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User Info: CranberryPSO

4 weeks ago#361
She sees Mirrorclaw jumping into battle, but not before giving her a Hi-Potion. She drinks it and readies her axe. She decides on her plan.

Formal Commands:
Accept healing from Mirrorclaw's Hi-Potion.
Round 1:
Attack StarWYVERN2.

Additional Rounds:
If more than 90 HP of damage has been sustained, drink Hi-Potion.
Attack StarWYVERN2 until defeated. Then switch to StarWyvern4.
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User Info: gameenjoyer

4 weeks ago#362
I am just going to note that I'm fine contributing healing/LIFE casts as well, but bear in mind that, due to my stormweaver turbo ability, I'm a slightly better in-battle healer than the other red mages, so it might be a good idea to leave me at least one or two level 5 charges just in case.

I'm a bit disappointed that I basically kept Spiralex alive just so he could commit suicide, but, if it got the job done, I guess I can live with that. I have no idea how to proceed from here, though, so I'll leave those decisions to the players that are actually intelligent.

User Info: AstralEsper

4 weeks ago#363
[It's hard not to feel sad at Spiralex blowing himself up, but then I suppose I'm the sentimental type, even willing to, in the mode of Stranger than Fiction, sacrifice a more interesting turn for a happier ending. (And I enjoy interesting things almost as much as Volt). I guess it's why I could never fully lean in to the evil Scather path. Still, it's true to form for Volt.

But, it's nice to know that Volt will still be around. And, after all, the version of Spiralex he's been playing for the last 150 topics or so isn't even his original character. There's any number of ways that Spiralex could still exist, anyway, up to and including through the hand Guy 'holds', so to speak.


Is Undine still silenced and/or are buffs persisting? (I figure either they both stay or both clear).

If Undine is still muted then Guy should probably A-Mute her as a priority. Additionally or alternatively, casting Life 2 on Pogs? might be prudent (some risk he'd still be enthralled but an independent revival after defeating the enthraller I think should be okay?). At the very least, Guy burning some low level spells (L3 slots?) or alchemying up some stuff (if that... would even work?) could help.

Guy, was Spiralex talking to me or you? (Or, knowing Volt, was he deliberately ambiguous?). The "kidder" line makes me think maybe Guy but it's not entirely clear since Undine can be silly too when the situation calls for it. Either way, I have a feeling one of us should go grab the Rod. It obviously seems better to go to Guy as a White Mage, and might be appropriate given everything he and Spiralex have been through together lately. On the other hand, Undine might be better equipped/positioned to pull an intimidation move, and could even toss it to Guy after doing so. (She could also do this while Guy is attempting any healing/reviving he can squeeze in, since he's definitely better positioned for that than she is). I'm going to preemptively include a write-up here now only because I don't think I'll have much time between tomorrow morning and the next update, but I'm very open to changing it if you have any thoughts or inclinations, Guy.]

These flames burned differently than most.

Spiralex's words offered precious little explanation, though at least imparted the apparent finality. By the time she had processed what had happened, the fear, doubt, and... weakness... had melted away. Maybe a part of herself had been restored with the defeat of her darker half. Maybe not seeing her twisted face simply removed a psychological barrier. Or maybe Spiralex's words and actions had helped her to regrow anew. (Was this part of the 'plan' he had been telling her about?). Whatever the reason, she did not hesitate.

She walked up to the RodSCYTHE, briskly but deliberately, and upon reaching it, lifted it with both hands and brandished it, calling out to the cloaked figures: "Hear me, Shades! The same fate awaits each of you if you stand against us. I know you are not the people who once wielded the blade. But if there is any of them within you... then join me in rising up against the demon that binds us." She paused for a second or two to let them consider her entreaty before continuing.

"You should know, though: with or without your help, I will take back what I have lost, and-" she stopped herself abruptly, as though making a correction, briefly glancing in Guy's direction as she did so "-we will put an end to the Scather here and now."

[If anyone else gets teleported in, this would be a great time for them to pop up behind Undine.]

User Info: XScorpion

4 weeks ago#364
It seemed like everyone else was either primarily concerned with healing or simply had no idea what to do.
Inaction is ever so boring. I prefer to make things happen. Maybe I could get something out of this...

I grab the sword.

User Info: ActionIV

4 weeks ago#365
Spiralex was gone. The Earth Crystal laid on the floor. XScorpion was going for the sword.

Spiralex was gone...

The man - well, if he could be called that - had accompanied Pogs on some of his strangest moments as he looked to piece together the life of the Laszlo that was. Spiralex had gone inside the prison dagger that trapped Laszlo to give Pogs the closest to a conversation with the man he had replaced as he would ever have, given that he was fairly certain he'd sacrificed his chance by sending the soul into Scather to fight. It was that event that made the thief believe the templar would be able to do the same here and come away clean. Instead...

Mourn later. Things to do.

The Earth Crystal laid on the floor. He remembered a time when he had to pick up the crystal. It had been on the floor, then, next to her. He handed it back to Guy to fix what he had done...and they had. Together. That Ramza fellow had just recoiled from the stone for some reason, and so it was that Pogs made his way over to it. It felt familiar, but still a shadow of what it had been. Even so, he knew what to do. He took it over to the stunned alchemist and slipped the crystal back into his possession. Spiralex would have said that was where it belonged, and Pogs couldn't disagree, even if he wanted to try.

XScorpion was going for the sword. Pogs knew the man was dangerous beyond measure, but he had some degree of honor about him. He had kept his word in the Forsaken Labyrinth, and again later when Pogs asked a favor to be delivered somewhere quickly. Still, the story of a broken world where Undine and XScorpion were one vile entity made him speak out. "Careful," he said, steeling himself against the glare he was sure he would receive. "You're not a man to become a thrall, but there was a future that saw you as one, presumably because of that." He pointed to the sword. "Just take care, that's all."

With that, Pogs turned to the door. This was just the kind of moment Roberto would crash, and the thief was not going to lose anyone else today.

Pogs puts the Earth Crystal back in Guy's possession
Pogs goes to check the hallway for incoming threats

User Info: XScorpion

4 weeks ago#366
The warning made me pause a moment; I was unused to concern being sent my way. I turned my head to look at the thief, as I slowly bent down towards the weapon. I was fearless, perhaps to a foolhardy degree, but time would tell.

"We make our own destiny. I'd sooner slit my own throat than let myself be controlled by anyone. Just make sure I don't get murdered while I'm unconscious...if it comes to that."

User Info: robertebalmer

4 weeks ago#367
Well I would be derelict in my duties as Guy-appointed FFD historian if I didn't take this opportunity to look back at when Volt (and Spiralex) first came into our lives.

It looks like it was Topic 15, post 433 when Volt first appeared (maybe we should start referring to FFD lore as scripture, so this would be Chapter 15, Verse 433 of the Book of FFD?). Spiralex was "created" in post 440:

R.I.P. Spiralex
5/14/2008 - 10/27/2021


Ok, here is a list of the amount of hp each character is missing. This list doesn't include Ramza or Obsidian, who are drinking potions, or XScorpion, who is almost full and can regen.

Rocco - 627
Nielic - 561
Keelan - 371
Sorrell - 347
Dano - 314
Max - 305
Pogs - 244
Slade - 229
Scrappy - 178
Jack - 177
Renquist - 156

I have two level 7 charges left, and as much as I'd love to keep my CUR4s for battle, it would take so many low-level charges to fully heal up Rocco and Nielic that I'm thinking of just using my last two CUR4s on them. Then I think Renquist's idea of using up all our L1 CUREs is good, thus saving higher level healing for in-battle.

How about this:
Renquist casts LIFE on Scrappy and Keelan
Max casts CUR4 on Rocco and Nielic, and 3 CUREs each on Keelan, Sorrell, and Dano

That should give about 100 hp of healing to those last three (my CUREs average 36 hp each, other people's non-Cleric CUREs average 24 hp), so if anyone wants to take the ball and run with it from there...
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(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Qazitory

4 weeks ago#368
[What an update to come back to. Sad to see Spiralex go, but it's good to see you'll still be around.]

It was over. The enemy had fallen, and the one he feared was dust. He was safe - for now at least. If there some discomfort over how one had resolved the danger at the cost of their life while another had cowered uselessly, that was a matter for a different time. For the moment, there were more pressing matters. Sorrell leaned against the wall and crept along aching feet to where the diminutive white mage Slade stood, bowed as deeply as could be done with this damaged body, and intoned: "I would be dead if not for you. I will not forget."

Duty duly discharged, the black wizard made his way towards the entrance. There was much to discuss with Pogs, and it was past time to begin.

Sorrell drinks a HiPotion

User Info: cyric32

4 weeks ago#369
(Ive got 9 cur1 and 3 cur2 left so i can help some)

User Info: Amo387

4 weeks ago#370
Renquist drinks 1 Hi Potion and casts CUR2 on himself. If still down by more than 20, CURE self
Equip Might Ring because I think I forgot to change back to it a while ago

[I'm good with up to 3 L1, 3 L3, and 1 L5 charges being used for healing beyond this. Should leave me with 4, 3, and 2.]
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