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User Info: gameenjoyer

1 month ago#331
Jack casts CUR3 on Spiralex, turboed with a level 3 charge and 2 level 1 charges.

Edit: sorry Rocco. Thought about FASTing you after the discussion of how that hadn't been done yet, but Spiralex is actually affecting the real fight, so I feel I need to keep him alive, and I think Ramuh is almost gone anyway.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Amo387

1 month ago#332
[Maybe Obsidian could FAST Rocco...? Believe that would add more damage than BIO. BIO did 138 and 198 to the two targets, and Rocco did 388 with 5 hits, which would go up to 9 (looks like you're one level away from FAST giving you 10 hits).

I really like having the Power Gauntlets to make me more of a power hitter when needed, but I'm often with XScorpion and he's got plenty of power himself for the majority of battles... And Rocco having access to such a boon is certainly not the worst idea... I'll need to think on it more. Money is kinda... not a huge motivator at this point, tho.]
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User Info: Booguwah61482

1 month ago#333
[Yeah, I get that money isn't huge, which is why by the end of the paragraph, I basically resolved myself to not likely to ever get a Power Gauntlet. I don't want to part with the broken sword, I don't want to part with Thor's Hammer, I...don't really have anything else, I don't think? I might be wrong, I am absolutely terrible at keeping track of that stuff. I'll check and see...I forgot I had a Mop? Seems like an easy thing to forget. I doubt that is of interest, the Fire Crystal isn't mine to trade, Thor's Hammer has had every implication that it will become much lamer if I no longer wield it (gathered mostly from conversations with Darth), and if my thoughts on the broken sword are correct, then it's likely only going to be usable by a Fighter class, anyway. Just makes me twitch every time I see someone with a Power Gauntlet, is all, since it is basically the best Round-1 move Rocco could ever have.]

How long had it been since Rocco had seen Spiralex in action? Time had...gotten away from the Dragoon; days felt like months, sometimes, and so it could have been as recent as yesterday. Who knew?

After landing, Rocco looked towards Spiralex. That something...major, for lack of a better term, was brewing, was undeniable. The Templar, straining, shouted at Rocco amidst the noise, about needing the Fire Crystal, sharpish. How did he even know Rocco had it? Was it that obvious? Rocco couldn't remember mentioning it recently; perhaps others were talking about it behind his back?

The look in Spiralex's face told a story in a matter of a half second, though, and Rocco knew he had to comply. He would hold on to it, but he would do as requested, because this was something that was leaning towards changing the face of the world forever.

Rocco will assist Spiralex as requested.

User Info: AstralEsper

1 month ago#334
Frustration and determination bettering fear and doubt, if only for a moment, Undine seized the opportunity to go on the offensive.

Undine doublecasts Fire 3

User Info: cyric32

1 month ago#335
attack ramuh

User Info: ActionIV

1 month ago#336
Pogs attacks RAMUH

User Info: fsablazingsoul

1 month ago#337
Slade throws a heal potion at Sorrell
(edited 1 month ago)
Charles ignores whatever it is The Princess of Atrocity and Strength is saying and focuses purely on the fight.

Charles attacks The Princess of Atrocity and Strength
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User Info: Primus_Ultimas

1 month ago#339
wreck another medusa

Kraken seeks to destroy the world, isn't that enough reason to put it down? One would think we would be working together instead of at odds.....
All GMs dream of the day that they convince their players that the best course of action is to kill each other just to see what happens. ~DarthCansupes

User Info: ZeroType-X

1 month ago#340
DarthCansupes posted...
Ramza: Uses Empowerer Ring. Becomes MAGE


Feeling the power of the Ring engulfing him, he saw a blinding light paralyze him for just a moment. When he came to, he looked...very different. Maybe not so much as it could have been, but it was noticeable he had become something. Ramza felt a very strong magical power welling through him, as if...he became one of those vicious Mages?

He didn't have the time to feel the powers given to him for very long, as yet another bolt of lightning came crashing down, and though different, he was still very much feeling the shockwaves of pain. Composing what he is, he needed to put this opportunity to its best effects.

"That's how you want to play, eh?" The now MAGE-Ramza questioned as magic began to well up within his hands. "Then let's finish this!"


Lvl18 Thief 319HP S21/A23/I19/V17/L31/H54/D22/E68/A37
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