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  3. Why does Bowser always stand over a flimsy bridge
HylianFox 2 years ago#1
And why does he conveniently have an axe on the other side of said bridge
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Distant_Rainbow 2 years ago#2
Why does Wart live with a machine that generates the one thing he is weak to
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KopeofOnrac 2 years ago#3
If I were Bowser, I'd play it smart. I'd dig a bottomless pit in my castle and cover over the pit with masonry that is strong enough to support Mario's weight, but not my own. Yes, there I'll lay my trap for him.
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skater43 2 years ago#4
I'm curious about how one goes about digging a bottomless pit. :)
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Simon33333 2 years ago#6
You basically need infinite machinery.
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FortuneCookie 1 year ago#7
I always figured he had a sense of honor to him. He knows Mario can't beat him in physical combat, so he leaves some trap for himself to give Mario a fighting chance.
SirRobX 1 year ago#8
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FriggingChicken 1 year ago#9
because it's a video game
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Red4Raven 1 year ago#10
He's arrogant. He didn't think Mario would make it that far so he didn't make the bridge stronger.
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