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Later... He thinks to himself after considering his current quests. He still had promises to fulfill.

Charles says to Varuca "Hey something has been bothering me." He seems hesitant to want to say the next part but steels himself and asks. "Those pets you mentioned way back when we first met... Did you mean the GrMIMICs?"

Charles attacks R.SAHAG1
Charles, Lvl16 Black Belt 285/285HP
S/A/I/V/L =15/15/14/35/16 Inventory: Cookie, Ppot3, Hi-pot4, Hpot2, Pan2, Shovel, CopperB 10,136g Resistances: F/I/L/E = / /
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User Info: Linguar82

2 months ago#492
Keelan Casts FIR2
Linguar Splits!
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User Info: DarthCansupes

2 months ago#493
[Next update will be Wednesday! New thread will be posted momentarily, but please continue to use this one until it's full.]

Budding Rose

Challenging The Princess of Atrocity and Strength to a future rematch, Sora handed over his 1467 gold pieces and his pants. "Ha, ha, ha!" she guffawed. "Sure, why not? Just make sure you have some more pants for me to win from you, because you're never gonna be able to tangle with me!" Giving his legs a look up and down, she winked. "And maybe get a tan."

Bereft of his pants and money, Sora accompanied Reinbach into the pavilion of the Circle of Sages, where at long last the haughty nobleman was able to meet with one of the wise men - in this case, a bearded fellow called Ostaros. Sora waited while the man examined the Excalipoor and consulted several tomes before ultimately offering his advice on the matter. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sword," he said.

"Impossible!" Reinbach cried. "Its fabled might has been sapped away by forces unknown! You must tell me how to restore it!"

"There is nothing to restore," the sage insisted. "Your sword is just terrible. I understand you want there to be some cause of its weakness, but there is not."

"Some dark impulse holds your tongue, sage," Schtolteheim Reinbach the fifth said. "What fear drives you to lie so?"

"I promise you, there's nothing to be done about it," Ostaros said. "This sword, the Excalipoor, is documented and known. Any flashes of brilliance you may have seen in its performance are actually part of its weakness. They're intended to make you believe there is some hidden power and force you to keep using it in hopes of drawing it out, but in the end the sword will always fail you, and continued use of it will lead to your demise as it has no trustworthy value whatsoever. Every male member of your family and half of the women have died trying to rely on this horrible sword. ... Good day to you."

Distraught, Reinbach turned to Sora. "If these sages cannot aid me, I am at my wit's end," he said. "What say you? Have you any notion of where else we might seek the answers?"

[Reinbach 224/224, Sora 223/223]
[You may respond as you wish.]

Ferry Trip

R.SAHAG1: Misses against Charles
SAHAG: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Charles
Charles: 2-Hits 110-Damage against R.SAHAG1. Terminated.
R.SAHAG2: 1-Hit 3-Damage against Charles
SAHAG: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Charles
Charles: 2-Hits 90-Damage against R.SAHAG2. Terminated.
SAHAG: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Charles
Charles: 4-Hits 175-Damage against SAHAG. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 480 experience and 240 gold
[Charles 244/285]

Having worked it over in his mind for a while, Charles decided to ask Varuca straight out whether the pets she'd talked about were the gigantic mimics that had replaced the buildings of Melmond. "Well… yes," she admitted. "I know that must seem very strange, but they're really quite loyal and... and I greatly hope that they are faring well without me to tend them. I've had them as long as I can remember."

The ferry put in at a dock built into a peninsula jutting out from the mainland. Another ship was also docked there, bearing a banner marked with roses. The ferry captain informed Charles that Crescent Lake itself was a ways inland, deep within a forest and surrounded by a lake that fit the name. A bit of a walk ahead of them, then.

[BULL12 remain.]

Bear Claw

Mirrorclaw: Critical! 4-Hits 560-Damage against R.SAHAG2. Terminated. Bearserk!
R.SAHAG2: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Cranberry
R.SAHAG3: Misses against Mirrorclaw
R.SAHAG1: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Cranberry
Cranberry: 2-Hits 120-Damage against R.SAHAG3. Terminated.
WzSAHAG: 1-Hit 24-Damage against Cranberry
R.SAHAG1: 1-Hit 1-Damage against Cranberry
Mirrorclaw: 2-Hits 215-Damage against WzSAHAG. Terminated. Bearserk x2!
Cranberry: 2-Hits 79-Damage against R.SAHAG1. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 598 experience and 598 gold [Cranberry gains 1198xp]
[Mirrorclaw 630/632, Cranberry 272/300]

Land appeared to the north, promising that the Bear Claw would reach Onrac soon.

[SeaSNAKE123 remain.]

Let's Get Kraken

[Romulus 520/520 9/7/2/7/6/6/4/4]
[Going to hold Romulus aside from joining the battle until @BaconLicious can return.]

O'Shea: 1-Hit 28-Damage against Falx
Kojak: Wakes up!
Falx: 5-Hits 245-Damage against Selene
Selene: Casts Ruse for 80 Eva
Yellow: Casts Hold on Falx unsuccessfully
Arithon: Casts Lit3 for O'Shea-159 Kojak-48 Selene-36 Yellow-76. O'Shea slain.
[O'Shea 0/200, Kojak 494/681 Tmpr, Selene 107/474 Ruse Time50 7/7/5/4/4/6/4/5/0]
[Falx 153/407 Lif3, Arithon 53/407 Lif3 6/8/6/7/6/2/6/5/0]

Bitter words were exchanged across the battlefield between Selene and Arithon, punctuated by the wailing of baby Pyren, not at all pleased with the clashing sounds of conflict. Any hope of a peaceful resolution was likely long gone as blood mixed with rain on the hard ground.

Deep Beneath the Waves Team 1

Heading east seemed like the most logical choice for the group. Either they'd find the others, or at least some sign that they'd fully explored this area and hopefully an indication of where they'd gone next. So off they went, down the east path. It brought them to a door that looked quite firmly shut, but before they would be able to come up with any ideas for getting it open, they'd need to deal with a mystical force protecting it from their interference.

[Renquist 586/629 8/9/7/6/5/4/3/0, Xscorpion 595/595, Jack 369/447 8/1/6/6/7/3/3/3, Obsidian 431/474 9/9/8/7/8/4/4/8, Max 378/469 9/8/5/7/7/5/5/3/1, Slade 331/331 4/5/2/4/4/3/2/0, Scrappy 176/179 6/4/3/2/0/0/0/0]
[VOID123 WATER123 remain.]

User Info: DarthCansupes

2 months ago#494
Deep Beneath the Waves Team A

Undine gives Spiralex the Earth Crystal [surely nothing bad can come of this]
Guy makes 3 Heal Potions for 90 HP [surely nothing bad can come of this]
Guy makes 2 Heal Potions for Pogs for 60 HP [surely nothing bad can come of this]
Rocco & Pogs join the battle [surely nothing… ok ok sorry]

Nielic: Covers Ramza
VOID3: 1-Hit 2-Damage against Nielic
Rocco: 1-Hit 88-Damage against VOID3. Terminated.
VOID2: Misses against Pogs
Keelan: Casts Fir2 for VOID1-16 VOID2-16
Pogs: 2-Hits 86-Damage against VOID1. Terminated.
Ramza: 1-Hit 4-Damage Mute against VOID2
Dano: Casts Ice3 for VOID2-68
Spiralex: 1-Hit 12-Damage against VOID2
Dano: 4-Hits 211-Damage against VOID2. Terminated.
Victory: Party members gain 1978 experience and 885 gold [Ramza gains 3956xp]
[Nielic 672/725 9/9/9/9/0/0/0/0, Rocco 452/703, Dano 569/586 9/6/6/7/5/2/2/0, Spiralex 408/555 6/7/3/7/6/5/5/4, Pogs 403/540, Keelan 153/372 9/8/5/6/5/5/1/0, Ramza 85/319]

Seeing Guy and Undine both reaching for the Scather, Ramza desperately tried to get their attention, hoping to give them even a moment of pause that would allow him to make his own play. Unfortunately, the resilience of the living voids proved to be too much of a delay, and the pair was already clasping hands around the hilt of the sword. Once the sword was being touched again, the ghostly Undine floating above it could be heard once more.

" - can't do that," she was saying. "Cooperation? Teamwork? It's adorable that you two think that, what? Friendship and love are the keys to taming the sword of bloodlust? No. You're pathetic, both of you. You dabble, you toy with the idea of succumbing to who and what you really are, but the first chance you get and you trade it all away, you cut off your own hand to spite your soul, neither of you are willing to truly commit, are you? If you wanted this, if you really did, you'd already be carving each other to pieces, not hoping to blind me with the brilliant light of your joint spirits. Ridiculous."

Giving a perfunctory snort, the image of Undine turned her attention away from Guy and Undine and towards the group at large. "Who among you will actually seize power when it's offered to you, hmm?" she asked. "If you want something, you take it, and you make it yours. I won't be shared, and I won't share you. One of you make a decision, or all of you leave, and I'll wait for the right hand to come along." She looked back down to Undine and Guy. "It's not too late for you, either," she added. "Kill for me, and your transgressions can be forgiven."

[Guy 524/540 9/8/7/8/5/7/4/2, Undine 344/413 5/8/2/6/7/6/5/0, Duncan 323/323, Sorrell 354/358 2/3/5/0/0/0/0/0]
[You may enter commands as you wish.]

User Info: CranberryPSO

2 months ago#495
She watches anxiously as Mirrorclaw cooks. Just as everything seems ready, more monsters attack! The monsters are no match for the Bear-zerker, and she herself fares pretty well too!

The battle finished, she anxiously waits for Mirrorclaw to serve the shark he had cooked up. Not forgetting her manners, she bows gratefully as Mirrorclaw servers her and gobbles it up, doing a little dance when she finishes. The meal finished, she washes the dishes herself to save Mirrorclaw from having to do that chore.

The meal finished and the cleanup done, she returns to tormenting her old nemesis. The barrels on the ship! She pretends the barrel is a monster, and pounces on it! The barrel goes rolling along the deck and she bounds after it.

The barrel is stopped as some Seasnakes appear on the deck. The Seasnake whacks the barrel with it's tail, sending it rolling away. She grips the handle of her axe tightly. That was HER barrel the seasnake was messing with! Well, actually it's Mirrorclaw's, but SHE was the one playing with it! How dare the Seasnake interrupt her game!

She spins herself around and attacks SeaSNAKE2!

Formal Command:
Attack SeaSNAKE2.
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User Info: beege_man

2 months ago#496
[This battle calls for a NUKE game, those VOIDs are a pain and resist/dodge everything.]


*After the battle XScorp tries to open the door
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User Info: fsablazingsoul

2 months ago#497
Slade cracks VOID2 in the face, wishing he had Falx's skill and showmanship.

User Info: XScorpion

2 months ago#498
beege_man posted...
*After the battle XScorp tries to open the door

Tempest the first VOID
yeah these things suck

User Info: robertebalmer

2 months ago#499
Max will use the Heal Helmet.
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User Info: Scrappymatt10

2 months ago#500

attac water1
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