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gameenjoyer 1 month ago#311
So, it looks to me like the quartet of Dano, Jack, Scrappy, and Sorrell are the ones who need spell charge restoration the most. If I recall correctly, Scrappy is being temporarily retired the instant he gets to a good stopping point, so him leaving would be a bad idea since we may need everybody we can get down in the Scather room soon enough. As such, my proposal would be for Dano, Jack, and Sorrell to leave and rest. With only three of them out, they could all go back down in the same barrel and would not have to be separated at all for the trek back to the Scather room, which would help them conserve resources during the return trek. Jack is willing to contribute his spell charges toward healing others before leaving if this plan is put into action, and I know from past experience healing spells can be turboed outside of battle as well as in it, so Jack's five healing charges could be turboed with higher level charges to maximize the amount of healing he could do.
Charles ask her if she has a map. Her eyes light up. Before they can say much further, they have to fight off some monsters, that done she holds up her hands to stop Charles. Opens her purse and takes out the map of the Aldi sea. This map shows Melmond, but doesn't really show anything west of it. Charles mentions this doesn't have anything to the west of Melmond and she nods. She takes his hand and guides him back to town to the inn.

She sits down in the lobby and pulls out a slip of paper and crayons she had bought during her journey and starts drawing on the paper.

She quickly does a sketch, and then shows it to Charles.


It's pretty crude, and Charles gets the idea it's probably not quite to scale, but it certainly gets the general idea across. She's clearly been taught at least basic map-making skills. She's even included a key about the terrain as if she had made this for geography class. Charles gets the impression what she has labeled as "trees" are probably actually small forests located on the continent. Being from Melmond, she certainly seems to have been taught what the basic geography of the surrounding area is.

She hands the paper to Charles and looks at him with eager eyes that are almost begging for his approval.

She also takes a nap at the Inn while Charles tends to some business.

Formal Commands:
Draw crude map for Charles.
Rest at Inn.
Will accept random encounter or quest alongside Charles.
If Random Encounter attack Giant1.
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-Arithon is up for a tour but resting might also be good as well.
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Amo387 1 month ago#314
[Still can't get over an entire update being able to fit in one post sometimes.

Couple thoughts real quick from my phone that came to mind immediately...

Dano is very well suited to playing tank even if he's out of magic, and hits decently hard if he has to resort to physical attacks. He also has one ICE3 and 1-2 LIT3s left (depending on who you want to rely on for casting EXIT).

Scrappy wouldn't be able to contribute much in any fight that happens in that room. They can cast ICE once, and LOK2 thrice, and don't know any L4 spells, according to my notes.

Can the second layer of poison from Bikke attacking me and Undine be cured, or can no poison attacks be cured on us?]
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Maybe cast exit or warp on the scather squad, or maybe the scather itself

Sora: Meet up with Reinbach, head back to Crescent Lake to ask the sages if they know where somebody named Charles could possibly be(hopefully the muscle will let me pass)

I will entrust my gold with Reinbach in case she asks for it again(also, this is still my first quest and I am already searching for one of the best weapons of the base game lol)
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des223 1 month ago#316
Amo387 posted...
Dano is very well suited to playing tank even if he's out of magic, and hits decently hard if he has to resort to physical attacks.

[More thoughts to come, but I agree with @Amo387 - Dano would want to stick around and has the durability to do so.]
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Mirrorclaw 1 month ago#317
Mirrorclaw waves his Mage Staff. Then start attacking R. SAHAG1.
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Busy tonight and tomorrow and don't know if I will have the time to math it out, as far as who should get how many of which healing spells. Might have time Wed morning? If someone else finds that stuff fun they can allocate my charges and I can just rubber stamp it.
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beege_man 1 month ago#319
[I was going to suggest that Jack, Scrappy, Sorrell, and Slade EXIT out, but the problem is... they may not be able to get back down to this room safely at their current power level (and minus Scrappy if he goes into retirement). Although... Scrappy, Slade, and Sorrell could all really use a magic shopping spree which would help a lot. They've got a ton of magic charges they can't currently utilize. Perhaps they should go on a whirlwind magic buying trip via WARP?]

"Hey guys, better get healed up, we've got company..."

*Obsidian continues watching the door, preparing to face whatever is coming
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Qazitory 1 month ago#320
[I didn't have too much trouble running in alone last time thanks to Doublecasting, but that was just for one floor until I united with the team. Still, with three others we shouldn't have too hard of a time.

Would definitely support being EXITed out, though - right now all Sorrell can do is wave the Zeus Gauntlet pretty much. I could at least buy ICE3 in anticipation of casting the Spell successfully later.]
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