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pugsly8422 2 months ago#1
I was inspired by Beege to do this challenge almost 2 years ago. After taking out the 4 fiends COVID-19 hit and took me away from the game for a while. When I came back, I found out the thread had been archived :(

Here is the original thread: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/522595-final-fantasy/78794025

I'm not continuing that challenge for two main reasons....I'd like to see how much further I can make it by stat maxing Strength and Vitality and the simple fact that my phone was wiped clean and I lost it :(


1) No class change unless it is determined the challenge cannot be completed and CC is the most difficult way to upgrade and have a chance to complete the challenge.
2) No magic spells whatsoever.
3) No magical items unless it is determined the challenge cannot be completed and it is determined that adding in items (such as the white shirt and/or heal staff) provides some chance.
4) I'm playing the original NES version on an emulator, no save states.
5) After the grueling challenge last time, I've decided to do my best to stat max Strength and Vitality to see if it makes any difference.

I've started and got everyone their Small Daggers and Cloths, and bought a few heals.

Here is the party:

CranberryPSO 2 months ago#2
Good luck.

Not to discourage you or anything, but isn't this challenge going to be kind of boring? If you're not allowed to use magic and not allowed to use magic items either, what strategy is there other than grinding until you are strong enough to beat things with regular attacks? About the only other thing you can do in battle is toss potions around. There doesn't seem to be any real decisions to make other than "Have I grinded enough?".
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Jay_Shaw 2 months ago#3
Good luck on restarting this harrowing challenge, pugsly8422! I read through the thread you linked to, and based on your documentation of that playthrough, it sounds like you are probably going to need to allow the use of magical items, class change, or possibly both if you want to complete this challenge....


beege_man 2 months ago#4
Good luck! Good to see you back at this. Given that you are trying to stat max, you may want to allow save states just to make the stat maxing go a bit easier. All it does is save you time. A LOT of time.
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pugsly8422 2 months ago#5
First things first, if I'm going to stat max, there's no way I can deal with hoping for 4 characters to get lucky on level 2 (only Int is guaranteed) by getting both Strength and Vitality.

First thing I did was make a run to the Temple of Fiends to grab the Cap and gave it to Mimi. It took about 12 tries before I made it back without anyone dying (have to preserve gold at this point).

I fought imps until I was within single digits of gaining a level and then began using my small daggers as items until 1 mage remained. I then tried to run.....and run.....and run until I was killed. It took me 2 more tries before I was able to get away in time. Now that Mimi is the only remaining mage, I feel like the real gruel begins.

I only have 36gp, and am struggling to take out more than 3 imps at once. So the first challenge is to get a fight with 3 imps. Once that is accomplished I have to defeat them and hope for 2 non-guaranteed increases.

After about an hour of resetting I finally got the Strength and Vitality increases, as well as a much needed strong hp level.

Now with 54gp, as long as I can take out 4 imps per Inn trip, I should be able to easily make it to level 3. Luckily Vitality is guaranteed for level 3, so hopefully it won't take long to get Strength, but first let's kill some imps!

I managed to kill 3 imps pretty easily and 4 a few times. 5 is just too much right now. I got down to 6gp at one point and couldn't fight 3 imps because I wouldn't have enough for a stay at the Inn, and 5 was still too difficult. Mimi eventually got 4 imps and, surprisingly, took them out fairly easily. This got her within one fight of level 3 so I saved and went out for some more imping.

This would have been much easier if I had some extra funds, but I was literally at 0gp, so no choice but to get at least 30gp from this fight, as well as the non-guaranteed Strength level. I was lucky enough to fight a grimp (18gp) and get the Strength stat, but my next fight against 4 imps was too much and they took me out. The next try was against 5 imps (the fight I was hoping for) and eventually I was down to single digit hp's versus 2 imps. I attacked and took one down (he was already partially hurt from the previous round) and the other one knocked Mimi down to 3 hp's. Luckily Mimi went first on the next round and.....hit a whopping 3! I figured it was over here, but the imp missed on it's next turn and Mimi finished him off while getting the Strength level.

Mimi now sits at level 3 with no gold. The plan is to get Mimi to level 5 and then revive the other characters one at a time until they reach level 5 so that the higher level characters can help speed up the process. This will also put a small amount of experience between each character so that I can level them one at a time in the future instead of killing them off beforehand.
CranberryPSO 2 months ago#6
Oh wow. That sounds really brutal. Are you going to have to due that RNG rolling every level up the whole run? This run may be a test of your patience more than anything else.
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beege_man 2 months ago#7
I think I would have skipped stat maxing on the first level because it's so brutal with limited HP on needing gold for those Inn stays and revives. Get everyone a strong HP up and double the fights you can survive and then start worrying about stat maxing. I'd probably stick with two characters alive for that 2nd level up as well since its only Str that is needed it wouldn't take too long to get that on two of them. Once everyone is level 3, then start staggering everyone's xp further and further apart.
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Jay_Shaw 2 months ago#8
Not a bad start - getting those first few critical levels sounds like it was a real pain....

pugsly8422 2 months ago#9
CranberryPSO - you are 100% correct, this is a boring challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. Grinding and hoping for criticals is pretty much the only strategy other than putting characters in certain spots and equipping them certain ways based to maximize your chances of success. I suppose more strategy is highly likely to come into play later in the game when I will have to either class change, or lighten the challenge by introducing some additional items like the white shirt/heal staff.

As far as stat maxing, I have only stat maxed when doing solo's in the past, so I'm thinking "brutal" is probably putting it nicely. I'm hoping that by staggering their experience, it will make it somewhat more doable, but I'm dreading every level where they need 2 non-guaranteed increases.

Jay_Shaw - thanks! Yes, I doubt this is going to be possible without class change, magical items, or possibly both. I'm hoping stat maxing Strength and Vitality makes a difference, but I'm not counting on it because some of those fights with Kraken and Tiamat weren't even close at level 50. That doesn't even take into account the tougher fiends in the TOFR.

Those first 2 levels for Mimi were a real pain. I feel like the remainder of the game should be a cakewalk after that! Lesson learned.....don't buy quite as many heals next time and save that extra cash for Inn stays!

beege_man - I thought about save states, but in my mind it's not a true challenge unless you can do it as though you're playing on the original NES. Honestly, it may come to the point later in the game when it is time to level up somewhere that I can save and everything is running from me. I feel like as long as I am able to only level 1 character at a time, it should keep me (fairly) sane!

I definitely didn't want to skip stat maxing on the first level because, well, it's the beginning of the game and I don't feel I'm at the point where I would say....crap, I messed this up, but I'm so far in I can't start over, oh well. I want to try and keep it "perfect" for as long as possible because I don't want to be near the end and second guess myself wondering if that extra Strength or Vitality would have made a difference. I'm doing something similar to what you recommended.....going to level Mimi up to 5, then revive someone and level them up to 5 (by then Mimi will be a level or two higher), then revive a third character once the previous one hits level 5, and then the last. Once the final character is level 5, I'll go after Garland. I could probably do it at level 4 due to the strong HP level, but 5 will help put a little extra experience between each character and make it easier when leveling up later.

beege_man 2 months ago#10
Makes sense, enjoy the grind! At least as much as you can. heh Gamify it if you can somehow for yourself. Chip away at it over time. Try to stay sane. =)
L44 482/482 9/9/9/8/8/8/8/7 Int/MDef: 58/106
HDCEA: 116-111-106/51-53-46/3-4-6.5/83/43(37) Resist: Ice/(Fire)/(Lit)/Death AtkElem: Ice-Fire-Coral
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