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mninp 1 month ago#1
What an amazing game. The original FF game is a classic RPG experience that still holds up. While overall much simpler in execution than later games in the series, the lack of any cutscenes makes for a better paced game than some of the later ones. While it doesn’t reach even close to the highs of other games in the series, it doesn’t really do anything wrong either. This is a quintessential old school JRPG experience that (in my opinion) kicks the crap out of the early DQ games from that era.

Total game time to 100% was 20 hours and 37 minutes. Main story was 17 hours and 57 minutes. It took me two and a half hours to find the Warmech. The other rare encounters I found on accident so I didn’t even have to look for them.

I have now beaten the PSP version, the PS1 version and the Pixel Remaster. I still think the PS1 version might be my favorite. I think I would recommend the Pixel Remaster to a new player over any of the others because it has the best combination of QOL additions while still keeping the old school spirit of the original, but the PS1 version is just more difficult, and as a big RPG fan I prefer that. It’s been a while since I beat the PS1 version, but the Pixel Remaster got extremely easy in the second half of the game. Once you get past Mt Gulg and the Ice Cave, there’s really nothing challenging at all outside of Chaos and Warmech. The Sunken Shrine is SO BORING, you one shot everything and it’s insanely long. The Flying Fortress isn’t hard either, but at least the FF has great atmosphere leading up to the Tiamat fight (my favorite of the four fiends). Chaos is an awesome boss fight. I do think that a lot of the bosses in this game should have gotten more up upgrades, because one of the things I don’t like about FF1 (and this is all versions) is that bosses go down way too easily, in like three or four rounds. Most of the time you don’t even need to heal, you just destroy them. They should have been buffed up more, or have them attack twice each round like FF3 DS did. Still, I get it, FF1 is not a very complex game, the more interesting bosses come later in the series.

My one big complaint though with the Pixel Remaster is honestly the soundtrack. I’m not a fan of some of the new tunes. The PSP version did it the best (it’s literally the only thing I like about the PSP version). Imo they ruined the town theme, it sounds too flute-y in this version. There was a lot more string usage in the PSP version and it made it sound more emotional. I feel like the PSP OST oozed dark emotional atmosphere, whereas the Pixel Remaster songs have more of a fantasy elvish feel to them, a lot of wind instruments and whatnot (Mt Gulg has a bit of a middle eastern feel to it).

I know I talked about a lot here, but the game is still fresh in my mind since I just finished getting all the achievements. This is a classic game that’s just really hard to put down once you get into it. And even though I slightly prefer the PS1 version, I do think this is the definitive version of the game. I’m excited to do some challenge runs in the future.

On to FF2 next. I have beaten FF2 on the PS1 only, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the story and soundtrack to death, but the combat is the worst in the series. I’ve always said that if the combat was like FF1, it would be one of the best in the series, and I mean that, that’s how much I love the story and soundtrack. I’m excited to see what improvements and/or changes they’ve made. No spoilers please.
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Fogsprig 1 month ago#2
Good luck with FF2, but I found its remaster a little dull.
mninp 2 weeks ago#3
I know it’s been about a month since I made this topic, but I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 2 and I need to rant a bit. Never in my life have I had such mixed feelings about a videogame. Playing this game feels like I’m in an abusive relationship. I constantly go back and forth on whether it’s one of the best games in the series or the absolute worst. The range of emotions that I feel while playing this game is just…all over the place. I have so many thoughts on Final Fantasy 2 and I hope can explain them all properly.

Keep in mind that this is my second time through this game. I beat the PS1 version a few years ago. So I was excited to get back into it with this remaster and see how it holds up and/or has been improved.

First off, Final Fantasy 2 is a gorgeous game. I can’t really explain what I mean by this because I’m not just speaking about the graphics. I mean everything, the tone, the atmosphere, the music, the whole “vibe” of the game, it’s just beautiful. The story in this game is much darker and more mature than the first one. Out of every single game in the series, Final Fantasy 2 might have the least amount of cheesy elements to it, I mean this story is DARK. Death and destruction is around every corner, and the amazing OST really helps in keeping that theme going throughout the game. The town theme is incredible and depressing, the overworld theme is depressing, the battle theme is so epic that it sounds like a boss theme, newly every track in this game is amazing and it’s one of my favorite OSTs in the franchise.

This Final Fantasy is also the one that started so many tropes going forward. Cid, Chocobos, Behemoths, Malboros, Bombs, etc…this game just FEELS like a Final Fantasy game in spirit, whereas the first game doesn’t quite feel like a fully fleshed out FF game yet. I mean if you take the story of FF2, it actually feels a lot like FFXII’s story, just, in my opinion, much better told than FFXII. Final Fantasy 2 also starts the trope of the main villain dying and being reborn as some undead zombie creature kind of thing. Speaking of the main villain, The Emperor is underrated and is easily one of the best villains in the franchise. What an evil, psychotic SOB. He doesn’t get talked about nearly as much as he should. The story and the villain are so much better than the reputation that this game has.

Because of all of this, I think that FF2 is one of the most important games in the franchise, and I think it’s incredible how good this game was at the time of its release. As I’m playing I’m just constantly amazed at how far ahead of its time this game was.

All this being said…this game also frustrates the hell out of me. And it’s a damn shame because this could easily be my favorite game in the series. It’s so ambitious. But in my personal opinion, I think the game got a bit too ambitious for its own good. First off…the world map. I really hate the world map in this game and how the cities and towns are spread out…they’re not. You have your “home base” (Altair), which already is really weird for an RPG. And you cosntnatlh keep going back there which is pretty annoying. But not only that, there’s like five or six different towns that are all within a short walking distance from the first town, and you visit all of them within the first few hours of the game. The beginning of this game is so disorganized and all over the place, it’s so odd. I’ve never seen a world map laid out like this. In FF1 You go on an adventure. You visit a town, go through the cave, fight the boss, save the town, and go to the next area. You know…like an RPG. FF2 doesn’t do any of that. And that’s because FF2 really isn’t an adventure game. You’re not on some kind of epic journey, no, none of that. This is a mission based game. You receive your orders, you go and do the mission, then you go back to Altair and receive your next mission. There is no sense of grand epic adventure in this game. It doesn’t feel like I’m traveling the world. And all those towns…they all kind of sell the same stuff, just with a few different magic spells. It’s so weird, to visit so many towns in such a short amount of time. It’s like the game has major pacing problems. Again, I’ve never heard of this type of structure in an RPG before, and it makes the early hours of the game not very exciting to want to play.

But getting past all that, here’s my main problem with the game. The magic system. Oh my god, the magic system. I actually like the level up system in this game. It doesn’t always work, but it’s different and unique and I like when FF takes risks. But the magic system here is, in my opinion, just as bad, of not worse than, the junction system in FFVIII. I just don’t wanna stand there and use random spells when I don’t need to every turn just so I can level them up because I want to save them for later. It’s so damn tedious. In FF1, one of my problems was that at a certain point in the game you can just mash the attack button to victory, and it makes every encounter boring and uninteresting. FF2 does the exact opposite. Every encounter is extremely exhausting. I mean sure, you could theoretically just mash attack to win, but I want to level up my spells, I want to use the mechanics that were put into the game for the full experience. What’s the point of playing the game if I’m not gonna use its mechanics? Like it or not, the magic system is a huge part of the game. And yeah there are certain spells that I want to level up. I like having an arsenal. And I have to admit, it IS satisfying trying to strategize and think about which spells to level up now and which ones to save later, and who to give what spell and etc…there’s an element of strategy there that I like. The problem is, that after a handful of encounters, it just becomes exhausting. And these dungeons are LONG. And PAINFUL. These dungeons are so long that they make me question why I’m even playing this game in the first place. Like…they’re not fun. At all. And because this game is mission based, it basically becomes a dungeon crawler as you literally go from one dungeon to the next. There’s like twice as many dungeons in this game as there were in the first. And it’s just not fun.

So as you can see, I go through a range of mixed emotions while playing this game. I can boot it up and marvel at how great the story is and the soundtrack and really start to enjoy leveling up my magic. And it’ll make me think “you know…this game is so underrated, it really is an amazing game”. And an hour later when I’m knee deep in a dungeon I’ll be going “this just isn’t fun…this is terrible, who would enjoy this?”.

That’s pretty much my FF2 experience. I’m not about 18 and a half hours into it (which means I’ve already surpassed my FF1 time), and I’m currently in the middle of doing Mysidian Tower, but I warped out because I couldn’t take it anymore. This game is both amazing but dreadful at the same time. I really don’t know how to feel about it. I have immense amounts of respect and love for it, but I just don’t enjoy playing it.

Speaking of which version of the game I like better, I honestly prefer the PS1 version. The Pixel Remaster has this really annoying bug where status effects hit 100% of the time when an enemy would normally just “have a chance” to inflict it. This can cause your whole party to be stunlocked to death. It’s happened to me a few times already. And I really don’t like how you gain hp even when you haven’t been hit, it’s caused my entire party to have severely overinflated hp pools, like I’m in the 3000’s now like wtf. I feel like I can’t ever lose at this point unless I’m bulls*** stunlocked. Whereas in the PS1 version I always felt like the game was putting the pressure on me. If this game is gonna be tedious and repetitive, at least be difficult.
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beege_man 2 weeks ago#4
I completely agree. I hate FF2's world map so much. Everything you said is spot on. I think I was very willing to overlook the frustrating parts, so I ended up liking the game overall and enjoyed playing it, but your complaints are so true. (I played the PS1 version)
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CranberryPSO 2 weeks ago#5
I agree that the magic grinding is annoying. The sheer amount of times you have to cast spells to level them up is rather frustrating.

The other stuff you mentioned didn't personally bother me, but you're far from alone on the opinion. I seem to go against the grain on FF2 a bit. But I understand your complaints for sure.
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You just took me down memory lane. As you’re describing the good stuff about it, I’m thinking I really need to play this again soon, but the bad parts (which I didn’t hate as much as you) gave me a reason to hold off.

I think the magic leveling definitely was excessive. I had fun playing with limited magic use. I treated them all as choices, kind of like when you apply skill points in a game. You can diversify to get more, but weaker, choices in battle, or you can go all out in one category but have less options. Leveling all spells to max would be absolutely horrible in this game.

The only spell I used the glitch on was esuna. I wanted to cure stone, and somehow didn’t need to cure poison like 300 times before that, how strange, right? :)
mninp 2 weeks ago#7
I just finished the Leviathan which to be honest was actually pretty cool. But it was bittersweet because it took me ALMOST THREE HOURS to do Mysidian Tower. And this is exactly what I’m talking about. The dungeon just never ended. And it took me four trips because this damn Brain enemies kept taking all my MP away. The Brains, the Malboros, and the Parasites just made going through that dungeon absolutely miserable. And don’t get me started on the Black Flans. Sometimes I feel like this game is just trying to piss you off by making every battle as long and as tedious as possible.

Three hours to complete a dungeon. That’s absolutely ridiculous. If it’s the last dungeon in the game I can understand that, final dungeons in FF games are always a grind. But this is a mid game dungeon. It shouldn’t take that long. And there wasn’t even any boss at the end of it.

Now I have to go through that tower to get the Ultimate Tome. And honestly, I’m dreading it. It has like 12 floors. I just don’t want to do this lol. It’s just miserable dungeon after miserable dungeon. The Leviathan part was awesome, and it dungeon took me literally 15 minutes to beat. Give me more sections like that. Short and sweet. A dungeon should take around an hour, maybe an hour and a half at the most. Not three hours.

I think I’m gonna take a break from this game. Again…abusive relationship. That’s exactly what this is. I love so many things about it but I hate it at the same time. I think I have a bit of Stockholm syndrome with it to be honest. I found a Behemoth in the wild near Mysidia and I freaked out so much that I took a screenshot of it. I don’t know why I did that, it just looked so cool, and I think I’m just looking for any sort of exciting feeling while playing it.

Yeah I definitely need a break lol. The desire to beat it to get to FF3 is so strong because I’ve never played the original 2D version of FF3, I only played the DS version with it’s terrible made up characters and childish tone. I’m really excited to see how much FF3 improves in my eyes in the Pixel Remaster. Same goes for FF4 actually, I’ve never played the 2D version before.
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DamageInc 2 weeks ago#8
I played FF2 GBA a while ago, mostly out of interest of how it influenced the SaGa games (it's sort of like SaGa 0.) I don't remember being that impatient with it, but I also just forgot to finish it sometime near the final boss. I think it had a lot of formative concepts for both FF and SaGa, but as a game I wasn't that hooked. I think FF1 and FF3 are a lot more playable.
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