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CranberryPSO 4 months ago#1
I've done a few challenges before on Final Fantasy. I recently completed a 4 White Mage run and a "One of Everything" run where I had to obtain every item in the game. Now, I'm doing a rather creative challenge. This is a "No Start Button" challenge. I'm not allowed to press the Start button at any point during the game.

This leads to some interesting challenges in the game. For one, I can't equip any weapons or armor, because I'm not allowed to press start to open the menu to equip them. I am of course allowed to possess equipment, but without access to my menu I cannot ever equip it.

Out of battle healing is no longer an option unless I'm at an inn. Because I cannot open my menu to access healing, Potions are going to be considerably less valuable in this run than they are in a normal run.

The only way to cure poisoning is to use the DRINK command in-battle. I feel like the most dangerous part of this run is going to be anything that can petrify. I don't think Soft potions can be used via the drink command and I'm not sure if the Soft spell actually works in battle. Stone may very well mean I either reset or I'm permanently down a party member.

The Party:
2 Black Belts
1 White Mage
1 Red Mage

Without access to the menu, Fighters are a no-go. Unable to equip anything, they'll never contribute anything meaningful to the party. Same for a Thief. That leaves Black Belts and mages.

Black Belts will eventually be just fine offensively without equipment, so they are a no-brainer for this challenge. Though the very early game is going to be rough for them. Low defense will plague them the entire game.

Since Potions are now limited to being used via the DRINK command in-battle, they are no longer a particularly great method of healing. I want a White Mage so I can have access to the full party healing magic and the Harm series of spells to help with undead.

Red Mage and Black Mage are a tough choice. They both have value. They are especially critical in the very early game where their fire and lit spells are going to be the only reliable way to damage enemies. The Red Mage can double as a healer, while the Black Mage gets more spell charges and eventually gets Nuke. With how much damage my Black Belts are going to be taking, I'm going with Red Mage for the extra healing. But it was a tough choice. Red Mage makes the early game easier while Black Mage makes the later game easier.

At least gold won't be as big a factor this time. With no need to purchase weapons and armor, and not even much of a need to purchase potions, the bulk of my money will be going towards magic.
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CranberryPSO 4 months ago#2
It occurs to me that this challenge is impossible. The reason being, there's a few points in the story where you are required to use key items to progress.

Using the rod, using the bottle, and using the lute. In the remakes these items activate automatically, but in the NES version you have to use them manually. Rather than give up on the challenge, I'll make "exceptions" for these points in which you can't progress unless you access your menu to use the these items.
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beege_man 4 months ago#3
Awesome idea. I really like this one. It imposes several distinct challenges with one very simple premise.
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_Kaz 4 months ago#4
This also means the order which you open chests is important since weapons and armor will overflow to the next character (specifically if you want to give the last character the white shirt... unless pushing select to change party order is allowed)
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Jay_Shaw 4 months ago#5
Good luck, CranberryPSO - let us know how the challenge is going once you get started!

BareknuckleRoo 4 months ago#6
SirSystemError's current run is BB/BB/WM/WM and allows for use of SOFT potions when at an Inn in a town to avoid petrification becoming permadeath. Might be something to consider if petrification becomes a gigantic headache: https://sirsystemerror.dreamwidth.org/45416.html

_Kaz posted...
unless pushing select to change party order is allowed)

Totally allowed. Only the start button is banned. You still have to go through the tedious process of swapping party order prior to getting chests to ensure the right person gets the item, and obviously can't equip or swap items. But if select and start were both banned, reordering members would be an unnecessarily tedious process.
CranberryPSO 4 months ago#7
I had no idea this had already been done. And here I thought I had come up with something completely original. Well, I'll still do it even if I'm not the first one to come up with this idea. It's still an interesting challenge. It looks like this SirSystemError guy and me had the same thought process regarding Red Mage. He opted for a 2nd white mage while I opted for a red mage so there will be differences with us.
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____bob____ 4 months ago#8
You could still do it just make an exception for story related items.
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BareknuckleRoo 4 months ago#9
I had no idea this had already been done. And here I thought I had come up with something completely original.

Technically it hasn't been done yet... as far as I know! He's only posted up to Kraken, so if you're quick, you could catch up and beat him to the victory. :D And yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens with taking the Red Mage along vs two White Mages.

Having to deliberately get into fights just to use the Drink command is too hardcore for me though, haha. You also can't use Tents, Cabins, or Houses... which makes it potentially really rough. Going without any armor equipped, barely making it out of a dungeon, and not being able to save immediately is really nasty. >_> Good luck!
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____bob____ 4 months ago#10
If you plan it out you can make it to where one party member gets the heal staff 2 get the heal helm and one gets the white shirt. Just go over where the chests are and plan an order to open them.
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