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User Info: yohyzo

6 years ago#1
The latest and greatest version.


There may be more versions in the future depending on feedback


Version: 1.4

Intstallation Instructions:

1)Get ppf-o-matic
2)Use it to apply patches to their respective files

Grandia2.exe (IMPORTANT! Turn off read-only before patching)
enemy.afs (in btl folder)
boss.afs (in btl folder)
xls_data.afs (in window folder)

Version history



Damage Lowered for SDS, FW, WA, BKB, WW
WA inflicts random stat down - Speed decreased
Lion's Roar +3 Atk lvl
SC cost decreased for early levels of moves
Spell damage increased to make up for loss of chant skills
Spell Mp increased
Zap All paralysis chance lowered
Tremor Ip damage increased
Meteor Strike Damage greatly increased and speed decreased
Runner is AoE
Wow is AoE
Descriptions changed to include % chance of status


Chants changed into Intelligence
Dash changed into Life Up
Life Up +25-400 Hp down from +50-800


Heavy armor DEF up
Millenia bows cause status effects
Azure Potion heals 1200 down from 1500
other minor changes

and probably some other stuff I forgot

User Info: Zalimar

6 years ago#2
I can't wait to try this. However I am having issues with the original game where I crash after the Claw of Valmar. Any suggestions?

It's good to know that there are still people who are madly in love with this game, even more than 10 years later.

User Info: yohyzo

6 years ago#3
That crash after the claw has been a problem before here's what someone else did.

Is there a way to overcome the crash that occurs after Valmar's Claw (when Roan attacks the machinery)? Happens every time. Not sure if others have the problem.

I switched from 1024x768x32 to 1024x768x16. That fixed it.

also sometimes restarting your computer helps when it crashes a lot

and here's a fix for some of the spell animations if you're having issues with that


just replace the video files in the btl folder
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