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Alushen 4 months ago#11
Unless I’m playing some sort of challenge game, I rarely grind in NES Final Fantasy, sometimes reaching the Marsh Cave as early as level 5-6. Having that second level 3 charge of Fir/Lit2 to me, makes a big difference in fighting a horde of undead or the wizards, most other enemies can be run from or meleed. The difference with level 5 spells is more pronounced, by the time Red gets his first charge of FIR3, the black mage already has 3 charges. It makes a difference to me.

Solely based on experience, I’ve never really had a lot of success one hit defeating the higher absorb enemies with the red wizard, even sometimes only getting one hit in, of course the black mage will never one shot then, so that’s a point for Red.

Either way, I guess it comes down to preference depending on how you like to play the game, If enough leveling is done to get an adequate amount of spell charges on the Red mage, then he is superior. If you like to tackle things earlier like myself, I prefer the charges on the black mage. In the very endgame it’s a tossup, the red wizard does have more versatility and staying power , while the black wizard has level 8 spells and more ICE3 , but on a typical playthrough, especially for someone who knows the game well, how much beyond level 25 are you actually going to go?
Zhuge Liang or Sima Yi?
Brother Maynard 4 months ago#12
_Kaz posted...
Were there ever arguments for them on any of the ports? (I can't think of any...)

If you're on a port that fixes in INT bug AND has MP rather than charges, you can cast all day with a Black Mage more than a Red Mage (the mp costs are so trivial), so the offense ends up being much closer between the Red Mage's physical and the Black Mage's magical.
jayweck 4 months ago#13
If you wanna really see the difference try a solo of both. I have finished with a red wizard at level 41. The best I ever did with a black wizard was level 47. Context is what really matters. Every other character has strength and weaknesses. Red mage/wizards do not. They are average at everything which makes the the best support character. Take any 2 characters and pair them with 2 Reds and they will be helpful for the entire run no matter what the other two characters are.
The_Hacker 4 months ago#14
In most situations, red mages are better. Better melee, better armor, better HP, they can use LIFE. But if I want to get through the game quickly, one or two black mages really speeds things up. I'm not a hardcore speed runner, but I do like to get through the game faster than most. The BM has more spell points, and earlier access to spells, especially FAST. I don''t typically get FAST until after I have the airship with a RM. By that time, the BM has multiple shots of it, and access to FIR3 and BANE for getting through the Space Station. By that point, I have LIT3 so I kill Kraken. But the RM is just getting started with level 5 magic. I usually beat the game before I can learn NUKE, but if I have it, the RM falls behind the BM considerably.

Overall, the RM is ok in any situation, but a smart player knows the weaknesses and strengths of the BM and knows how to exploit those strengths to their full potential.

I would say the RM is better for beginners but if you are familiar with game mechanics you will get through the game faster with af least one BM.

FI, RM, BM, BM or FI, FI, BM, BM are 2 good parties for plowing through the game at record pace, once you get to level 5.

The BM is riskier, and any party without a WM is risky. The BM is fast and furious with death chasing you all the way. The WM is slow and safe with no worries, even in the Ice Cave. The RM is more a FI crossed with a BM. His white magic doesn't help much at all and even after class change, all he gets good is LIFE. He can never learn CUR4, LIF2, FADE, NUKE, or any of the HEAL spells.

The best overall party in my opinion is FI, FI, WM, BM.
The 2nd best overall is FI, FI, RM, BM.
The best for speed is FI, TH, FI, BM. (Very risky)
The best for surviving is FI, RM, WM, WM. (Very slow)
The best for low level is FI, FI, RM, RM

So it depends on your play style.
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