits
To raise a chao that is more skilled in running, swimming, flying, or strength, you must feed the chao a certain type of chaos drive while a chao is still a child. For a fast running chao, feed it more green chaos drives than any other colour of chaos drive. For a fast swimming chao, feed it more yellow chaos drives than any other colour of chaos drive. For a fast flying chao, feed it more purple chaos drives than any other colour of chaos drive. And for a stronger chao, feed it more red chaos drives than any other colour of drive. But remember! Your chao must be a child! You can tell if you've done it right, if your chao starts to grow odd extensions on the back of its head.

Chaos Chao
To get a Chaos Chao you must first have your chao reincarnate twice. Then in its third life while it’s a child give it one of every 21 kinds of animals. Only one of the same animal and don’t give it drives then have the alignment to what you want it to be. For a Hero Chaos Chao make its alignment hero for Neutral Chaos Chao make its alignment Neutral. For a Dark Chaos Chao make its alignment dark. Then wait for you chao to evolve and a Chaos chao will come out of the Cocoon.

Guaranteed 'A' rank
An alternate way to get an 'A' rank on each stage is to collect every ring in it. It should say 'Perfect' next to your ring count at the end of the level and you will have an 'A' rank.

Speed Up 2-Player Time Stop
When playing two player, if your opponent uses "Time Stop," press and hold forward on the control stick to make the time go faster.

~~~~~Mystic Melody Locations~~~~~ [CC02]

Mystic Melody is an ability every character can learn. It is used on ancient ruins, which are found in stages, and take you to a nice reward, or a lost Chao if you are playing a level on mission 3. However, it’s usually hidden and can be tricky to find. This section should help you find the location of each character’s Mystic Melody location.

Sonic --- [CC02-1]
In Final Rush, just after the 6th checkpoint, grind slowly down the pipe.
You'll spot two platforms, jump on one of them. Take the rocket, which
leads to a platform with an extra life. Now, look around, and you'll
see another platform, with an animal and a spring on it. Spring up to
another path, and follow it until you get to the upgrade.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#5
Tails --- [CC02-2]
The place is Hidden Base. At some point after the 1st checkpoint, you’ll
take a pully up to an area where you are completely surrounded by
Kiki’s. After you pass that area, go to the lower route, and bust open
4 steel boxes, revealing a room with the upgrade in it.

Knuckles --- [CC02-3]
Find it in wild canyon. Make your way to the lonely statue area, and climb
above the statue. You’ll see a painting now. Dig into the centre to
find the upgrade.

Shadow --- [CC02-4]
It is located at the Final Chase. On the area before the 4th checkpoint,
circle the gravity cylinders all the way to the top. On top of one of
them, you'll spot another gravity cylinder with an electric field
around it. Jump to that one and get to the top, and you'll spot the
upgrade on a platform.

Eggman --- [CC02-5]
In Sand Ocean, on the first spinning platform, wait for the edge you are on to
be facing west. Hover to the platform over the quicksand, and get the upgrade.

Rogue --- [CC02-6]
In Dry Lagoon, find the painting under one of the ledges in the small Oasis.
Dig into it and find the upgrade.

~~~~~Upgrade Locations~~~~~ [CC03]

~~Sonic’s Upgrades~~ --- [CC03-1]

Light Shoes
This upgrade enables Sonic to use the Light Dash. The stage is Metal Harbour. After the 1st checkpoint, you'll get to an area where you homing dash over a bunch of Beetles to get to the next ground area. From there, you'll see a pulley, take it up and get the light shoes.

Bounce Bracelet
this enables Sonic to use the bounce attack. The bracelet is in plain sight on the main path of Pyramid Cave.

Flame Ring
This allows Sonic to break metal boxes. This can be found in Crazy Gadget. Pass the 4th checkpoint and the long tube and the three Artificial Chaos. Reverse the gravity to normal with the switch, Then go backward to a spring. The ring will be up there.

Ancient Light
This enables Sonic to use the light attack. In Green Forest, it is located just before the 2nd checkpoint. Before entering the tree tunnel the lamp posts, go the lower right area of the ledge you are on. You'll spot a bombing beetle, homing attack it, then homing attack the 5 rings box, then use another homing attack to get an extra life. You will now be on the platform with the ancient light.

Magic Gloves
This allows Sonic to use the Magic Hands feature. In city escape, after the part where you run down the building, you may notice a few metal boxes in the ground. Make sure you have the flame ring and bounce bracelet, then bounce through the boxes to the room with the gloves.

~~Tails’ Upgrades~~ --- [CC03-2]

Allows Tails to hover. Find it in Mission Street, just after you ride down the collapsed road. Walk straight along the road, and at the end, go to the left and grab the booster.

Allows Tails to bust metal boxes. It is located in Eternal Engine. After the 4th checkpoint, you’ll get to a bridge with a switch at the end. If you blow up the bridge, don’t worry, the same switch is available below. Throw the switch, then get up to the door it opened. The upgrade is in there.

Laser Blaster
This makes the explosions of your bazooka larger, so they destroy all nearby enemies. Find it at the very end of Prison Lane. Destroy all the enemies in the room to make sure the jail door in the back opens. Bust the metal boxes, and the Hunters, and the upgrade is right there.

~~Knuckles’ Upgrades~~ --- [CC03-3]

Shovel Claw
This upgrade enables Knuckles to dig. It is located in Pumpkin Hill, right in front of the beginning.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#6
Hammer Gloves
This allows Knuckles to break steel boxes. Located in Death Chamber, go straight forward through the door. Break the wooden boxes and you’ll see it.

Air Necklace
To get the underwater breathing device, go to Aquatic Mine. Set the water depth to 3 with the switch at the very top room. Now, find the shaft with the Caution sign. Go down it. If you see a spring, you’re in the right place. Now, follow the path, and hurry through the underwater area until you reach the end with the necklace.

Enables Knuckles to see hidden items. Find them at Meteor Herd. Near the central tower, find the floating platform with a punchable meteor on it. Try punching the meteor into the door with a red - on it. If you did it right, the door will be open, and you’ll find a steel box inside. Punch it open with your hammer gloves to reveal a switch, which opens the floor in the central tower. Go into the tower, and fall into the floor. Don’t worry about the magma, as
you float right over it. Find the lowest platform, and the upgrade
will be right there.

~~Shadow’s Upgrades~~ --- [CC03-4]

Air Shoes
This allows Shadow to use the Light Dash. The location is White Jungle. Some time after the 3rd checkpoint, you'll make it to an area with a path of rings suspending over a cliff. To the right, you'll see a wood box. Break it, then fall to the upgrade.

Flame Ring
This allows Shadow to break steel containers. Located at Radical Highway, pretty early in the stage. After you take the pully then spring up to the higher road, you'll notice a large, spinning drum to the left. Somersault under it, then light dash to the ring.

Ancient Light
Enables Shadow's light attack. In Sky Rail, when you get to the first rocket, don't take it, but rather dash the Beetle and go onto the next ledge. Go to the edge where the Chao Crate is, and more Beetles will appear. Dash them up to the area with the upgrade.

~~Eggman’s Upgrades~~ --- [CC03-5]

Jet Engine
This enables Robotnik's mech to hover. The upgrade is located in Lost Colony. After you pass the 1st Checkpoint, you'll get to the looping room. Make your way to the upper floor using the black boxes, and you'll find the upgrade around here.

Large Cannon
Allows Robotnik to break steel boxes. The location is Weapons Bed. On the left side hangar of the beginning, blow up the dynamite on the doors. A small room with the upgrade is revealed.

Laser Blaster
Increases the explosion size of Robotnik's Large Cannon. Find it at Iron Gate. Just after the 2nd checkpoint, blow up the large tanks and the steel boxes to reveal a path to the upgrade.

Protection Armour
This increases Robotnik’s defence and health meter. In Cosmic Wall, just before Checkpoint #3, when you are falling through a room with many platforms, be sure to land on the one that has the missile. Launch it, and proceed to the platform that it went to. The upgrade is there, right under another platform.

~~Rouge’s Upgrades~~ --- [CC03-6]

Pick Nails
This allows Rouge to dig. Find it at Egg Quarters. When you get to the egg fish chamber, launch the missile to break the cages blocking a room. Go in that room, and find the upgrade behind the weight.

Iron Boots
Allows Rouge to break steel boxes. In Mad Space, go to the spherical planet (the only rocket available is the one that takes you here) and find the boots in the centre blue building.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#7
Treasure Scope
Allows Rouge to see things she couldn't see before. The upgrade can be found in Security Hall. From the beginning, take the east path, and follow it until you get to the large air conditioner. Climb up the wall, and find the ancient shrine on the ledge. Activate it, and platforms will appear, leading to a room blocked by metal boxes. Break the boxes with the iron boots and go in
to find Rouge's last upgrade.

~~~~~Dreamcast and Gamecube differences~~~~~ [CC04]

You may well be aware that Sonic Adventure 2 was previously released on the Dreamcast and that Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is a slightly changed port from the original. Many times it has been asked what the differences were between the two versions, so here they are:

1) 2P Battle
The features in 2P Battle mode have increased greatly, hence the name
Sonic Adventure 2:Battle. There are now TONS more levels to choose, and multiple characters to choose. Also, new costumes can be unlocked later in the game, and they affect the characters' performance as well as their appearance. In addition, characters that had to be unlocked in the Dreamcast version (Amy, Metal Sonic, Chaos, etc) are unlocked as soon as you turn on your Gamecube and now have different stats. Also, for reasons unknown, Big has been replaced with the Dark Chao Walker.

2. Chao Garden
The other major change of the GCN version is the features in Chao
World, which have also greatly increased. There is a new mini-game,
Chao Karate, and there tons more features in the kindergarten. There is a more complete black market, where you can buy a variety of fruit, as well as new coloured Chao Eggs. The Chao's stats are easier to view when you pick it up, or with a medical chart in the doctor's office. There is also a fortune telling house to name your Chao. And, of course, there is the ability to link to Sonic Advance on the GBA to transport Chao, as well as being able to purchase exotic Chao eggs, such as gold, silver, and jewel chao.

3) Kart Racing
New, secret karts are available. Complete the desired character's every mission to get that character a new car. If you complete all of Tails' missions, a Chao kart will be available. If you complete all of Rouge's missions, Eggrobo from Sonic and Knuckles will be available. All the other characters get new, better karts if you beat their missions.

4) Menu Themes/Voices
These were available on the DC version only for download, but on SA2B,
they come pre-loaded. Also, new themes including Amy, Omochao and
Maria's themes can be unlocked much later in the game.

5) A rank requirements
Some of the point requirements have been changed in Sonic Adventure 2:Battle from the Dreamcast version. Why? Possibly because Sega though they were too easy before. A good example of this is Eggman’s level “Cosmic Wall”, which previously needed only 53,000 points to get an A rank on mission 1. Now you need over 80,000. Mission 4 was 45,000. Now it’s 70-80,000. And mission 5 was 50,000. Now it’s 100,000.

Big the Cat
In the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, Big would make cameo appearances in some of the levels. Like is City Escape, you would see him on the sidewalk as you ran away from the GUN lorry at the end of the level. Those cameos have been removed from the Gamecube version. However, he still makes appearances in some cut scenes. All you have to do is press the A button at the right time. Pressing the A button rapidly during a cut scene is usually thought of the easiest way to make Big appear if he does.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#8
~~~~~The Missing Ring (In Metal Harbour)~~~~~ [CC05]

This seems to be a fairly common question on the board, so here it is,

During the level, there will be pulleys that lift Sonic up to the next area of the level. After the second one, stop, jump and bounce to gain a bit of height, then jump up and above the platform where the pulley was. You’ll found a sort of hidden ring on top of there.

~~~~~Themes~~~~~ [CC06]

This seems to be a common mistake on the message board. When a user buys a theme from the Black Market in the Chao Kindergarten, it is a common misunderstanding that a Theme is a character’s theme music for this game. I’m afraid it isn’t.

When you buy a theme from the Black Market, you are buying a theme you can apply in the options menu that will change the background of the game’s menu system and changes the voice of the person who says what mode you’re playing, etc.

So remember, when you buying Amy/Omochao/Maria’s theme from the Black Market, you are not buying their theme song, you are buying their menu theme. Hope that clears things up.

--------------Message Board Related--------------------------------

*~~~~~Was Shadow Hyper or Super?~~~~~ [CC07]

There has been debate on this for years now. During the final boss of this game was Shadow in a Super or Hyper form? The answer you are looking for is Super.

There are many reasons for this. The first, and the most obvious one, is that to be in a Hyper form in the Sonic series, a character needs to obtain all 7 of the Super emeralds. In this game, only the Chaos emeralds make an appearance. In fact, the Super emeralds haven’t made a second appearance since Sonic and Knuckles 3 on the Megadrive/Genesis days. So, by Sonic logic, Shadow can’t have been in his Hyper form.

Additionally, Shadow also says the following line during the final battle,

”Sonic, I can’t keep my super form up!”

I’m sure if he meant Hyper, he would have said it.

Searching on Google for evidence of it being Hyper Shadow isn’t much help either, seeing as the information and pictures Google picks up are all mostly from fan based or unofficial sites, thus meaning the person writing Shadow’s name as such are part of the “It’s Hyper Shadow” group and are wrong. Very wrong.

~~~~~Chao Related Things ~~~~~ [CC07]

Whoa! Slow down there dude! This is not the Chao Board. GameFAQs has a message board for those questions like that, so please keep them there. You can find the Chao Board by going to the Topic List, clicking Split List at the top, and when you are given a choice of three board, it’s the middle one named “Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Chao”.

Alternatively, you could just follow this link,


Or if you use Gamespot,


~~~~~Sonic TV Shows and Comics~~~~~ [CC07]

Sorry to burst your bubble if you think otherwise, but all Sonic the Hedgehog comics and cartoons (Like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic X and Sonic underground) are not part of the main story told in the Sonic games. In shorthand, most users of the board refer to them being “Non-canon”. It basically means that the comic or cartoon in question does not affect the story line that comes from the games. The studios that make the cartoons are usually just people who have bought the right to use Sega’s characters and their names in a cartoon.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#9
~~~~~Spelling and Grammar (A bit of advice)~~~~~ [CC10]

This is no huge deal, but, and you can take my word for this, if you just take a bit of your time to make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct when you post on the message board, you will gain a lot more respect from other users, and likely have your questions answered quicker.

Seems picky, I know, but the majority of the users on the message board are moody perfectionists =P

But on a more serious note, just correcting your spelling and grammar does earn you more respect from other posters. By simply showing respect to other posters, you get it in return. Fair trade, no?

~~~~~Bumping old topics~~~~~ [CC11]

This was requested to be included in the FAQ by many users.

When a topic hasn’t been posted in for a few days and is on the back pages of the board, please don’t bump it back to the top.

Unless you have something important to add or ask, bumping a topic that was on the last few pages is seen as very annoying by most of the regs and vets seeing as the topic has been finished with and doesn’t need to be brought back to the front pages.

~~~~~The Reg and Vet list [CC12]

Ok, so here’s a list of all the Regs and Vets on the board,

Haha. No. Making lists like these only causes arguments between users who think they deserve this or that title because they helped someone realise that their game didn’t work because they put it in upside down.

You’ll come to realise who is a veteran from the board and who is a regular user for yourself as time goes by. I say this because the regular and veteran users from a slow moving board like this get to know each other quite well. It’s the tight-knit community that’ll help you understand who is well known.

~~~~~Advice From Other Users~~~~~ [CC13]

Tails Ohki advices Chao Players read this page. He also says that none of the e-mail addresses on it are correct.


HyperShadowGirl says:

It’s a good idea to check the FAQs before asking a question. It’s usually quicker.

FF4_Pwnz says:

To anyone and everyone new who comes here, the vets and regs have discovered pretty much everything there is to know about this game. So just to avoid getting a lot of 'OLD'D' responses, it would be a good idea to avoid making topics about 'discovering' something in this game.

Jolt135 suggests new users look at the following links:


Apparently you’ll find things there you may not have thought possible.

Knux Chao would like to give the following advice to users. It’s a bit hard hitting, so don’t take it personally,

You're not cool.

You may know to read the FAQs before asking a question. You may know to use the Chao Board for chao-related topics. You may know that it's Super Shadow, and know exactly why it's Super Shadow.

But that doesn't make you a big shot. Knowing this stuff doesn't automatically make you better than the people who don't (well, maybe just a little), and it certainly doesn't automatically make you a respected veteran. If you go around flaming everyone who makes a simple mistake, acting like some sort of n00b-killer, you're going to look like an ass. Even if the person needs to be corrected.

So tone it down. Correct people when they're wrong, but do it tactfully. Don't go hunting for n00bs. Don't "stalk" someone who has screwed up before or has pissed you off.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. *shot*

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
13 years ago#10
~~~~~Credits and Thanks~~~~~ [CC14]

Thanks to all the below GameFAQs users who submitted codes, secrets and other information to GameFAQs.

DJ Meowth, Superboy32, GeoPrower, matthew higney, Dogg, New NoiseTank, HyperShadow87, CooLuigi, Stan Marsh, Alexpicard, Paper Ace Chase, ProtoDude, GrandmasterRemy, thejakeman, Extreme Mewtwo, MauricXe, Bendilin, Mr Biz, PaulMndz304, Hildetorr, ProtoDude, maxmouse95, Thunder Dragon.

And thanks to all the below users who helped with the construction of this FAQ.

Sonic479, FF4_Pwnz, Tails Ohki, HyperShadowGirl, morpher333, Jolt135, Knux Chao.

Additional Questions --- [CC15]

This part I can’t write out for you. Why? Because now users can also use this topic to ask questions about this game, and for help within the game. I can’t predict what you want to ask.

Just simply ask a question and I’m sure a reg or vet will come to help you shortly.
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