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8 years ago#1
Mantine loves all.
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8 years ago#2
The endless beached stretched down into infinity. The azure blue water gently licked against the shore, delivering the new sand and carting away the old, repeating the endless cycle of replacement and renewal. Above them, the sapphire sky oversaw the world, watching from its place in the heavens, casting a loving eyes upon all those who worked and wandered and loved beneath it. They had been there for some time, they hadn’t known how long, perhaps days, perhaps years, perhaps never. Still, they laid in silence, drinking in only the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore. She laid with her head in her lap, resting her feet in the water as he played with her hair and carefully stroked her cheeks.

Who were “they” you might ask? It doesn’t matter, not really. They were whomever you want them to be, they were you and yours, they were me and you, they were two completely random and insignificant individuals. Who they were wasn’t important. Their backgrounds, their histories, their stories, their reasons, their beliefs, their ideal and their lives, none of it mattered. What was important then and there was their feelings, was the love that kept them bound to one another.

She stirred slightly and rolled over, peering into his flawless eyes from his lap. She said his name, quietly, effortlessly, or maybe she didn’t even say it at all.
“Yes?” He asked her.
“How much longer do we have?”
“As long as we need.”
“Will you stay with me, here, forever?”
The man smiled a little and shook his head. He ran his hand over he forehead and drew his fingers through her hair.
“No, not forever. I’ll stay with you right now though.”
“Why not forever?” She asked with a pause.
“Because there is no forever with you. Time only matters when we’re apart. Here, holding you like this, only now do I see that it was before I knew you, that was eternity. Here, there is only now. Do you understand?”
She nodded briefly and turned herself back around. They watched as the sun dipped below the horizon and was enveloped by the ocean.

The night covered the land like a gentle blanket, and the warm summer air kept them from shivering. One by one, a hundred million stars awoke to fill the air with beauty. They remained there, still with her feet in the water, still with him stroking her hair, still peering out into infinity.

“One more thing” she asked, not turning her head to face him.
“What is it?”
“This...this is a dream, isn’t it?”
“Yes, this has always been my dream.”
“Then...must this come to an end? Must we wake, or is this...an endless dream?”
“I will keep dreaming, and if you want to, there’s no reason you have to stop either.”
“Then, will you hold onto me, until the sun rises?”
“Why, what happens when the sun rises?”
“I don’t know” she shrugged. “Maybe nothing, maybe everything, maybe it’ll never rise. But...will you hold me until then anyway?”
“I wouldn’t let go...not for the world.”

The two fell asleep in each other’s arms and drifted away. They didn’t dream though, how could they? How can one dream when one’s utmost wish has already been fulfilled? How can one ask for more than their truest desire? How can one hold out hope for more than they can possibly know? It was thus then, that the two lovers held one another, and drifted away, into eternity.
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8 years ago#3
Did Inception get you?
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