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CranberryPSO 1 month ago#71
We're back!

Here we go. Bought Heal3 for Orange, our first level 7 magic. No level 7 charges so we can't actually use it but... well there you go.

We descend into the Sea Shrine and don't get far.

After some Sahags and Seasnakes Apple, Orange and Cranberry reach level 19. I've not even reached the stairs yet so I head back to Onrac for the inn in hopes of getting more spell charges.

We have 3 level 5 charges for Cranberry. Fire3 isn't particularly great down here so this is kind of iffy. We've got 3 level 6 charges for Orange so that's a few FOG2s we can use.

We fight our way down, we really aren't running from battles. We are fighting through them.

Pear has a Light Axe now. Unfortunately in a 4 lobsters encounter they all attacked Pear and nobody else, for every round. Down goes Pear and we have to flee back to Onrac to revive him. Bad luck there, they just refused to hit anybody else. Somewhat my fault for going after treasure chests of gold, but so be it. The gold we got really made up for the slight inconvenience of havint to run back to the surface.

Fighting our way back down, Apple, Orange, and Cranberry to 20. Pretty bad luck with some lobsters ganging up on Cranberry despite being in the 4th slot and poisoning like everyone, getting Cranberry killed forcing yet another retreat back to town. Or rather... I tried to. But 5 Ghosts attacked and all got to move first, wiping us. Darn. At least the earlier death where I did successfully make it back to town resulted in this not being too much of a setback.

Ambushed by 5 lobsters. Poison everyone. Man, these things are rough. We lose Apple and have to turn back for Onrac again. These Lobsters have been the roughest monsters down here.

9 Sahag types, can't with my bottom 2 dead. Have to Lit2 them. Only Cranberry alive now. I doubt I'm going to make it back.

Water and Naga. Yep, they both go first and kill Cranberry. Wiped again. Darn those Lobsters.

Round 3.

Wow, Ghosts hit like a truck. 2 encounters of them in a row and low rolls on the Light Axes make it so I can't keep Pear alive, despite moving him to slot 4. Back to Onrac. Lose Apple on the way back. 9 Sahags for some reason I just can't seem to run from them. They kill Orange too. Another 9 attack 2 steps away from the submarine. 8 of them attack before Cranberry gets her turn, leaving 2 survivors. Of course the one and only R.Sahag to survive is the 9th one that hasn't attacked yet. Wz.Sahag gets 1st attack on the next turn. Wiped yet again. Man this luck, I swear. 2 steps away from the submarine and despite Lit2 killing 7, EVERY SINGLE ONE got to attack me.

Here we go again. Heading back... 5 ghosts again. Great Scott. I try Fire3 but Cranberry doesn't move till last so... yeah.

This time we reach Kraken. Let's go!

Pear uses the Defense sword. Apple attacks. Cranberry Lit2. Orange FOG2. Kraken gets first move and 1 shots Pear. Goodbye Defense Sword before it can even see any action.

Apple attacks. Cranberry sticks with Lit2. Orange starts with Ruse. Kraken again moves first and 1 shots Cranberry for over 500 damage. Yikes! I miss-click and choose Fight with Orange. Ouch. Apple survives a hit with 7 HP.

Kraken hits Apple with a physical blow again. So only Orange is left now with 2 Ruse.

Kraken has moved first every turn so far. Hits Orange but only for 78 damage. Its a miracle. 3rd Ruse is off. I get a 4th RUSE off. Kraken critical hits through it, but we just barely survive. Thank you FOG2 for raising my defense enough to endure it.

Kraken moves 1st again. Miss. Cure3.

Kraken Ink. Ineffective. Cure3 again.

Now all I can do is have Orange use the Zeus.

Kraken critical hits through my Ruse again. 162 damage. Only those double Cure3s saved me.

I double Cure3 again and resume using Zeus.

After several misses and Inks, the Zeus finally defeats Kraken. We make it back to Onrac and revive our 3 fallen.

Everyone is level 20 now and we have 3 crystals lit. Or Orbs as this game calls them.

Ruse definitely saved the day here, but not without some help from Fog, or rather FOG2 in this case. Also really glad I chose Orange to carry the Zeus gauntlet. Had I given it to anybody else, I doubt I would have survived this battle.
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Jay_Shaw 1 month ago#72
Wow - great job taking out Kraken at such a low level without having to go through many attempts!

By the way, the following thread states that it is impossible to run from some of the enemy formations consisting of 1-2 WzSahags and 8 R.Sahags (see battle FE near the bottom of AstralEsper's first post):


(edited 1 month ago)
beege_man 1 month ago#73
Congrats on the Kraken kill!
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CranberryPSO 3 weeks ago#74
Keeping this alive. Family been around a lot so not able to continue this yet.
Best quest to fight tons of Canadians really fast? ~HaienLai
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Jay_Shaw 3 weeks ago#75
No worries, CranberryPSO - maybe you'll be able to pick it up again during the New Year. Hope everyone here has been having a happy Holiday Season!

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