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[Feel free to override any of this, just figured I should try to put something in.]

provisionals :

prebattle - Selene casts Cur2 twice on Falx and once on Arithon

battle -
Falx attacks Mancat2
Selene attacks Catman1
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DQC Fusion Chart - docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yMWTlcmB6a9NJhGd78nMm6FVxOcLB18sRjeMiuBnfPk
Rocco attacks the SHADE?!
Sorry folks, been a rough few days.

confirm conditionals
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Beating up monsters would definitely clear his head, and he needed Cranberry's expertise for something anyways. Charles mused as the Pedes approached, given how many legs they had; if such a creature was to learn kicks they would no doubt be a force to be reckoned with.

Charles attacks PEDE1
Charles, Lvl18 Black Belt 191/328HP
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RavenousRabbito posted...
Beating up monsters would definitely clear his head, and he needed Cranberry's expertise for something anyways. Charles mused as the Pedes approached, given how many legs they had; if such a creature was to learn kicks they would no doubt be a force to be reckoned with.

Charles attacks PEDE1
This made me think of something

PEDE: Kicks Charles for 999-hits 999-damage
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(edited 1 month ago)
AstralEsper 1 month ago#276
[Yeah, maybe another Sleep from Renquist if he's still amenable.

Undine will attack Bikke again.

(Another interesting idea would be single-target attack spells if anyone has any. Or confuse.]
DarthCansupes 1 month ago#277
[Next update will be Monday!]

Barracks Training I

Sora: Moves into a defensive stance
TYRO: 1-Hit 97-Damage against Bob
Bob: 2-Hits 99-Damage against TYRO. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 3386 experience and 251 gold
[Bob 180/373, Sora 67/223]

"Sometimes the hardest fight is against yourself," Bob noted. "Other times it's against a fifty-foot tall dinosaur. Either way, you've proven your mastery of the art of defense. Always remember to use your armor for protecting your vital spots and precious internal organs, not for decorating shrines to getting punched in the face. And when you're ready to learn more techniques, there is a great warrior in Melmond who can teach you further. Be warned, his style is unorthodox, but in general he is a good fighter and you can learn much from him. Also, Melmond is incredibly dangerous right now, as it's supposedly been completely overrun by monsters, so don't go there alone or even in just a small group!" With a satisfied nod, he doused Sora with a round of potions and wished him well.

Sora is now L9! +29HP, Str Agi Vit Luk
Sora is now L10! +29HP, Str Agi Int Vit Luk

[Barracks Training I complete! You are in the Dwarven Village and may enter commands as you wish.]

Bear Claw

Mirrorclaw: Critical! 5-Hits 497-Damage against GATOR1. Terminated. Bearserk!
GATOR2: 2-Hits 2-Damage against Mirrorclaw
GATOR2: 2-Hits 10-Damage against Mirrorclaw
Mirrorclaw: 5-Hits 485-Damage against GATOR2. Terminated. Bearserk x2!
Victory: Party members gain 1632 experience and 1800 gold
[Mirrorclaw 620/632]

Making it across the large lake, Mirrorclaw trudged into the forest, intent on reaching his ship as quickly as he could.

[COBRA123 remain.]

Crescent Lake

Cranberry buys a local map (50g)

The map Cranberry was able to obtain here showed most of the region from the volcano named Gurgu down to the Ryukahn desert south of the city. There was a sort of placeholder further north of Gurgu that said "Ice Cave," but whatever path led to that was not drawn out in detail. When she looked quizzically at the shopkeeper, he nodded. "It's a winding set of rivers heading up that way," he explained. "Very confusing, hard to get down on paper apparently. Plus some folks collapsed the tunnel leading into the cave up there anyway, so not much point in going there unless you just think mountains're nice."

PEDE1: 1-Hit 29-Damage against Cranberry
Cranberry: 2-Hits 101-Damage against PEDE2
PEDE2: 1-Hit 23-Damage against Cranberry
Charles: Critical! 4-Hits 176-Damage against PEDE1
Charles: 3-Hits 106-Damage against PEDE1. Terminated.
PEDE2: 1-Hit 40-Damage against Charles
Cranberry: 3-Hits 146-Damage against PEDE2. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 2388 experience and 300 gold
[Cranberry 337/389, Charles 245/285]

[You are in Crescent Lake and may enter commands as you wish. If you'd like another random encounter, BULL12 TROLL remain. It is also possible to start Battle of the Oars if you'd like to begin progress on that while Mirrorclaw is on the potion errand.]

Let's Get Kraken

Selene: Casts Cur2 on Falx for 82 HP
Selene: Casts Cur2 on Falx for 76 HP
Selene: Casts Cur2 on Arithon for 60 HP

O'Shea: Misses against MANCAT1
MANCAT1: Casts Fir2 for O'Shea-99 Kojak-25 Selene-30 Falx-31 Arithon-51
MANCAT2: Casts Slep on Kojak Falx Arithon
Kojak: Zzz
Falx: Wakes up!
Arithon: Zzz
Selene: Critical! 3-Hits 405-Damage against CATMAN1. Terminated.
CATMAN2: 1-Hit 1-Damage Poison against Kojak
[O'Shea 101/200, Kojak 562/703p Slep, Selene 311/482 9/8/5/7/5/6/6/5/1, Falx 267/407, Arithon 299/414 Slep 9/8/7/7/6/7/6/6/1]
[MANCAT12 CATMAN2 remain.]

It was an unfortunate start to the battle, but hopefully the group would manage to recover and finish the monsters without taking any casualties.

Deep Beneath the Waves

[Game: the event rewards have yet to be distributed - I've been holding till this room could be resolved so as not to ruin any monetary rewards by taking them away after potentially killing everyone.]

Rocco: 4-Hits 342-Damage against SHADE?
Dano: Critical! 5-Hits 560-Damage against SHADE?. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 1035 experience and 428 gold [Slade, Ramza, and Scrappy gain 2070xp]
[Slade 330/331 Ruse 0/3/0/3/4/3/2/0, Rocco 703/703, Dano 409/586 Sabr 1/6/0/7/4/2/1/0, Jack 419/447 0/1/2/0/3/2/3/1, Obsidian 474/474 Forc50 9/8/8/5/7/4/2/2, Ramza 268/319, Scrappy 178/179 0/1/3/2/0/0/0/0]
[Nielic 0/725 2/9/0/9/0/0/0/0,Renquist 0/629 8/7/6/6/3/2/3/0, Pogs 0/540, Max 0/469 0/7/5/6/3/4/0/3/1, Keelan 0/372 9/7/5/4/4/3/1/0, Sorrell 0/358 2/0/5/0/0/0/0/0]

With a final lunge, Dano slashed through the dangerous shade, and it lost the last of its ability to hold even a barely-corporeal form. Moments passed, and Jack and Scrappy didn't drop dead as the others had - perhaps the long nightmare was over. At least in part... Guy, Undine, and XScorpion, as well as Renquist's dead body, were still huddled around the Scather, all unresponsive. Whatever they were going through was unknown to the group at large, who could only hope for their recovery and survival, unless they were willing to put themselves potentially even further into harm's way by joining XScorpion and Renquist in touching that hated sword.

More immediately, though, they also had several of their friends' bodies to deal with - adding in those clutching the sword, just over half their total number was currently dead or otherwise incapacitated. Not a particularly successful endeavor, but at least some of them remained to begin with what healing they could provide.

[Recovery time! You may enter commands as you wish. As any of the dead characters are brought back they can as well, of course.]


Guy: Critical! 2-Hits 146-Damage against BIKKE. KYZOKU6 takes the blow! Terminated.
Undine: 4-Hits 248-Damage against BIKKE. KYZOKU8 takes the blow! Terminated.
Xscorpion: 5-Hits 468-Damage against BIKKE. KYZOKU9 takes the blow! Terminated.
KYZOKU4: Wakes up!
KYZOKU3: Wakes up!
BIKKE: 1-Hit 1-Damage Poison against Renquist
KYZOKU7: Wakes up!
Renquist: Casts Slep on KYZOKU3 KYZOKU4 KYZOKU5
Poison damage: Renquist 31, Guy 27, Undine 40
Regen: Xscorpion 29
[Renquist 522/629pp Invs x2 6/7/4/6/3/2/3/0, Guy 378/540p Invs x2 8/8/2/7/1/5/0/0, Undine 290/413pp Invs x2 3/8/1/4/0/5/4/0, Xscorpion 590/595 Invs x2, Pogs? 0/400]
[BIKKE KYZOKU3457 remain.]

The rumbling that had shaken them all to their very cores seemed to have passed… no doubt everything was fine, then.

Undine and Renquist's plan to keep Bikke's pirate minions locked down with the Judicar's repeated Sleep spells appeared to be working. So far Bikke had yet to whistle for more backup, and with any luck it would only be a matter of time before one of their attacks could get through and finish him off. Hopefully they wouldn't be too full of poison to enjoy the victory...
beege_man 1 month ago#278
[I'm torn on what to do here. In character we have no idea what is going on inside the sword or if anything is going on at all anymore. For all we know they're all dead or permanently unconscious or possessed. We're also almost out of resources and can't stand around here forever. I almost feel like we need to take a trip back up to the surface, but I really hate to abandon them.]

*Obsidian offers up all but 2 of his HiPots if they're needed for party healing
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XScorpion 1 month ago#279
I can't help but notice that all the Kyzokus who jumped in the way were not sleeping
Attack Bikke
[lol. Well, s***. Sorry about that. I knew you were right about Mancats being much more dangerous, and I did consider doubling up, but it still felt extreme. I'll definitely try to take things like status magic into consideration in the future, and risk overkill as opposed to leaving the more dangerous enemies alive. I also didn't think about the fact that Selene would be unlikely to be affected with her Ribbon, so I still should've had her targeting Mancats, and (if I put anyone at all on the Catmen) put Falx on the Catmen. I was just thinking about damage potential, although all three of us should be OHKO'ing both of these enemies regardless.

Anyway...at least Falx woke up, so we should still hopefully be okay with Falx and Selene both targeting a separate Mancat. I'll still have O'Shea target one, though I don't expect that to matter much. Even in a worst case scenario, as long as Selene doesn't fall, we should still be relatively safe here, it'll just take longer than it probably should have (which is totally my fault, though it still would've taken a second update to get through things, but Selene could've killed a Mancat instead of a Catman).]

O'Shea targets Mancat1
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