I love this game but I am so confused questions inside.

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User Info: MoonBound

8 years ago#1
Ok I love this game so far, but I was wondering what is garrets background, what happened in the other games and what kind of thief is he rob from the rich and give to the poor or something a little more sinister?

I prefer the robin hood approach but I can always pretend like I am if that is not what he is doing, I just finished the pagan area and entered the keepers library, and who are they anyway? Secret corrupt government kind of like some of the ones in rl?

And what is the deal with the factions are they both just lame? I know the hammeridans are religous fanatics and I cannot stand them smiting anyone who does not follow exactly what they do, then the pagans which I am more willing to join but they do not exactly seem sain either.

It is allot of question but I am so confused, other then that I do not see anything wrong with this game my only complaint is lockpicking should be more challenging and it would have been nice to get some stealth magic, everyone else has magic.

Thanks all.

Do not forget to give spoiler warning.

User Info: Tin_Star

8 years ago#2
The best thing to do is to buy the other two games and play them to find out the answers to each of your questions.
I will say this if you liked Deadly Shadows then you will be crazy about about the other games of Thief plus a new game of Thief is due to be out in 2011 and you should check out the Eidos Thief forms to find out even more.
I myself have been playing Thief from the first day that the first game came out and own each and every game of Thief and have played them over and over many times through the years.

Tin Star

User Info: TazmanianD

8 years ago#3

I wouldn't say Garrett is Robin Hood. Garrett really only cares about himself and doing what is in his best interest. I don't think we see much in the way of charity from him in the games. That said, he's not cruel either and wouldn't hurt the innocent if he can help it.

I'm not sure how well I can explain the Keepers but I wouldn't say they're a corrupt organization. They are a secret organization that I guess has taken it open themselves to protect the city from otherwise unknown dangers. They also possess secret knowledge of the glyphs and as such have special knowledge and power that others lack.

User Info: MoonBound

8 years ago#4
Interesting, you say he does not hurt innocents but he has arrows to snipe gaureds and other peeps, I think maybe it is more along the lines of he has to be a thief so as long as an innocent is not in his way of being a thief he wont harm them.

Kind of silly in these games where you have to be a grey guy to be a thief look at robin hood.

User Info: TazmanianD

8 years ago#5

MoonBound posted...
Interesting, you say he does not hurt innocents but he has arrows to snipe gaureds and other peeps

I guess part of the answer to your question is how you decide to play Garrett. While the story of the games says a lot about Garrett, you as the player also have some choices. I always play on the Expert setting which means I can never kill anyone. You can look at the sword and arrows as not so Garrett can kill innocents but as tools for other uses. For example, you can use the sword to cut things like tapestries or to break objects. You can use the arrows to kill creatures like spiders or to hit buttons that are otherwise out of reach. I rarely use broadhead arrows and mainly use water arrows. But I have personally always thought that having a sword and not a knife was a bit out of character for my tastes.

On the other hand, if you snipe people in the head and kill everyone you come across, then for you, Garrett is a blood thirsty murdering machine. However, you won't find Garrett killing anyone [normal] in any of the cutscenes.

User Info: MoonBound

8 years ago#6
Thanks for the answer, I never gotten a sword. But I see your point I ended up taking it back, decided it is not quite my kind of stealth game, I traded it for stolen and that game is terrible so now im trading stolen either for tron or maybe agent clank.

User Info: Foxhound3857

8 years ago#7
Garrett reminds me a lot of Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic 2. He's neither good nor evil and doesn't agree with either side of the spectrum, but instead does what's in his best interests. He will help others if a greater good is served in the process, and if he sees potential profits from said venture, but otherwise he's typically unsympathetic to any plight or good cause. That said, he's not a cruel bastard either and will not murder or do anything detrimental to the health or welfare of others just for the hell of it. He does what he does so he can live, and as a result both he and his victims (the ones he doesn't kill) are made stronger for it.

Both factions, the Hammerites and the Pagans, are extremists, and only believe in their side of ideals. So neither can be trusted on their own. If you really want to understand things you need the contrast, you need to take a look at both factions and ideals, understand them, and then decide for yourself which of them, if either, have it right.

What that means is you should probably increase your faction with both, because there is no consequence for being allies with both of them, only the benefits that come from their protection, support, and having free access to their forts and the items within (especially the healing fountain).

As for the Keepers, no they are not "evil", just deceived. They mean well but mess up badly.

Now, gameplay: Well if you play on Expert you can't kill any civillians, but you are still allowed to kill armed guards, city watch, and anything else that means you harm or would attack you, whether on sight or by provocation. If you kill a guard in a mission then it's not "really" murder, since they would attack and kill you if they so much as saw you. That's self defense in my book, whether they're killed in stealth or have their sword drawn. Killing an unarmed civllian IS murder, though.

I try to avoid killing when I can because killing a guard or thug or humanoid enemy of any kind is noisy and can easily draw unwanted attention, not just from noise but from forensic evidence, blood and corpse. Knockouts are silent, easier to hide (since nobody knows you're there yet), and much more professional. That's why I always carry gas tools for quick knockouts and make good use of the blackjack.

Also, if you want to be even more stealthy, you have noisemaker arrows which make excellent distractions if you need to get down a guarded hallway, water arrows for putting out torches (probably your most used arrow), and even broadhead arrows can make a suitable distraction if you use them to dismount a bulky object off of a table or shelf of some kind. If said object hits the floor with any sort of noise, the guards will be alerted and come investigating.

And finally, if you need to briefly neutralize a human opponent (or ratman), Moss Arrows are incredible for the job. Fire a Moss Arrow at the face/neck area of a guard and they will start choking on the moss and be unable to see or make a sound for about 15 seconds, plenty of time to get by them if they're guarding somewhere you need to go (but it will put them on alert, so exercise caution), or make a getaway if they're hot on your trail (which will make them lose you, as long as you take cover). I always keep a hefty stock of Moss Arrows on hand; they are amazing.
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User Info: TazmanianD

8 years ago#8

Foxhound3857 posted...
Well if you play on Expert you can't kill any civillians, but you are still allowed to kill armed guards, city watch, and anything else that means you harm or would attack you, whether on sight or by provocation.

With the game editor, you can actually re-enable the "Don't Kill Anyone" restriction that the developers put in the game and took out before the release. It won't show up in the mission briefing goals, but it does show up if you look up the objectives during the mission.

User Info: MoonBound

8 years ago#9
All this makes sense and I agree with you it is allot like this in real life with religions and I bet some religions if they could get away with it might be simiular, I cannot stand extremists I have beliefs but I do not believe on encrouchment on another person or there property I might encourage people do try a differant view but I will never preach I only guide and only if they want to listen.

Some people just cannot get that through there thick skull, and and it ticks me off to if people choose to believe in nothing and be misrable that is there choice you cannot force you can only show by example.
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